Best Sausage Stuffer Reviews 2022 – Top Brands Compared

Just imagine biting into a perfect hot dog and a soft bun. Or think of the smell of seasoned sausages sizzling on the grill. Salty and spicy, with an overpowering taste, sausages are enjoyed by most people. They represent a delicacy of any barbecue and a real treat for any gourmet person. 

So why do we tend to avoid them? Well, store-bought sausages are almost always of shady quality. Even if you spend a fortune on what is supposed to be high-quality meat, you can’t be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever considered making your sausages at home?

Why you will want a sausage stuffer

If the answer is yes, good. Just a bit below in the article, we will take a look at the top picks to enable you to do so.

If you’re still unsure, here are some reasons a sausage stuffer would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.


Creating home-made sausages means being in control of the entire process. You can choose everything that enters the product. 

The meat can be of premium quality because you choose it. Sometimes, manufacturers tend to grind parts of bones and organs into the sausage. But you won’t have to eat that anymore if you start doing it yourself. 

You also pick all the herbs and spices. So whether you feel like going mild, sharp, spicey, or you want to experiment – it will be possible. Exploring different tastes will be a pleasure for every cook.

As a bonus, you can even decide on the length and width of your sausage. So the home-made sausages will be healthier and tastier. They will also be specially designed for your preferences.


Remember that buying a sausage stuffer is not an expense as much as it is an investment. And this is true whether you run a butcher’s shop, a restaurant, or just your kitchen. 

The costs of raw meat, spices and herbs are lower than the price of premade sausages. Especially if you try to buy high-quality kinds, in the long run, your all the money you save will go over the initial investment. 


This one goes to the beginners out there. If this is a new idea to you, you will be relieved to hear that sausage stuffers aren’t intimidating. They are only another kitchen appliance, which can be affordable and easy to use. It is also an excellent way to refresh your kitchen experience with a bit of experimenting.

Once you figure out your ideal combination of flavours for the sausage mixture, all you do is a bit of manual work. You insert the mix in the machine and get the sausages ready for grilling.

The Reviews of Best Sausage Stuffer 2022

That would be the basics. Now that you know what all of those mean, let us take a look at some of the branded products to enhance your kitchen.

Those would be our top picks for today. Now read on, and see which of them will be ideal for you.

1. Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer And Maker By Hakka


This Chinese manufacturer produces top-quality devices primarily for hotel kitchens. So it is a brand that you can trust.

This machine looks slick and modern. As the name suggests, it is a vertical stuffer made from stainless steel – inside and outside. So if you are looking for a durable device that will survive years and years of usage, this is what you need. 


The first one to mention is the quality. All the parts consist of stainless steel, implying that they may never need a replacement. They won’t rust, wear, or even change their appearance in the years to come.

The 7-pound cylinder can take a lot of meat in a single filling. The capacity is amongst the highest in the offer. This machine is not time-consuming, but exceptionally efficient.

Being a manual machine, it allows you a lot of control over the making process itself. The crank handle is chrome-coated, so slipping is out of the question. Speaking of control, it also offers four different tube widths. You can make sausages thick or thin, just a matter of choice.

This stuffer has two operating speeds. It is excellent both for beginners who need to take it slow, and experts in need of speed and efficiency.

And finally, the inner pieces made of stainless steel have a cylindrical design. That makes them easy to clean, and they meet all the food health and hygiene standards.


Since it is a manual machine, it is a bit more demanding to operate. Especially for beginners, turning the crank may be physically challenging. There might be a need for teamwork, one person to stuff the meat and the other to turn the crank.

It’s made entirely out of steel, so there are some sharp edges. People operating and washing it should be extra careful so as not to hurt themselves.
Another common complaint was that the crank doesn’t have a reverse lock. It may not sound like a big deal. But it is an issue because it means that you cannot let go of the crank while processing the meat.

What We Like
  • Entirely made of stainless steel, the top-notch material
  • Four different nozzle sizes offer a greater variety
  • The two speeds make using it flexible both for newbies and pros
  • There is an air-release valve
  • Manual operations mean more control over the stuffing
  • The design gives it a modern, high-tech appearance
What We Don’t Like
  • Since it’s a manual device, it’s slower and harder to operate
  • The crank doesn’t have a lock
  • Sharp edges create a possibility of injury



Reviews call it ‘a beauty and a beast’. This machine is not just an electrically operated stuffer. It will not only give you the sausages but also grind the meat for you. The multifunctionality means that you will need one device for the entire process.


