The 10 Best Wine Aerators in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Do you want your wine to taste better? If so one of the best ways is with the best wine aerator. This is an important process after the wine has been bottled up for a long time. We’ll be reviewing some of the top products on the market including features/pros/cons. We’ll also share some key features to look for and some FAQs about wine aerators.

Best Wine Aerator Reviews

1. Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator by Andre Lorent

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThe aerating system of the VinLuxe aerator works in seconds because of the game-changing system it uses. It can make any variety taste better even cheap wine. The aerator process, in general, is faster than decanters.As you pour wine through the WinLuxe into your glass, you’ll hear a small aeration noise as the wine passes through your aerator. That’s the wine opening up while entering the glass. This results in better-tasting wine.The company uses a 3-step patented process that aerates wine from start to finish in just seconds. In fact, this system works 300% quicker than decanters.Design/AestheticsApplications/PortabilityThis aerator can be used for various applications. They include home, parties, tastings, or gifts.CleaningExtrasYou get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and travel pouch. The lifetime guarantee means the company will refund your money or send a replacement if you’re not fully satisfied.

What We Like
  • 3-stage aeration process
  • Aerates very quickly
  • Improves every glass of wine
  • Good for gifts
  • Improves every glass of wine
What We Don’t Like
  • Very sensitive glass
  • Mold build-up
  • Shipping/used product

2. Premium Aerating Pourer by Vintorio

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThis unit has a big aerating chamber and system for air-intake that uses the Bernoulli Effect to add the optimal quantity of oxygen to your vino. This helps to boost your wine’s value based on appearance, flavor, aroma, etc. When the wine flows into the clear acrylic spout, you can see big amounts of bubbles forming. The system works instantly to boost the flavors/aromas of wine and is very easy to use.Design/AestheticsThe rubber stopper is ribbed/tapered, so there’s a leak-free seal that works with all-size bottles. The acrylic pour spout is notched/ergonomic for drip-less pouring.The aerator’s design includes quality materials and elegance. That includes FDA-approved materials. You also can add class to your wine drinking, which makes it ideal for wine lovers.Applications/PortabilityThis unit combines the convenience of a pourer and effectiveness of hand-held aerator. So you’ll get the best of both worlds when using this product.

CleaningYou can disassemble the aerator easily and clean it easily but running it under water. You also can do a quick clean by running warm water over the unit.ExtrasThe company offers a lifetime money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

What We Like
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern style/functionality
  • Personal/public use
  • Prevents drips/stains
  • Improves flavor/bouquet
What We Don’t Like
  • Product might leak
  • Flimsy plastic stem part
  • Might fall apart

3. V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator by Vinturi

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThe system works by mixing the perfect quantity of air for the perfect amount of time. This helps the wine to breathe instantly. When you pour some wine into your Vinturi unit, there’s a velocity increase and pressure decrease.Air is drawn in and blends with wine for excellent aeration. The result is superior flavors, aroma, and finish. In fact, your entire wine-drinking experience will be improved.The company carefully tested different geometrics and contact times to get the best results.Design/AestheticsThis unit includes the patented classic design.Applications/PortabilityYou can use the V1010 for aerating all red wines. So if you want to aerate white wines, you’ll have to pick another unit. So think about the main type(s) of wine you’ll want to use the aerator for.You also have the option to aerate a glass or bottle of wine.CleaningExtrasThe unit is bundled with a no-drip stand for displaying your aerator. This also helps to keep wine off various surfaces in your kitchen or dining room.You also get a filter screen. This helps to protect your alcoholic beverage from grape sediment and pieces of cork.

What We Like
  • Classic design/look
  • Fast aeration
  • Infuses right amount of oxygen
  • No-drip stand
  • Can be used for all red wines
What We Don’t Like
  • Shipping/damaged product
  • Might not be original product
  • Angle of holes on side

4. Electric Wine Aerator (PSLWPMP50) by NutriChef  

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThe electric aerator pump stopper fits on wine bottles of any size. This creates a tight seal for storing open bottles of wine. You can then diffuse air into your glass directly by pressing one-button.Design/AestheticsBuilt-in automatic operation just requires you to press/hold the button located at the top of the pourer spout in order to switch on the pump’s motor.Applications/PortabilityYou can use the unit with any wine bottle because of the universal fit that connects to all types of wine bottles. The aerator can also be attached/disconnected easily for added convenience.This unit operates with 6AAA batteries, so the unit is 100% portable. They’re not included so you’ll have to purchase the batteries separately.The unit is 100% portable since it’s bundled with a carrying case.CleaningExtrasThis product is bundled with hard/flexible straws. This allows you to extract every drop of red/white wine from large/small wine bottles.The carrying case makes it easy to take the aerator pump stopper with you wherever you go. You also get a soft fabric bag that safeguards the metal finish of the unit so it won’t scratch easily.

