Best Airtight Containers

Have you ever tried to preserve your favourite food and it got spoilt? Have you ever dashed out your leftover food because you think it might get spoilt? Have you ever noticed oil stains in your bag, leaking out from your lunch flask? Have you ever had to dispose of your food because you could not preserve it properly? If yes, I will recommend an airtight container as a perfect solution. So then what is an airtight container?

In simple terms, an airtight container is any container that does not allow the exchange of air between the container and its environment, particularly when it is covered properly. They are very important kitchen tools. With an airtight container, you can be very sure that your food won’t spill or leak. You can also use them in the refrigerator and microwave. 

Fortunately, they can be used not only in the kitchen, but these containers can also be used outdoors, camping and during journeys to preserve food from spoilage and drying, and prevent moisture, bugs and dust from contaminating them. In short, it is multipurpose.

Airtight containers are manufactured and sold in various materials, designs, sizes and shapes, allowing consumers to have various options to suit their needs. And of course, prices vary with size and type of material used. Whenever you are buying a food container, you must consider the type of contents that it will contain. So what materials are used to manufacture airtight containers?

Materials best used to manufacture airtight containers

When buying an airtight container, you should consider the materials of the container. Below are popular materials used:

  • 1Glass: Glass is a good and widely accepted material. Being an inert substance, you can be sure that it will not mix or react with your food. Furthermore, it does contain materials that are harmful to humans. Therefore, glass is considered as a safe and healthy material. It is categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. Also, it is not difficult to clean and it is very resistant to odours, scratches and stains. The demerit of using glass materials is that they are liable to break if dropped. Hence, adequate care should be taken when handling them.
  • 2Plastic: This is a very common material used for most kitchen tools. It is widely accepted because of its lightweight and cheaper price. Unfortunately, it may contain the toxic substance named BPA. Hence, most people do not consider them as good material for airtight containers. If you consider buying a plastic container, ensure that you opt for those ones that are BPA-free. They are labelled “BPA-free”. Some plastics may also retain odours and stains.
  • 3Acrylic: It is not really different from plastics, however, they are similar to glass materials. They are also very durable. 
  • 4Stainless Steel: Stainless steel materials are very popular material used to produce kitchen tools. It is lighter than glass and not stressful to clean. It is also resistant to odours and stains. It does not contain toxic substances and they are very durable and reliable. On the other hand, it is less popular than plastic containers. It is more expensive than other materials. Also, stainless containers are not transparent. Therefore, you will not be able to monitor the amount of food left in the container.

What to consider and look out for when purchasing your container

When you are buying any airtight container, regardless of its build material (glass, plastic, acrylic or stainless), ensure that you buy those that allow microwave. It saves you the stress of having to transfer your food into another container before warming. Generally, glass containers are very compatible with microwave and this gives glass an upper hand. 

Also, make sure they are resistant to stain and odour, and also safe for use with a dishwasher. After prolonged use, some glass and plastic materials get marred by stubborn stains, significantly losing its aesthetic value. It might look so embarrassing to go out with a stained container. A good container that does not get stained should be looked out for. These stain-resistant containers can be cleaned seamlessly, so you will not spend much time during cleaning. At the same time, any containers you will purchase should be airtight to protect the food from damage and must not leak.

Asides the main container, it is very important to check the lid of the containers. The importance of the lids cannot be played down as it performs a significant function in food storage. Air and moisture must not find their way into the container as it carries and supports the growth of food-spoiling microbes, and also reduces the quality of its content. Hence, the lids must cover the container tightly if it is to be called an airtight container, preventing the entry of air into the containers. The lids may be equipped with seals to enhance the airtight quality, however, it should be easy to uncover and close at any time.

Most airtight vessels are produced in different designs, structures and shapes. The most common shapes are the cylinder, cube or cuboid. Thus, the shape of the container will be at your own discretion. Although, you should consider containers that will fit into your bags, bottle holders, shelves etc. Besides, a nice design will also add to the beauty of your kitchen.

You should also consider the size of the containers. The size of the container will be determined by the quantity or size of what you will be keeping it. You might also consider the size of your shelves and refrigerator. Before buying any product, it is advisable to check the reviews. This way, you can be sure of what to expect from your airtight container.

Best airtight containers to consider buying

Below are some popular airtight containers with positive reviews. They perform the best “airtight” function and can, therefore, be recommended to you.

1. Thermal Kitchen Containers

The Thermal Kitchen products have topped this list. This is due to the wide range of options it offers to its buyers. It comes in different capacities to satisfy its consumer demands. This product contains a collection of seven airtight containers made from plastic.

The biggest container can accommodate about 1.9 litres while the smallest container can contain 0.5 litres. Other sizes included in the collection are medium sizes capable of containing 1.2 litres and smaller sizes that can accommodate about 0.8 litres. The biggest container is able to accommodate your pasta perfectly.