The 2000W motor will make the sausage-making very quick. And still, the three-speed settings will allow you to use it at the pace which suits you best.

To be on the safe side, the manufacturers included a cooling system in the motor. That and the circuit breaker together make it harmless.

Besides the device itself, you get five grinding plates and three cutting blades. These parts let you choose the size of the ground meat. As a bonus, every piece is made of stainless steel, meaning they will last as long as the machine.

It is a multifunctional device, and you may worry it won’t be perfect for sausages. But it comes with three different tube sizes and special sausage-plates. Bonus points: if you are a fan of Middle-Eastern sausages, this will delight you. This one comes with a Kubbe attachment.

Lastly, when you see ‘beast’, you expect a huge, bulky machine. And yet, this one is quite compact. The design accounts for the ‘beauty’ part.


This device is exceptional in its characteristics. However, it may be overbearing for the beginners. It may be complicated to get a hang of all the attachments. If you plan to make small batches, you may need something more modest.

Also, electrical machines tend to be noisy. Some people also may consider the need for an electrical supply a negative feature.

What We Like
  • Faster than the manual stuffers
  • Requires less physical effort
  • Two-in-one machine
  • Focus on safety
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Different tube sizes
What We Don’t Like
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Needs a power supply to operate
  • Complicated design, not beginner-friendly

3. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder


Weston offers another professional kitchen appliance. This massive, heavy, multifunctional, electrical machine. It is one of the most expensive sausage stuffers on the market. But it is worth the extra buck. You will not need to purchase another within your lifetime. And any sausage-stuffing veteran will relish in the features.


The versatility of this 2-in-1 device means that it will get the job done from beginning to end. You no more have to buy extra meat grinders to get the perfect sausage. The outside of the machine is stainless steel, which is a great plus and a justification of the price. 

Aimed for commercial use, it boasts with its excellent speed and large capacity. The powerful motor will process considerable amounts in short periods. This feature is desirable for both commercial butchers and sausage enthusiasts. Deli chefs and busy cooks will enjoy the time-saving.

For safety and durability reasons, the motor comes with a circuit breaker. So you will no longer have to fret about the possibility of a power outrage ruining your appliance.

The parts are easy to both assemble and disassemble. That means that it’s easy to clean, an essential feature for a device dealing with raw meat.

The air-release valve will safeguard against air bubbles in your sausages. And you can make different types of sausages, too. There are four different tube sizes for you to determine what you want.


As we have mentioned, this is a huge device. For beginners and at-home occasional users, it may just take up a lot of space.

Also, while the features excuse the cost, beginners may find it not worth the price.
Some reviews mention that it usually doesn’t use up all the meat stuffed. That means you will have minced leftovers at hand.

Others complained about the warranty which is only two years long. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because it’s not likely to break.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting, durable machine
  • Multifunctional, does both the grinding and the stuffing
  • Quick and effective
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Four different tube sizes
  • Comes with an air-release valve
  • Engine insured against power surges
What We Don’t Like
  • A larger model, harder to store
  • Expensive in comparison to other models
  • The warranty is only for two years

4. Vertical Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer By Lem Products


LEM Products are famous for their high-quality products, and this one doesn’t fail to live up to their name either. This sausage stuffer is a vertical machine made of best materials. 

It stands out by being the best one for waste reducing. You won’t be throwing away meat with this appliance. Made to last a lifetime, it makes up its small drawbacks by the fact it is a bit more affordable than most of the others.


The material is the apparent benefit. As we mentioned multiple times, stainless steel is the most durable, rust-free material you can get. The gears are carbon steel, which is also safe from wearing, rusting, and slipping. They even come in a protective gearbox!

It has a 5-pound cylinder capacity. Taking up a lot of meat at once, it will save you time in refilling it. A useful feature is that it can tilt for more effortless stuffing and cleaning. Avoiding health concerns related to stuck, rotting meat is always a big plus! 

