Top 5 Best Broiler Pans For The Money 2021 Reviews

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Are you looking for a healthier and more simple solution to your cooking? Mean top best broiler pan then,These broiler pans use little or no oil and provide a faster alternative to conventional cooking as we know it. These pans expose food to direct heat, creating a delicious meal.The Best Kitchen Torches and Complete Reviews with Comparison

If you are looking for a pan that cooks using high temperature in your oven, then a broiler pan is what need. This is easy to use a product that cooks food fast and healthy.

The top rack allows excess juices to drain through, draining the fluids. This is a great way to get the best grill-like results from your cooking.Best Cast Iron Teapot

Why should you use a broiler pan?

Quite simply put, once you have bought and used a broiler pan you probably won’t go back to what you were using before. They are mostly non-stick, which means there is little or no need for any oil.

So without doing a single thing you already have a healthier meal on your hands. These pans are so versatile that you can grill, bake and even cook whatever you want. You can even cook two things at the same time.

This can be done by using the bottom pan and the top rack, with separate foods, at once.The Best Meat Injector

These incredible broilers keep all the vitamins and nutrients in the food while cooking. Because of the advanced materials used in these pans, they have the ability to distribute the heat evenly.

This ensures you get evenly cooked food. Some of the products are so versatile that they can even be used on an outside grill.

For safety sakes, always check that the product you intend on purchasing does clearly state that it can be used both in an oven as well as on an outdoor grill.

In a nutshell, these kitchen creations are simple to use. They don’t need any instructions. It is simply finding the right pan for you.Best Home Kegerator

We tried to do a little bit of the homework for you, to identify the ones that stand out the most when it comes to choosing the right broiler pan for you. There really are so many excellent products out there, so let’s run through a few of them here.

Top Broiler Pan’s Comparison Chart





Porcelain-fused to ensure non-stick cooking.


Dishwasher safe.

Even heat distribution to allow cooking better cooking and browning meat.

Heavy-duty, can be used on an outdoor grill.

DIshwasher safe.

Can be used for cooking, roasting, and baking.

Smooth porcelain finish ensures easy cleaning and prevents splatters

Evenly distributed flat grid allows excess juices to drip through

Clever handles to lift grid up from the pan underneath

Both raised griddles together with drainage holes

Versatile, light and easy to use. No chemical coatings and very budget friendly

Suitable for baking, roasting, toasting, and broiling

Very affordable

Suitable for toasting, broiling, roasting, and baking

Product Reviews

1. Graniteware Broiler Pan

This easy to clean two-piece non-stick pan will be the last pan you ever need to buy. Granite Ware’s smart design provides you with non-stick cooking. This perfectly-sized pan will provide many enjoyable cooking experiences in your kitchen. From frying your breakfast bacon to cooking your Thanksgiving meal, this versatile pan is all you need.The Best Dijon Mustard Substitutes You Have At Your Fingertips

Editor's Rating


  • Durable material
  • Non-stick
  • Dishwasher friendly

Product Overview

This long-lasting and durable pan is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This is an affordable and excellent value for money buy. The lightweight finish allows for easy handling.

The top tray provides grooves through which the excess liquid can drip through into the bottom tray. The liquid can then be disposed of or kept to make a delicious gravy to go with your food. The distribution of heat is evenly spread throughout the pan once heated.Best Brown Rice Brands

What We Like

The lightweight feel makes it easy to handle this tray in and out of the oven. The easy to clean finish and durable strength make this a wise choice. The pan is the perfect width to lay pre-cut strips of bacon across, just in case you were wondering and for all the bacon lovers out there. You are welcome!

What We Don’t Like

Be careful to not drop this as the porcelain covering may chip or even peel off.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick
  • Durable material
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can chip and peel

2. Range Kleen Broil and Bake Pan

This heavy-duty porcelain-coated steel pan can be used for broiling and baking. The pan is easy to use and non-stick. This two-piece pan is built to last.

Editor's Rating


  • Heavy-duty, non-stick cooking
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Can be used on an outdoor grill

Product Overview

This heavy-duty stainless steel base pan is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. This versatile pan can also be used for baking. It is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after use. The tray comes with a base and a top tray with grooves so that any excess liquid can drip through into the base tray.

