Top 10 Best Milk Frothers To Buy In 2022 Reviews

If you are forever giving into expensive coffees and your local coffee shop stop! We all feel pretty guilty when we spend so much money on beverages each day. This can now be a thing of the past with this handy little invention.

You can now invest in a milk frother to make up you coffees in your very own home. Produce the perfect cup of coffee to start the day.

The market has hundreds of milk frothers on offer. Buying the correct type is crucial to get a cup of perfection. Whether you are looking to make a latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate we have outlined some of the very best for you.

We have outlined some of the top milk frothers on the market for you to choose from. We are beginning your journey to the perfect cup of coffee.

Product reviews

1. Secura Detachable Milk Frother

Product Highlights

  • Four settings included.
  • Three texture settings.
  • Handles on the machine.
  • Temperature control.

What we like

You can use this frother with its handy four settings. This allows you to make a latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and more. You will get the same high-quality results as you do in the coffee shops.The froth milk with three different textures. You can make 115ml of hot airy foam, warm dense milk, and cold throat milk. It has a capacity of 240 ml to heat milk for your breakfast.This frother is safer in design. With a built-in thermometer, it stops the machine when it has reached the settings temperature. This ensures you don’t have a burnt or tainted milk in your coffee.

What we don’t like about this machine

The lack of handles worries us. With it being too full it could easily topple over and cause an accident. People have also raised concern that the motor does burn out over time. But the customer care is excellent and have sent out replacement models.With this particular model, you can only use full-fat milk. For those of use that cannot have it, this may cause an issue.Souvia milk frother

  • 4 settings for frothing.
  • Built in thermometer.
  • 3 different texture options.
  • Only can use with full fat milk
  • Motor issues
  • No handles

2. BUNN BT BT Speed Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Product Highlights

  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Set the desired temperature.
  • Two frothing settings.
  • Large capacity.

What we like

One of its great features is the parts are dishwasher safe. Milk isn’t always easy to remove when heated, so this is a handy extra.You can use any type of milk. Including, full fat, soya, rice milk. This is great for people who have milk allergies.You can set to your desired temperature. This includes colder temperatures to make drinks during the hotter seasons.Included are two different disks to help you make latte or cappuccino drinks. The cappuccino disk will make your drink thick and creamy whereas the latte disk makes you drink light and silky.

What we don’t like about this machine

We think overall this product is one of the best.The price is quite high, so this would not suit someone on a lower budget.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Takes all types of milk.
  • 2 frothing disks included.
  • Desired temperature settings
  • Higher in price than most models

3. Milk Frother Automatic Detachable

Product Highlights

  • Can heat & froth up to 240 ml of milk.
  • High-quality stainless steel finish.
  • Temperature control feature.

What we like

With this frother, you get the right amount of extras, so you don’t need to buy any extras on top. Included in your box are two whisks, two replacement whisks, and a cleaning brush.The jug has a non-stick interior making it easier for it to be cleaned.A leave indicator states where you can reach with milk. Lines outline where you can fill for frothing, heating, and store liquid.

What we don’t like about this machine

Another machine which only gives you the best results with full-fat milk. This is inconvenient for people with allergies or doesn’t like full-fat milk.It isn’t dishwasher safe, so you have to clean it manually.A few people have said the frother stops working after a week. If this happens to you, usually manufactures are happy to replace it when returned.

  • Large capacity.
  • Low in price range.
  • Extra accessories included.
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Reported to stop working regularly

4. Bean Envy Milk Frother for Coffee

Product Highlights

  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Handy stand included
  • Battery powered.
  • Rust resistant.

What we like

We love the fact you can get this product in a range of colors. Including red, blue and black. This will help you fit it in with your kitchen decor.This frother is battery powered, so you don’t have to have a cable attached continually. This gives an upper hand on getting a perfect foam.You also get a stand so you can easily store your frother on your kitchen worktop.

What we don’t like about this machine

This is a handheld frother. You are going to have to put in a little more work to get you desired froth.It is battery powered. Batteries for these kinds of frothers can fail very quickly. This is because you are using a lot of power. You are going to have to keep purchasing batteries.Also thinking about the mess factor. You need to put the milk in a jug and froth it from there. When mixing milk could overspill causing a mess in the kitchen or work area.

