Top Best Food Processor for Nut Butter – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nut butter is a great all round product, easily added to sandwiches, sauces, stir fry’s and pretty much anything you can think off.

Making your own is eco-friendly, your not going to waste plastic or through it out as you can simply create and refill. Making your very own nut butter ensures you exactly know what’s inside.

We have had a look at some of the best food processors on the market to give you a guideline to what works best for making nut butter.

Top food processors comparison chart

Whether your an old timer or new to the nut butter world, we have put together this list of the best of the best food processors. We have also highlighted their key features and where you can check the latest prices.

We have listed a variety of blenders which are not only great for creating nut butter but also other food products in the kitchen.

Now let’s get started and choose the best blender for you!

Product reviews

1. Robot Coupe Magimix 4200 XL

Product Highlights

Included in your purchase, you get a variety of extras to suit all your kitchen needs including, dough hook, whisk, and stainless steel blade. When you purchase this top of the range mixer, you also get a recipe book containing 100’s of recipes to use alongside your mixer.

You also receive a storage box to keep your blades and tools safely stored without them spreading everywhere. This machine is easy cleaning with the handy spatula also included.

What we like

This food processor is multifunctional, so you don’t have to just use it for your butter you can use it for a wide selection of things when cooking in the kitchen. You can use it for a variety of things, chopping vegetables, or making pestos. 

Robot Coupe is renowned worldwide and is used in professional kitchens to help them whip up culinary delights. This includes some Michelin star restaurants.

Whatever you are using the machine for it will automatically adjust its power from task to task. Depending on your ingredient this food processor will change the power to give you the desired consistency making your life a little more comfortable in the kitchen. It also has a three button operation. This makes it easier for the most novice chefs amongst us

What we don’t like about this machine

The machine is on the high budget scale. This purchase isn’t the best for people who are looking to spend a little less, although sometimes spending more money will work out in the longer term.

It is suited for bigger batches but would not be great for the smaller batch cooker. If you use smaller quantities in a machine like this, it may make a difference to consistency to your butter or other sauce-based products by missing some of the ingredients.

The one feature that is missing on this particular machine is it is unable to dice vegetables. This may not be an everyday problem for an average person, but for the professionals, this could be inconvenient.

  • Good for bigger batches.
  • Multifunctional within the kitchen.
  • Overall high quality machine.
  • Big in capacity not always needed for smaller batches.
  • At the higher price range.

2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCN

Product Highlights

Dishwasher parts available- A great highlight giving you more time to enjoy your food. Stainless steel blades included. It also has on off pulse function and can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen.

What we like

With a large 14 cup capacity, this is great for people who love to batch cook. Batch cooking is a great idea for busy people with or without families.

Seven food prep functions give you a variety to prepare different dishes easily and convenient. A superb feature if you are hosting a dinner party and need an extra hand in the kitchen.

With a heavy duty 720w motor to make sure you have consistent use of the machine without it burning out. It also means it great for larger batches. On top of that, you get a five-year warranty to ensure you can get a replacement if it does burn out.With a heavy duty 720w motor to make sure you have consistent use of the machine without it burning out. It also means it great for larger batches. On top of that, you get a five-year warranty to ensure you can get a replacement if it does burn out.

What we don’t like

This is a great machine but if you’re looking for something a little smaller it’s not for your i am afraid. It’s very bulky looking and may not be suitable for small kitchens.

The machine does come with plastic bowl and lid. These are easily breakable so be careful when handling. Also, they can stain easily especially when you are using products like tomatoes.

  • Good for bigger batches.
  • Multifunctional within the kitchen.
  • Machine is fairly priced.
  • Professional mixer may not be suitable for the home environment.
  • Plastic stains easily.

3. BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food

Product Highlights

  • Majority of the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • One-touch technology.
  • Small and compact.
  • Bi-level stainless steel.

What we like

If you’re looking to make smaller batches in, this machine hosts a 1.5 cup capacity, perfect for small side dishes.

If you’re looking for something that can help you make perfect dressing the oil holes are an excellent feature for you to add your desired amount of oil while mixing.

Bi-level stainless steel blade ensures the blades stay sharper for longer. Helping with consistent chopping and you don’t need to keep getting the blades sharpened.

The compact design gives the upper hand to the smaller home orders. This mixer would suit the smaller kitchens.

What we don’t like

This processor doesn’t look very durable. The amount of plastic on the machine would not sit well with harder and heavier food products.

The machine has a very small capacity so if you’re looking for something a little bigger this particular processor what suit you.

  • Cheap in price.
  • Great size for the smaller kitchens.
  • Very low price.
  • Durability seems to be a problem with the machine.
  • Oil holes cause a problem when processor is filled.

4. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Product Highlights

  • Includes shredder and redesigned chopping blade.
  • On off pulse buttons.
  • Red in color.
  • Recipe book included.

What we like

Who doesn’t love dishwasher safe parts? Easy and convenient to put in the dishwasher when you have finished saving time on the cleaning up process.

You get six different functions including chopping and pureeing. Great for creating the smoothest nut butter you could wish for. Also, a great feature is the pureeing function great for soups or making homemade baby food.

Have the extra comfort with a five-year motor warranty. If your motor burns out the manufacturer will replace or repair the machine.

What we don’t like

If you looking for something compact and space saving this Machine is on the bigger side may not be suitable for a smaller kitchen.

Some great features but this machine is not a very attractive looking. 

The feeding tube isn’t huge, so if you’re looking to chop some bigger vegetables, such as cabbage, you’re going to have to cut it down a lot before it would fit.

  • In the mid range for price.
  • Great size for the smaller kitchens
  • Free recipe book with hundreds of recipes.
  • Machine isn’t very attractive.
  • Bigger sized machine not great for smaller kitchens.

5. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef

Product Highlights

  • Multifunctional in the kitchen, great for chopping nuts.
  • 1000w motor. Great for versatility.
  •  Attractive looking model.
  • Safety features- The machine will not start until all parts are locked correctly.

What we like

You get three feeding shunt, and this makes it easier to keep vegetable such as carrots in one direction. This will cause you minimal food wastage.

Also if you’re a keen baker, you can easily to knead bread with ease. BPA free plastic bowl giving you a little extra strength to avoid breakages in case of an accident.

What we don’t like

Compared to a lot of the other processes, you do not get a large variety of blades included. There is an option to purchase extras online.

If you’re not looking to invest a considerable amount of money in your new food processor this product would not suit you, it comes under the higher range in pricing. 

The capacity of this machine is just 12 cups. Compared to others on the market this is on the smaller side if you’re looking to make bigger batches of things this would not help you.

  • In the mid range for price.
  • Attractive modern design
  • 1000w motor for more versatility.
  • Locking safety features.
  • High price range.
  • Bigger sized machine not great for smaller kitchens
  • Not a wide selection of tools compared to other processors.

6. Epica heavy duty hand blender 2 in 1

Product Highlights

  • Cutting edge guarantee – if you don’t get the desired experience you’ll have your money back
  • Variable speed dial
  • Attractive looking model.
  • BPA free

What we like

If you are looking to purchase a smaller size processor, this is a great size making it easier to store if you have limited space in your kitchen.

You can blend, chops grind and whisk with variety of attachments that come. With the product, you are not stuck with just using the motor base, moving around quickly with the handy stick blender.

No nasty chemicals and better for the environment with its BPA free plastic bowl.

If your looking to shop on a budget and get more for your money this blender is for you, coming in at the lower price range.

Dishwasher safe parts- always handy if you hate cleaning up!

What we don’t like

You are a little limited with only two speeds available meaning you could be blitzing for a little longer to get your desired consistency.

Sue to its smaller size is only able to do more minor preparations with this stick blender. 

  • In the lower price range
  • Great size for the smaller kitchens.
  • 2 touch blending buttons
  • Turbo button available for extra speed
  • Very small in size may not be great for larger batches.
  • No greater included. Limited choices in what you can do.
  • Not a wide selection of tools compared to other processors.
  • Only has a 350w motor, may burn out easily.

7. Braun FP302 food processor

Product Highlights

  • Variable speeds on offer including pulse mode.
  • Ultra quiet feature.
  • Dishwasher safe parts

What we like

You do get a lot with this food processor, eight different tools included in your purchase giving you a more significant variety of options in the kitchen. 

The processing bowl locks to the motor base for extra safety. The machine won’t begin until everything is secured adding an additional safety feature.

Twelve cup capacity is given you a more prominent ability for creating dishes in the kitchen.

What we don’t like

Some parts are not included in your purchase, so you would have to search for those and purchase them separately.

With a green and green color may not suit all kitchen designs. It does look a little dated. You are not given a variety of colors to choose from either.

Handling heavier foods seems to be a consistent problem, it may not be durable for things such as nuts.

  • In the lower price range
  • Great looking machine.
  • Superb capacity.
  • Safety features ensure easy to use safely.
  • Dough attachment seems to burn out motor.
  • Machine does not handle heavy food products well

8. Hamilton beach 70820 stack and snap

Product Highlights

  • Easy assemble- no twist and lock features.
  • Sealed bowl to ensure no leakage.
  • Attachment case included for easy and safe storage.