What We Like

This excellent multi-function pan will allow you to save space in the cupboard. The heavy-duty finish works both in ovens and on outdoor grills. 

What We Don’t Like

The weight of the pan is a bit heavier on the hand; there is no handle to get a good grip on the pan. The Best Dijon Mustard Substitutes You Have At Your Fingertips


  • Heavy-duty material, outdoor use
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe


  • Heavy pan to take in and out of the oven

3. Whirlpool Broiler Pan

This easy to clean porcelain coated pan ensures fewer splatters in the pan. The easy to wipe clean non-stick pan is perfect for your over.

Editor's Rating


  • The durable, porcelain coating 
  • Non-stick for easy washing
  • Dishwasher friendly

Product Overview

This long-lasting and durable pan is so easy to clean that you don’t even need to use the dishwasher. It is that easy. But it is dishwasher safe, just in case you were wondering. This value for money product is coated with porcelain, which decreases the splatters from the food. While this is a Whirlpool product, the lightweight pan fits into most ovens. The pan comes with an attachable grid for broiling.

What We Like

This product is so easy to clean that it literally just wipes clean in a few wipes right after cooking. The wide flat surface area provides a lot of room for food to be placed onto.Best Airtight Containers 

What We Don’t Like

The depth of the dish seems a bit smaller than other pan’s. If you are cooking something that can hold a lot of juice then you may opt for a deeper pan. 


  • Easy to clean, does not necessarily need dishwasher
  • Durable material
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can peel and warp with time

4. Wilton Pan

Wilton non-stick durable steel pans are convenient and easy to use. The pan’s edges have a wider finish, giving you a safer grip when placing the pan into the oven. The reinforced non-stick coating makes these pans an absolute dream to clean. So you get all the goodness of the food without the fuss. 

Editor's Rating


  • Reinforced non-stick coating
  • Perfect for baking
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly

Product Overview

This compact dish with raised grooves on the insert allows you to really put this pan to good use. From baking to grilling, you will not run short of new things to try with your Wilton pan. The convenient and safe side handles on the grid allow you to carefully lift the cooked ingredients away from the accumulated juices underneath, making this a healthy serving no matter the offer. 

What We Like

The extra thought that went into placing an additional handle on the side. It often isn’t easy to move the finished product away to rest, this makes it so much easier. 

What We Don’t Like

The extra ridges and grooves may need to be soaked a little in warm and soapy water after use. This will ensure you get all the tray sparkly and clean after use. 


  • Safety handle on the side
  • The intelligent design of raised ridges and drip holes for excess liquid


  • May need to be soaked before cleaning 

5. Teamfar Toaster Pan

This extremely budget-friendly option may just surprise you. It does not boast any extra’s like non-stick coatings, but it gets the job done. This non-toxic compact stainless-steel pan is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It may be something you remember seeing in mom’s cupboard years ago. This trusty product, albeit simple, will not disappoint. Best Butcher Knives

Editor's Rating


  • Rust free and dishwasher safe
  • Compact size
  • Perfect for everyday use

Product Overview

This compact product will need to be washed after use because you will be using it again the very next day. Perfect for everyday use, this versatile toasting rack doubles up as an oven tray and broiler pan.

This simple and toxin-free product is made from high-quality stainless steel. The TeamFar Toaster fits inside most mini toaster ovens. A perfect alternative to using aluminum or Teflon pans at home, this is a must for every household.

What We Like

The compact size of this product is simply perfect for breakfasts, lunches and dinners alike. The tray works for grilling and baking and can even serve as a cooling rack after baking.Best Food Storage Containers – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

What We Don’t Like

For a larger family or event, this pan may prove to be a bit on the small side. But we love the versatility of this product.


  • Compact so fits inside almost every oven


  • No non-stick coating so food may stick to the pan

6. Ovenstuff Toaster Oven Pan

This affordable set is a surprisingly great buy. Once again, a product that is easy to clean and boasts a DuraGlide Plus non-stick coating, patented by OvenStuff Bakeware. This pan can work perfectly if you are cooking for one.

