Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Container Set Review

Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Container Set Review 2022

Plastic food containers have long dominated the food container market. But they can be hazardous to your and your family’s health. This is due to the fact that plastic containers have been shown to leach molecules into the content, made worse by BPA and other toxic materials used in producing plastics. The main reasons they are so ubiquitous are their affordability and easy replacement.

Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Container

On the other side of the table, glass food containers are making a comeback. Traditionally, glass has been regarded as one of the safest and healthiest materials for food containers. It is hypoallergenic and free of toxic materials. Also, it can withstand higher temperatures than plastic.

Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Container Set

The Simply Store Glass Food Container Set from Pyrex is an 18-piece set made for modern families and individuals who want to prepare food in advance and store leftovers in a safe way. The set is made up of a mix of Pyrex (Corning’s trade name for borosilicate glass) round and rectangular containers.

All containers come with simple plastic lids. Similar to the rest of the Pyrex catalog, this set is made in the United States in Charleroi, PA.

Who is this product for?

This versatile set is a great option for moms who need a wide variety of food containers. Small rounded containers can be used for baby food or frozen yogurt, while salad can be served in the bigger ones. Likewise, you can prepare different meals for each family member with these containers.

Also, individuals who have a habit of cooking lunches for the entire work week ahead can benefit greatly from this set. You’ll be able to prepare the meals in the containers and store them away safely for later use.

Aside from that, this set might be a good option for families and individuals looking to minimize the clutter around the kitchen and reduce the time they spend preparing meals during a busy work week.

What’s included?

The Simply Store Glass Food Container Set comes with 9 Pyrex glass containers. The containers range in size from 1 to 7 cups (a standard American cup is 8 oz. or 250 ml).

There is a single 1-cup round container, a pair of 2-cup round containers, two 3-cup rectangular containers, two 4-cup round containers, one 6-cup rectangular, and a lone 7-cup round container. The package also includes a plastic lid for each of the containers.

Overview of features

All containers are made of quality glass. There are two main designs – rectangular and round. The rectangular variety is in 3- and 6-cup sizes, while the round containers come in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 7-cup sizes. All containers feature a simple single-compartment construction, making them unfit for storing mixed meals and groceries.

The glass used for this set is Pyrex. The thick and sturdy Pyrex-branded borosilicate glass can withstand the microwave and oven temperatures. On the other side, it is safe for fridge and freezer storage as well. You can also wash the containers in the dishwasher.

The included plastic lids are BPA-free and can be washed in the dishwasher (top rack only or skip the heat dry cycle). Also, they are color-coded for easier distinction. The 1-cup rounded container comes with a green/teal lid, while the 2-cup rounded containers have orange covers. The 3-cup rectangles have green/teal lids, while their 4-cup counterparts sport purple covers. The rectangular red cap belongs to the 6-cup rectangle. The 7-cup bowl also has a red cover.

The lids fit snuggly around the edges of the containers. However, they are not equipped with gaskets or snap-on tabs, which makes them more waterproof than airtight. Aside from the containers and lids, there are no accessories or extras in this affordable package.

Owing to their different sizes, the containers featured in this set are not best suited for stacking. However, containers of the same shape and capacity do fit well together and can be stacked without problems.

How to get the most out of them

If you intend to bake in these containers, make sure you take the lids off first, as the lids are not oven safe. For the microwave, you can leave the lid loose on top of the container (to prevent splashing) but not snapped closed.

Likewise, you should separate the containers and lids if you intend to wash them in the dishwasher, as the lids can only be washed on the top rack. Finally, you should only stack the containers of the same size, shape, and capacity on top of each other.


While most certainly a well-rounded and versatile set, the Pyrex Simply Store Glass Container Set might not be the perfect solution for everyone. In case you want a set of multi-compartment containers, the MCIRCO Glass Meal Prep Containers might be an interesting alternative.

This set is made up of six large containers (36 oz. in capacity) with three compartments each, making them perfect for bento-style meals and storing different types of groceries.

On the other hand, if you need a simple set of large containers for cooking meals several days in advance, the Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers might be an interesting option. All five containers have a 30 oz. capacity and airtight lids with side tabs.

  • Strong, thick glass
  • Very versatile
  • 2-year (limited) warranty
  • Multicolor lid
  • There may be slight issues with the lids at times


Glass food containers are a far superior solution to the standard plastic ones. They are healthier and safer and generally oven- and microwave-friendly. Versatile sets like this Pyrex make for great all-in-one preparation and storage solutions.

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