The design on the containers are exquisite and should definitely add to the beauty of your kitchen. With the well-varied volume and size, one can easily save space in shelves and cupboards by stacking them. Obviously, there will be more room for more things to go into the cupboard. Hence, you will have an organized cupboard.

One more feature that qualifies this product as a top-notch is the airtight capability of the lids. The product utilizes a spectacular airtight system. It uses a silicone band fitted on the inside of the lid, ensuring that the container is well locked up from air and moisture. You can easily open or close the container by pulling or pressing the ring the container respectively. With this lid system, you can open lid quickly and without spilling its contents.

What We Like

  • There are seven containers in the product to suit your various needs.
  • It is easier to save space in your cupboard by assembling them on each other, thanks to its structure and the design of its lids.
  • The plastic, build material, is BPA free and sturdy.
  • Transparency of the container to monitor the food level.
  • It is easy to uncover or close, and clean when dirty.
  • It employs an efficient airtight system.

What We Don’t Like

  • You might prefer glass containers if you are thinking of storing liquid food such aspickles.
  • The tallest container may not fit some shelves and cupboards.


2. Royal Airtight Containers

This product features five containers which come in four different sizes. The biggest container can contain up to 2.3 litres while the smallest can accommodate 0.38 litres. The biggest container is ideal for storing spaghetti and other long pasta. On the other hand, the smallest container can be used outdoors to carry snacks. A medium-sized container of about 1.7 litres and two smaller containers of 1.0 litres are the other sizes included in the series.

The product has an impressive design. The container resembles a cuboid, therefore it is quite easier to pour off liquid content without spilling them. The product features a well-curved opening to also aid in transferring liquid contents.

The product is made from highly durable plastic materials and it has been tested and proven as a long-lasting material. Concerning safety, the containers are manufactured from BPA free build materials. You should expect no reaction with its content, hence, it is safe with any type of food.

Most times, people tend to spill some of their food while their containers. With the simple airtight system this product employs, you definitely won’t be worrying about it. You can open the container by pulling the ring and close the lid by pressing down the ring on the lid. Extra sealing is provided using a silicone seal.

The containers are resistant to scratches, dust and odour. They are not difficult to clean and are not only great for storing dry food but also liquid ones. The silicone seal in this product is easier to remove and wash. Definitely, you can be confident that your lid won’t harbour germs.

What We Like

  • The product offers a variety of sizes to suit the consumer’s needs.
  • The containers are transparent. This allows you to monitor your food.
  • Opening and closing of the lid are relatively easy.
  • The containers are durable and safe. There are no harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA) in them.
  • The design allows easier pouring of liquid food without spilling them.
  • The design of the containers permits you to stack them over each other. As a result, your cupboards and shelves appear organized and spacious.

What We Don’t Like

  • The manufacturer allows the silicone band to be removed to allow proper cleaning. Indeed, this is a nice feature. On the other hand, the silicone band is more susceptible to damage or might even get lost. pickles.
  • The biggest container might not fit into most shelves and cupboards.


3. Dwellza Kitchen Airtight Containers

The Dwellza Kitchen product is another fantastic airtight storage container. The product is ideal for consumers looking for products with similar container sizes. The product contains six containers which each having a holding capacity of up to 1 litre.

The plastic build material is very durable and free from toxic substances including BPA and PVC. The design is sleek with a stylish black lid. It has a transparent body which allows you to see and monitor your food.

The product won’t have made this list if it were not an airtight product. On the basis of this, the product performs excellently in sealing your food from moisture and air. The containers employ a decent and simple airtight system using a ring on the top of its lid. You can simply open or close the lid by pulling or pushing the lid respectively. It is suitable for both dry and liquid foods and can be stored in a fridge.

What We Like

  • All six containers of the set have 1-litre capacity each so if you are looking for multiple containers of the same size then this is the perfect one for you 
  • The containers are sturdy and durable.
  • The build material is free from BPA
  • It is very stylish and can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • It is capable of storing liquids
  • The lid is very easy to uncover or close.
  • The containers are quite small and should fit into most cupboards and shelves.

What We Don’t Like

  • There are not many options in terms of size because they all have a volume of one litre. 


4. OXO airtight Containers

Oxo is a popular brand, producing kitchen utensils and appliances. Hence, you should expect to see at least of their products popping up on this list. The popular brand has stormed the market with an alluring and exquisite design. It uses a smart and advanced airtight system. You can simply open the container by pressing a push-button on the lid. The feature is sleek and user-friendly. You can be sure of not spilling your food while opening.

The product is big and can only accommodate up to 1.5 quarts. Just like other products mentioned above, the build plastic material is free from BPA and other harmful substances. The product is very durable. It is also resistant to odours and stains.