The three different tubes give you options when it comes to the type of sausage. Another great feature is the valve focused on releasing pressure, which ensures that all the meat is used up and there are no bubbles in the sausages. It also safeguards from overheating and consequential issues.

This device comes with a good, steady base also made of stainless steel. You can attach it on your countertop without an issue.


If you’re a professional, even 5-pound cylinders may not be big enough. But that is a very irrelevant concern, considering the positives.

The only real negative side lies in the tubes. Those parts are plastic, meaning that you will probably have to replace them. Their life expectancy is much shorter than for the rest of the machines.

What We Like
  • The materials ensure it will last long
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The manual operation offers control
  • Three different tube sizes for the diversity
  • Air-release valve makes the process more efficient
What We Don’t Like
  • Plastic tubes not as durable
  • The capacity isn’t the largest in the offer
  • Manual devices are more demanding to operate

5.New Vertical Sausage Stuffer of Stainless Steel By Vivo


Here comes another machine from a brand famous for heavy-duty devices we love and trust.
This machine means serious business. Big and made to last, the vertical stuffer is the pride of the manufacturer.


The outside parts – base, grip and frame – are made of durable metal. The cylinder is of stainless steel. This design aims to give you a permanent, rust-free device.

Its cylinder can take up to 7 pounds of meat at the time and has a large opening. You will save time stuffing and producing, especially if you’re making batches.

Plus, the machine is easy to disassemble. Cleaning and putting away will be effortless with this one.
The four tube sizes will please anyone. From butchers and restaurant owners to people merely looking for variety – it will accommodate every preference.

Plastics is usually a drawback for these devices. But the plastic-covered handle will ensure a safe grip and slip-less action for the person operating it.

The device comes with an air release valve, making sure that the cover of the sausage doesn’t burst. No air bubbles in your sausages!

The rubber base provides proper countertop placement and stability while using it.


Some users have complained that it’s demanding to use. Beginners may even need a partner to help them operate it.
Remember, this machine is big and made for large scale production. If you’re not looking for professional production, maybe you should reconsider buying it. You might make better use of some smaller, less heavy-duty unit, which would take up less storage space.

Another thing worth mentioning is the tubes. While all other parts consist of steel and metal, they are plastic. That implies a possible future purchase of replacement parts.

What We Like
  • The design focused on durability
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a stable base
  • Offers different tube sizes
  • Has an air-release valve
What We Don’t Like
  • It is bulky and takes up a lot of kitchen space
  • A heavy unit, not for an everyday kitchen
  • Plastic tubes don’t last very long

6. Hakka 11 Lb/5 L Sausage Stuffer


Super Deal is a tried and tested brand. The newest addition to their vast array of appliances is a sausage stuffer.
Stout and sturdy, this vertical unit is built to last. It takes pride in a feature that separates it from the crowd. This sausage stuffer is the only one on the market which made for both right-handed and left-handed people. 


It’s constructed from long-lasting materials, and this machine will stuff your sausages as long as you live. The unit is compact, making it great for domestic usage. 

The design of the cylinder deserves admiration. You can tilt it for much easier stuffing and cleaning. Another useful part of the scheme is the rubber feet. The bottom of the machine is easily attached to your kitchen counter.

It features four different nozzle sizes, so whether you like your sausages thick or thin, you can get them. Plus, unlike many other brands, the Super Deal tubes are made of metal. They will last longer than the usual plastic ones.
The two-speed setting makes it adjustable. Both newbies and experienced users have praised its easy-usage.

The last thing that we should mention is the price. You’ll be glad to hear that this unit is on the affordable side.


The smaller size of the cylinder may be suitable for regular kitchens. But those in commercial meat-grinding business might look for something else.

Another small consideration is the base. The rubber base does offer stability, but a stainless steel base of some other units would be better.

A drawback many users have mentioned is the replacement parts. The parts that you get will last for a long time, yes. But if something does happen, keep in mind that finding a replacement part is harder for this unit than for others.