  • Stand included
  • Available in 3 colors
  • No cables attached
  • Battery powered
  • No jug included
  • Handheld

5. Milk Frother, 10oz/300ml Electric Milk Warmer with Touch Screen

Product Highlights

  • Jug spout for easy pouring.
  • Can froth hot and cold milk.
  • Stainless steel inner.
  • Simple two button options

What we like

This is a tremendous looking frother. It features 2 LED buttons to simplifying choose which option you would like to do. You can bubble and heat milk or cold froth.

It comes with two whisks one for cold frothing and the other for heating. Insert your chosen whisk and select your option.

The jug is made from stainless steel and has an anti-sticking coat. This will make it a little easier when it comes to cleaning.

Milk can be frothed in as little as 1 minute. Don’t wait any longer to drink the perfect cup of coffee.

What we don’t like about this machine

It isn’t dishwasher safe you will have to wash it by hand. Always make sure you use lots of soap, left milk can begin to smell if left behind.

It doesn’t state that it is going to froth hot milk. It’s for heating and bubbles so you might not get a massive froth for your coffee.

  • Attractive look.
  • 2 LED buttons for programmes.
  • Anti sticking coat on jug
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • May not froth so well

6. SHARDOR Electric Milk Frother and Steamer

Product Highlights

  • Offers steamed and frothed milk options.
  • Reaches 65oc in 2 minutes.
  • Easy pour spout.
  • One year guarantee.

What we like

The easy pour spout makes it easier and safer to get your frothed milk out when complete — avoiding injury and mess in the kitchen.It has a quick heating system. You can reach 65oc in 2 minutes, giving your perfect froth quicker and easier. You also have automatic heat detector, stopping your milk from overheating or burning.we get included a one-year replacement guarantee. If anything goes wrong, it will be repaired or replaced for you.

What we don’t like about this machine

With its kettle like look we can see getting the foam out may be an issue. It does have a lid, but in general, we think this design isn’t going to give you an easy time getting the foam out.This particular model also isn’t dishwasher safe.

  • One year replacement guarantee
  • Can high high temperatures in 2 minutes
  • Heat detector stops milk overheating and burning
  • Isn’t dishwasher safe
  • Could be difficult to get froth out

7. Milk Frother and Steamer, Electric Milk Warmer with Touch Screen,

Product Highlights

  • Lighting base.
  • Four different settings
  • Two-year warranty included.
  • Silicone scraper included.

What we like

First of all, we live the stand it comes with. It modern lighting make this frother look great in your kitchen. You also get a silicone scraper with your purchase so you can get every bit of foam out.Four different settings give you a wide selection of different forths. Enjoy coffee just how you would in the coffee shops.They are super confident in this product offering a two-year warranty. Milk can be frothed within 80 seconds.

What we don’t like about this machine

It isn’t much wrong with this frother. I would only say it does lack is it isn’t dishwasher safe.

  • Lighting base included
  • Quick frothing
  • Four throthing settings
  • Is not dishwasher safe

8. Gourmia GMF225 Cordless Electric Milk Frother

Product Highlights

  • Safety features to avoid burning.
  • One button control.
  • All parts are removable for cleaning.
  • Splash-proof lid.

What we like

This frother has a transparent lid to avoid spills and overflow. This keeps your froth inside.

It produces frothed milk within a hundred seconds. Enjoy your coffee quickly and easily.

It has two whisks one for heating and frothing milk, and the other for frothing cold milk. These are included in your purchase.

Temperature control means it will shut off when it reached the maximum temperature — no more burnt milk in your coffee.

What we don’t like about this machine

People have reported that the whisks are very flimsy. This may cause them to break in the long term, and you will have to replace them.

It isn’t dishwasher safe, so you have clean it yourself. This includes whisks and other small parts.