What we like

You will get to enjoy a larger feeding chute. If you are looking to use bigger vegetables or other food in the processor, this should be a problem.

You will receive five attachments included in your purchase giving you more options within the kitchen.

A built-in scraper is included to avoid food wastage. You will be able to retrieve every scrap of food without losing out on portion size. 

What we don’t like

With, a limited options for speed you only has two-speed options included, this may cause longer processing times.

The machine itself is not very easy on the eye compared to many on the market if you’re looking for something a little easier on the eye you might want to skip this one.

A smaller cup capacity may cause an issue for those who want to make more significant portions of nut butter. Its maximum cup capacity is 8.

Only 2 speed optionsLarge in size may not suit a smaller kitchenSmall in capacity.

  • Snap lock system for safety
  • Lower range of price
  • Large feeding chute.
  • Only 2 speed options
  • Large in size may not suit a smaller kitchen
  • Small in capacity.

Buyers Guide

Here we have put together what you should be looking out for when you purchase your next food processor.


  • When you are purchasing a food processor, in particular, you need to ensure it is durable. This ensures it is not going to burn out quickly as nuts are one of the harder food. Shop for blenders who have motor guarantees. This makes sure if the motor goes the manufacturer will repair or replace your machine for you.
  • A Lot of the food processors on the market are designed to blitz quickly and run into problems fast. The professional side of food blenders is what you want to be looking at. They have no problem with bulk and constant use.
  • In our opinion, this plastic mixer as always better in comparison to glass. It’s a safer option if you drop a glass jug you’re going to be liable to pay for a replaced, not always easy to find. 
  • When you decide on your chosen purchase always check about the guarantee. In particular, our advice is to choose one which has a motor warranty. The cheaper machines don’t always come with this. If you get a motor warranty and your machine overheats or the motor breaks, the manufacturer has to replace it, or fix your machine free of charge


  • Spending more money on your next blender purchase will be better in the long term if your machine burns out or breaks because it’s cheap and not suitable.
  • It’s good to look on sales as many manufacturers but the older models on sale. There is nothing wrong with it them it usually means they have bought out a newer model.
  • Overall it’s going to depend on your budget. If in the long term you want to have a processor that is going to last, it is better to spend a little more to get the results you are looking for.
  • If you want something to experiment with to see if you’re going to make your own nut butter then of course, you can go for the lower price range.


  • When looking watch out for a variety of blades. Stainless steel blades are more durable and your most likely going to use this for several things, so this will give you more options. A sharp blade will chop quicker and deliver your butter a better consistency.
  • You need sharp, high-quality blades. If they are blunt and low quietly, it will take longer to finish, and you may not get the finished product you wished for.


  • Easy cleaning is a huge point when making a purchase. Dishwasher safe parts make the part of cooking we all hate, cleaning up!! When you are finished, give your components a quick rinse and then chuck them in the dishwasher, done!
  • Built in scrapers are also great for the cleaning process.


  • Multifunctional processors are also an excellent investment. You get everything you could ever need in one. You should not limit yourself, by using a multi-purpose processor you are going to make your life a lot easier in the kitchen.
  • Flashy displays are lovely but it usually unnecessary especially when we are looking to make nut butter. This is a simple recipe to follow, and we don’t need to over complicate things.
  • Power-Unless you are looking to make very crunchy nut butter, we suggest a high powered machine. This makes the butter heavenly smooth, this again will depend on the motor. Smaller machines tend to be less sturdy and a lot noisier. Search for higher walts to get the correct device. 
  • The size of the machine is something to consider definitely. Although not always great for us with smaller kitchens, try to swap things around or find more accessible storage for a larger machine. With a larger one, you can batch up on making your favorite butter, of course, this decision can be made on your kitchen and storage size.


How powerful should my new food processor be?

  • The stronger the machine th more life you are going to get out of it. Look for machines from 500-1000 watts.

Is a 7 cup capacity big enough?

  • When you add liquid that capacity actually halfs. If you feeding a family we suggest a much bigger one.

What are the three main things i should look for when purchasing a food processor?

  • Bowl capacity- depending what your looking to use it for. Bigger ones are better for batch cooking.
  • Watts- The higher the watts the less likely it’s going to burn out.
  • Warranties- Keep it safe , when you’re looking watch out for motor warranties as well. This will cover you incase the motor goes.


With thousands of food processors on the market, it can be confusing at times to get the correct blender to produce some yummy nut butter.

An overall great processor will give you many options as well. Enabling you to make, smoothies, nut butter, blend soups and more.

Take your time to choose a new food processor and scan the market and look out for the latest offers. We have just scratched the surface with our review.

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