What We Like

  • It is very economical since it comes as a single container.
  • It is easy to handle. Thanks to the push button. 
  • Due to its transparent body, it is easy to monitor your food level
  • The plastic build is free from BPA.

What We Don’t Like

  • You may experience difficulties in handling the push button, especially if you handle with slippery hands. 


5. Oggi 9322 acrylic airtight container with lid clamps

Unlike the previous ones, the build material of the Oggi airtight container is acrylic. For those lovers of glass containers, but are worried about their fragile nature and weight, this is a very good option. Although, it is not made from glass it has other similarities of glass. Furthermore, it is less heavy and is more resistant to damage than glass.

The Oggi 9322 acrylic airtight container comes in different volumes, which gives various options to store your food. The biggest size can hold up to 65 oz. while the smallest can contain just 22oz. Also in the set is a medium-sized container, which can contain 51 oz. and two smaller containers with a holding capacity of 26oz. The product employs stainless steel lid clamps and a silicone gasket to prevent air and moisture from reaching into its content.

Clean the container is quite easy. It is safe to use as it is free from harmful substances that may react with your food. You can be sure that your family is safe. It can be used for different types of food including liquids.

What We Like

  • The product is made from acrylic, which as similar characteristics as glass, but it is more resistant to damage and also lighter. 
  • It comes in various sizes, giving you varieties of options to choose.
  • The airtight system employed is simple and can be done by pressing down the clamp to achieve its airtight function.

What We Don’t Like

  • You cannot detach the lid completely therefore washing may be difficult.
  • Due to its design, liquid foods are not allowed because the mouth is not adapted to pouring. You might end up making a mess when pouring out liquid contents.


6. The bellemain airtight acrylic container set

Here comes another product, the Bellemain airtight container set. It is ideal for those looking for containers of bigger volumes and size. It comes in four different sizes. The largest container is capable of containing up to 65 ounces. That’s quite big. The mini container also boasts of a 22-ounces capacity. The medium and small containers in the set can contain 56 and 26 ounces respectively.

The containers are manufactured from acrylic, giving them the resemblance of glass containers. Unlike glass containers, they are lightweight and resistant to shatter. It is free from harmful substances including BPA. The container uses a clamp system and a silicone band to perform its airtight function.

What We Like

  • The product gives you a variety of sizes to choose from.
  • The containers are manufactured from acrylic material which resembles glass containers. Therefore, it is durable and less prone to shattering.
  • Unlike glass containers, the acrylic containers are lighter.
  • It uses a simple clamp mechanism for its airtight function.
  • The plastic build is free from harmful materials including BPA.

What We Don’t Like

  • You cannot detach the lid completely therefore washing may be difficult.


7. Tightvac Airtight Storage Containers

The Tightvac Container uses a vacuum system to perform its sealing function. The system is quite effective and can store food for longer periods than an ordinary airtight container. It does this by eliminating the air in the container, which may still be present in the case of other airtight containers, and also preventing air and moisture from entering. As far as this list is concerned, it poses to be the most airtight container.

This gives no room for the food, especially fresh foods and flavoured foods such as coffee, tea leaves and beans, to oxidize. This feature is very fantastic and you might not see this around because the innovation is patented. You can simply open the container by pushing the push-button on top of the lid. The manufacturers claim that their product can preserve your food for several months, even for a year.

Structurally, the container is cylindrical in shape and is made from a durable plastic build. The plastic is BPA free. Therefore, it is free from toxic substances, an expected characteristic for a container advertised to be capable of keeping its content fresh for a long time. The product does not offer much in terms of size as you are restricted to a volume of just 6 ounces. However, it is ideal for those looking for a portable container. It can be carried about in your bag and even for camping and travelling to protect your cookies.

What We Like

  • It uses a vacuum seal to keep its content fresh, even for a long period of time. Its airtight function is more efficient than other containers in the list.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can maintain flavoured foods for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended for storing coffee, fresh fruits, tea leaves, herbs and tobacco.
  • It has an exquisite design and is very portable.
  • It is made of a strong and durable plastic, which is also BPA free.

What We Don’t Like

  • It can accommodate up to 6 ounces, which is quite small. As a result, it is not a good option for those needing containers of large capacity.
  • You cannot use it in a microwave or wash with a dishwasher.


8. ClickClack 623301 3-piece cube food storage container

The ClickClack containers are stylish containers that offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The product comes in three different sizes: 3.5 quarts, 2 quarts and 1-quart capacity. It employs a toggle system for its airtight characteristics. To open the lid, simply press the push button on the lid. 