What We Like
  • The cylinder ensures easy stuffing and cleaning
  • Two-speed settings allow adjustment
  • The four tubes made of metal
  • Has an air release valve
  • The price is reasonable
  • Designed for both right-handed and left-handed people
What We Don’t Like
  • Cannot take large amounts of meat at once
  • Replacement parts are hard to find

7. 3-in-1 Meat Grinder, Sausage Stuffer And Pasta Maker By Kitchen Basics


This stuffer will not only stuff your sausages, but grind meat, make burgers, and make pasta! You can even make baby food with it. This manual device is efficient and versatile. It even looks less intimidating and more like your everyday kitchen appliance. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen.


The design of this machine is very different from others. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to clean – even dishwasher-friendly!

It’s manual, but the users expressed appreciation for the handle of the crank. It’s very comfortable to use and doesn’t hurt the wrists. Additionally, the lock system is super handy. It aims to keep the container on the base while you are mincing meat or making sausages. 

When it comes to mincing, there are two plates to make the meat fine or coarse. When making sausages, you can choose between the three tube sizes. That and the manual operation give you complete control of the outcome.

As the name suggests, this machine is not for meat only. You can make different kinds of pasta too, by stuffing dough in the tube.

With this device, making minced meat, vegetable puree, sausages, and pasta are just a turn of the crank away.


You should keep in mind that this is a very light-duty device. It is small and compact, but that means it can take only small amounts at a time. 

So if you’re a butcher or a restaurant owner, the versatility of this device may attract you. But keep in mind that it will be time-consuming to produce large quantities using this device.

Another common complaint is the base. This one doesn’t include any features to stabilise the device on the kitchen counter. So if you get this appliance, be careful.

What We Like
  • The 3-in-1 feature offers diversity in usage
  • Useful lock system
  • Compact and light
  • Easy to wash
  • Three sausage-tube widths
What We Don’t Like
  • Light-duty, not durable
  • Takes only small batches at the time
  • Unstable base

Features to Keep in Mind

Now that we’ve persuaded you in the usefulness of this appliance let us take a look at the things to consider. These are the factors to think about when choosing the perfect sausage stuffer for your kitchen:

Type of the sausage stuffer

The two main types are manual and electric. Manual ones merely shape the sausage while using your effort to run them. They are better for at-home use, and for making smaller amounts of the product. 

Electric devices, on the other hand, are more efficient. They do most of the work for you but tend to be more complicated and expensive. Consider your needs, and try to wager saving time, effort, and money.

The material

Most of the high-quality machines in the offer are a bit on the expensive side. The reason for that most often lies in the material used. But this one is paramount. These devices are built to last, lessening your future expenses. Our best recommendation when would be to go for stainless steel. 

The orientation of the stuffer

These appliances come in vertical and horizontal directions. Your choice comes down to personal preference basically, but vertical machines are a bit easier to use at home.

The speed(s) available

Your choice on this depends on the size of the batch you want to prepare. More and more models nowadays come with two-speed settings, and that’s what you want. Different speeds correspond to different needs and levels of experience.

The cylinder size

The size of the cylinder determines the capacity of your sausage stuffer. Bigger barrels are capable of taking it more meat at once. Smaller barrels usually mean that the appliance will be more compact. 

The tubes

Many of these appliances come with different sized tubes to accommodate different desires. Using a thinner or broader tube means being able to make different kinds of sausages. Check out some recipes before deciding on which to use, but do get a device with at least three different tubes.

The price

We believe that spending a bit extra to get higher quality is always better. But be sure that you stay within a predetermined budget, especially if you plan to use it at home. Commercial use justifies paying more, though.

The online reviews

Thankfully, now you don’t have to depend on trial and error alone. After you find a model you like, read the online reviews. There may be a mention of an unexpected flaw, or a positive experience. Understanding them can help you be sure about your decision. 

Final Thoughts

You have just read a lot of information. Let us summarise in a few simple advice.
First, always ask yourself – how often do I plan to use it? How much space do I have? What can I afford?

Then comes the choice. Always pick ones with more than one tubes and an air-release valve. We did list those two features as benefits, but they are commonplace nowadays. So don’t miss out on that.

Do not worry about plastic tubes if you’re not a professional. But make sure that the appliance itself consists of a suitable material.

And lastly, try to have fun. You are getting a new device which will make your life better. It will make you healthier, allow you to save money, and make you the perfect barbecue host. We hope that you will enjoy it.


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