The steel pan will ensure an even distribution of heat throughout. The top grid has a bit of depth to it, perfect for cooking chicken and fish. The clever design allows you to use the pan without the grid on top for those delicious roasts.

Editor's Rating


  • DuraGlide Plus non-stick
  • Extended sides for easy handling
  • Everyday use

Product Overview

This easy to clean product with the large drainage holes allow all the fat from the foot to drip into the bottom tray. The heavyweight steel pan will ensure an even cooking process with no burnt edges. 

What We Like

With this product being on the smaller side it is perfect if you are cooking for one. If you are looking for a healthy cooking experience, look no further. 

What We Don’t Like

The height of the pan is quite tall, so be careful when putting the tray close to the top of your oven as your food may spoil. Best Plastic Food Storage Containers


  • Small size, fits into most ovens


  • May be too small if you are cooking for more than one person

Buyer’s Guide

Always keep the size of the pan in mind. Try to choose something versatile that can double up in use. A non-stick option makes the cooking experience easier.

Be careful to select durable materials that will be long-lasting. You will also want to ensure that the material is not too thin as the pan can then warp if exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time in your oven. Where to Recycle Plastic Containers

Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra, if it means getting a quality product that will not only last but serves you well. You may also want to ensure that you choose a low-maintenance product. After cooking a healthy delicious meal, the last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing away at your new broiler. 

The (not So) Sticky Part

Choosing a lightweight non-stick pan will make your cooking experience more manageable and less time-consuming. The time you would normally spend trying to take food that is stuck out of a sticky pan can be better spent entertaining friends at dinner.

This also makes these products extremely easy to clean. Some products promise that even with the non-stick application they are toxin-free. 

A Lasting Affair

A good quality and durable long-lasting pan is a smart choice. These are usually made from excellent materials, ensuring a longer life. If it means spending a few extra bucks, then it’s money well spent. The Best Meat Injector

While the disposable aluminum pans are available, buying a versatile sturdy reusable pan will give you many hours of cooking pleasure. Keep in mind that food is a necessity. Ensuring that you and your family eat well and eat healthily is key, so look at how the products are made and what they are made from too while you’re at it. 

The Maintenance

Broiler Pan: Frequently Asked Questions

Will the non-stick wear away?

As long as you are careful to not scratch at the surface when washing / wiping the pan the non-stick application on the product should hold. If a product clearly states that it is NOT dishwasher safe and it is placed into the dishwasher, there is a strong likelihood of the non-stick deactivating on the product.

Can I purchase a handle that clips onto the side to take it out of the oven when the pan is hot?

Some of the manufacturers may offer a separate clip-on handle that specifically fits the product. Be sure to check that the specific add-on you are purchasing is made specifically for the product you have in mind. Failure to do so can result in severe burning or alternatively spoiled food.Best Electric Knife Sharpener: The Ultimate Guide

How will I know what materials the broiler pans are made from?

The most common types of broiler pans that you will find will be made using carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic. Some may be a mix of any of these products, and different materials are available other than those mentioned herein. 

Do the pans come with a guarantee?

Different manufacturers offer different guarantee for their products. This needs to be checked with each purchase, specifically regarding what is and isn’t covered. 

Are these products approved by the Heart Foundation?

While various products may well be endorsed by an organization or the like, these products are not endorsed by the heart foundation.Best Food Processor for Nut Butter

Most of the products, however, do claim to decrease the amounts of fats that will be served in the food, should you use the grid and choose to allow the excess fat and liquid drip off the food.

How can i choose the right broiler pan for me?

While there honestly are so many available products, try to find one that's made of durable and long-lasting material. Moreover, ensure that the size of the pan you are choosing is sufficient for your needs.Top 10 Cookie Presses

It goes without saying that if you are choosing to broil a large roast or two, you would need to ensure that your pan of choice is suitable to accommodate the cuts of meat.

Final Verdict

With so many versatile and great products on the market, we decided it really is hard to choose a winner. Most of the products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring the product that you choose to purchase is easy to clean. At the same time, most of the products do fit snug into the oven but it is safe to check the dimensions of your oven before making a purchase. Lemongrass Substitutes