The product is made from durable, BPA-free plastic. It is quite safe for use. It is perfect for storing dry foods including salt, sugar, flour, cereals, coffee and beans. It has a sleek cubic design which allows it to be stackable in cupboards and shelves.

What We Like

  • It comes in different capacities to suit your needs.
  • The sleek cubic design can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Also, it can be stacked on each other to keep your cupboard spacious and organized. 
  • The airtight mechanism is very effective and at the same time easy to uncover.
  • The plastic build is durable and BPA-free.

What We Don’t Like

  • You cannot use it in a microwave or wash with a dishwasher.
  • The containers are not ideal for storing liquids.


9. Tupperware 4-piece container set

This set comes in four different sizes. The Biggest size can accommodate about 17 cups, the medium size can accommodate 12 cups, the small size can hold up to 8 cups and the smallest size can contain 5 cups.

It has a decent design. It has a red lid and a white-coloured body. It has a transparent portion close to its bottom to monitor your food level. The container is not difficult to clean and safe for a dishwasher.

What We Like

  • It is safe for a dishwasher
  • It employs a simple airtight mechanism.

What We Don’t Like

  • Although it has a transparent portion as the bottom, the body is not transparent. Therefore, you might not be able to monitor the food level effectively until it is almost exhausted.


10. Dragonn airtight containers

Finally, we’ve got to a storage set with 10 pieces. It offers you a wider range of options than other products mentioned in this list. The set has a 3.2-litre piece, two containers with a volume of 1.5 litres, another medium-sized container of 1.7-litre capacity, a large container of 3.1-litre capacity, one medium-sized container of about 1.2 litres capacity, a 0.5-litre piece, two 0.8 litre pieces and a 1-litre piece. It poses as the best option in terms of size.

It exhibits a very deluxe design with the containers either rectangular or cube shaped. This design also allows you to stack them over each other, which allows you to tidy and organize your cupboards and shelves. Hence, more space is created.

The airtight container is made from BPA free plastic which is also durable and easy to wash. The containers are dishwasher safe. The containers feature an effective locking mechanism which includes a silicone band to perform its airtight function. The containers can be sealed by using the push button the lids. It is ideal for storing dry foods including sugar and salt.

What We Like

  • A wide variety of sizes to fit into various use.
  • It is BPA-free.
  • The containers are stackable, allowing you to create more space.
  • It is not tough to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • afatay


11. Rubbermaid 1994253 Brilliance Pantry Containers

The Rubbermaid brand is a reputable producer of quality products. The product contains four pieces. The biggest container can hold up to 16 cups. The 3.2-cup, 6.6-cup and 12-cup containers complete set. 

The containers are manufactured from durable BPA-free plastic. They are transparent and also durable. To perform its airtight function, the containers make use of latches to seal the container tightly. The product is resistant to odour and stains. It is a nice product for storing dry foods such as pasta. The containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. It can also be stored in a freezer.

What We Like

  • The product, which comes in different volumes, allows versatility in terms of function.
  • The containers are BPA free.
  • The containers are transparent.
  • The containers are resistant to odour and stains.
  • The design allows you to stack them on each other to save space in your shelves and cupboards.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is ideal for storing only dry foods.


12. EVAK Best Premium Airtight Storage Containers

EVAK is a reputable brand around the world, having received four international awards. You should definitely expect good product quality from them. This product comes in three different sizes. The containers appear sleek and stylish, adding to the aesthetic value of your kitchen. The containers are manufactured from glass, however, the handle is made of stainless steel.

It performs its airtight function using its black rubber lid which works like a plunger. Once you fill it with your food, you simply push the lid into the container. As you push the lid, with the aid of a seal fixed to it, it seals the container and prevent any further exchange with the environment. It is not difficult to clean and also dishwasher safe. Just like most glass containers, it is resistant to odour and stain.

What We Like

  • It features an effective airtight mechanism
  • It offers varieties in terms of size.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is more prone to damage since it is made from glass.


13. Estilo stainless steel airtight container

Finally, we have the first stainless steel container in the list. The product comes in four pieces. The container capacities are as follows: 63.4 oz., 43 oz., 33.8oz. and 20.2oz. Each stainless container has a glass jar infused in them. It features a transparent portion to see your food. It is ideal for storing dry foods.

What We Like

  • It adds beauty to your kitchen.
  • Since it is not made from plastic, you should not worry about BPA.
  • It is stain resistant.

What We Don’t Like



Airtight containers are quite useful for many functions. The various products listed above are worth looking out for. Regardless of the quality of the container, always store the containers in a cool and dry place. It is advisable to allow hot foods to cool before covering them to prolong their storage life.

Having discussed the best airtight containers in the market, it is still up to your choice and budget. You need to consider what you need it for. You might be considering something bigger or stylish. However, you now a complete knowledge of how to select the best containers to suit your needs.

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