  • Safety temperature feature
  • Lid to avoid spills
  • Frothed milk within a hundred seconds
  • Flimsy whisks
  • Not dishwasher safe

Buyers guide


You can now purchase two types of milk frothers a jug frother or a handheld one.The handheld frothers are usually on the cheaper sides, and as stated in the name you need hold while it whisks the milk up. They are typically powered by batteries enabling them to be portable.Jug forthers are a little easier to use without standing around. It will usually come with a jug and built-in whisk in most cases. The majority of jug frothers come with temperature control technology. This stops your milk from burning and will cool the milk for drinking.Our suggestion is to purchase a jug model. It is built better, and you get longer life with it. Also, less work goes into creating the frothed milk. It’s a touch of a button wait, and you’re done!

Types of milk

A Lot of these products require you to use full-fat milk. This doesn’t always suit the customer. Whether you are dieting or have an intolerance to dairy, this isn’t convenient. When you’re selecting your machine look for the ones which can deliver you a great froth with any milk.


Hot chocolate for the hotter months and frappuccino for the warmer months. Look for a machine which can be multifunctional for the seasons. The majority of milk frother have temperature control features. This will stop frothing when the milk has reached a specific temperature. This avoids burning and sticking. A Temperature control feature is also crucial for safety. This will ensure the milk doesn’t overflow and possibly burn you.Handheld frothers don’t have this feature so you will have to heat or cool the milk separately.


The majority of the simpler handheld frothers do not come with a warrant. The reason being they are usually cheaper in price and quietly. They break easily, so it works out better for you t buy a new one. It’s also better for the manufacture pockets. This is why we only received one of these frothers. We don’t recommend buying one.Higher end models usually come with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. If something goes wrong, you can generally return it free of charge. Simply contact the manufacturer. The satisfaction guarantee is pretty simple. If you are not happy with your purchase, or perhaps it was not described accurately. Send it back, and in a specific time frame, they will refund your money.


Can you use milk frothers for milk substitutes?

  • Yes, you can. This will depend on the milk frother you buy.
  • Some kinds of milk can give you a denser foam due to their consistency. Milk like soya milk is a little harder to froth, so more time is needed to complete your foam.

How does a milk frother help milk froth?

  • Heat usually pushes through the milk giving it air bubbles. When it reached its final temperature, you should be left with height on your froth. The milk will become a more silky texture as well.

How much should i spend on a milk frother?

  • Milk frother depends on price. Handheld ones are very inexpensive. Jug style ones are in the higher region of the price range. For a good quality electric frother, you are looking at about $100 in price.

Does frothed milk taste different from regular milk?

  • When you foam milk, you create a thick and full foam giving it a different taste. This offers itself a unique and distinct flavor to regular milk.
  • If you get your milk extra bubbly,it will still taste like milk, but have a lighter texture.

Which is the best almond milk for frothing?

  • We suggest the Califia barista blend. This brand is suited to everything from cooking and baking and of course including frothing.

Do milk frothers heat milk as well as frothing?

  • Some models do have this feature. If you need this additional function to ensure to check with the manufactures.

Do Vegan milks work in frothers?

In this day and age, there are so much Vegan milk. You can use vegan milk if you have the correct machine. The most popular vegan milk for coffee are oat milk, almond milk, pea milk, and soya milk. There is a vast variety. Experiment to see which one froths the best.

How do i clean a milk frother?

  • If your the frother is dishwasher safe, you can remove them and replace them in the dishwasher. Never put any electrical parts in.
  • Hand wash the parts with hot soapy water and a soft sponge. Make sure you dry everything to avoid watermarks.


When you are shopping for a milk frother take your time and shop around. Sites such as Amazon have a large variety to choose from. If you’re on a lower budget so expect to get a great quiet frother. It’s better to wait and spend a little more money to get more life out of the machine. Investing in a suitable machine will save you money on repairs or repurchases. It can also save money drinking out all the time. Online there are thousands of products to choose from. Check out the individual reviews on products and feedback people have left. Shopping in department stores is also helpful as you can ask the salespeople direct questions. Look on their online stores for in-store promotions in advance before you pop in. Whether you’re looking for a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s evening or a cup of your favorite frothy coffee, this is now a possibility in your own home without spending an insane amount of money. Making your favorite hot and cold drinks just like in the coffee shops has never been easier. Thanks to this handy little invention.Welcome to the world of professional coffee making!

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