What We Like
  • Portable/auto wine dispenser
  • 1-button operation
  • Universal fit for all bottle types
  • Air-tight fit to keep wine aerated
  • Quality of button
  • Aerator pump/decanter
What We Don’t Like
  • Might work for months
  • Leak into batteries
  • Warranty claim issues

5. MV6-1 One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator by Aervana

Product Highlights 

Aerating SystemThe aerating system the company uses prevents the bitter/dry taste that’s caused by something in wine called “tannins.” This appears naturally in grape skins/stems. Aeration is one way to soften tannins, and this is especially true in young wines since the tannic effect might overpower other flavors/aromas.This unit removes tannins and other compounds that are linked to bold red grapes. This helps to provide a better-tasting wine.Design/AestheticsThe MV6-1 includes a stylish design, so it looks eye-catching when placed on a table.Applications/PortabilityThis unit works with both red and white wines. Red wines usually benefit from aeration, but some white wines do as well.This aerator can be used for various applications including home and public usage. You can magically transform wine at a wine-tasting party, for example.You could use this unit for dinner parties, Wine Wednesdays, card games, and other public events. It’s a good addition that adds to the wine-drinking experience.The aerator includes a portable size, so it’s easy to take with you on vacations, wine picnics, camping trips, etc. It’s also portable since it uses 6 AAA batteries that are bundled with the unit.CleaningIt’s important to note that the Aervana isn’t dishwasher safe. So you’ll have to hand-wash the unit. You’ll have to consider if you’re willing to expend the time/effort.In order to clean an Aervana use water to fill up a wine bottle. Then connect the Aervana to the bottle, depress the button, and run H2o through the aerator for 3 seconds.Extras

What We Like
  • Works with red/white wines
  • Good for public events
  • Quickly aerates wine
  • Portable/battery-powered
  • Improves wine’s taste/aroma
What We Like
  • Overall quality/durability
  • Cheap plastic pieces
  • Thin wires corrode

6. W6127 Super Wine Aerator by Rabbit

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThe aerator functions directly as you pour wine into a glass. You just have to uncork a wine bottle, add the spout, and then pour wine.Design/AestheticsThis aerator is made of durable stainless steel. Meanwhile, the sleek/compact design creates a classy ambiance when pouring the wine.The silicone base fits tight only on all wine bottles you won’t have to worry about drips/messes on tables/countertops.Applications/PortabilityThis aerator can be used for red/blend wines.CleaningThe aerator can be hand-washed. The process is easy since you just have to use warm water and mild detergent. Then let the unit dry.Extras

What We Like
  • Aerates wine as it’s poured
  • Drip-free pouring
  • Stainless steel adds durability
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
What We Don’t Like
  • Might leak
  • Bottom rubber piece might leak
  • Older version was better

7. Bottle-top Wine Decanter/Aerator by Soiree

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemYou can instantly turn just about any wine into a great wine. That includes better flavor, aroma, and finish. You’ll also get this result each time you use the aerator.This Aerator/Decanter includes a patented multi-stage system that makes aeration 3x more effective than normal. The system works instantly so you won’t have to wait for your wine to “breathe.”This system contains 3 steps. First, the wine is dispersed on a cone. It then drains into 32 holes. Finally, air is infused into the tube prior to the wine exiting into your wine glass.This multi-stage process allows wine to spread thoroughly/efficiently by mixing air with wine to break down tannins, which cause wine to have a bitter taste.Design/AestheticsThe design prevents various problems like leaking, dripping, and overflow. This reduces hassles and provides for more efficient aeration.There are no drips/leaks from the aeration holes on the side. These are notorious for leaking wine when someone pours wine too quickly. Since there are no aeration holes, they also can’t be covered by your finger, which results in poor aeration.There are also no overflow issues, which often result when pouring quickly into aerators with small cavities.You also don’t have the neck leaking/fitting issues that are common with pourer-type aerators.Applications/PortabilityCleaningExtrasThe aerator is bundled with a stylish presentation box, which makes it a good option for gifts. You also get a travel pouch and manual.The aerator is also backed with a lifetime satisfaction guaranteed. You can return the unit anytime if you’re not fully satisfied with the unit.

What We Like
  • Good for guests
  • No leaking/fitting issues
  • Fast aeration
  • Presentation box
  • Improves flavor/aroma
What We Like
  • Overall quality isn’t great
  • Doesn’t fit some wine bottles
  • Glass falls out of stopper

9. WA-A01-RD 1-Button Electric Aeration/Decanter by WAERATOR

Product Highlights

Aerating SystemThis aerator helps to keep your wines fresher longer. That’s based on the air-tight rubber seal. It keeps the wines fresh as you drink.The process is easy. You just pour wine into a glass using the special spout. You won’t have to worry about spills or stains. The airtight rubber seal also keeps the wine fresher.Design/AestheticsThe 1-button aeration feature is easy and convenient. This is convenient and makes your wine taste even better.You won’t have to worry about spills/sediment with the infusion/suction system. This allows you to draw wines without sediments. Then you can pour it directly from the spout.A key benefit of this process is you don’t have to wait hours for wine to decant/breathe. You just have to press a button to improve the wine’s flavor instantly. The machine then oxidizes/aerates wines and keeps sediment behind.This option is also better than gravity-injected funnels. There’s 6x more oxidation of the surface area. This results in wine that’s smoother/heartier.The wine breather function like a flavor enhancer. The infused air causes the natural tannins to soften. This reduces bitterness and turns the wine into a full-flavored beverage.Applications/PortabilityYou can use this aerator for red wines, some white wines, and fresh/aged wines to create a cornucopia of flavors.You also can use this aerator for a wide range of applications. That includes home, dates, parties, etc. The unit is also compact, so it’s easy to travel with.CleaningThis unit is a cinch to clean. Just press a button to draw clean water via the aerator wine. This provides super-easy maintenance. You’ll have to fill an empty bottle with clean H2O. Then insert the aerator and wait until your bottle empties. Follow these steps 3x to complete the process.

What We Like
  • Air-right rubber seal
  • Fast aeration
  • 1-button operation
  • Red/white wines
  • Easy to clean
What We Don’t Like
  • Overall design
  • Doesn’t offer good value
  • Not built t

10. V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Wine Aerator by Vinturi

Product Highlight

Aerating SystemThe aeration process works in the amount of time needed to pour a glass of wine. You won’t have to spend time waiting like traditional decanters.All Vinturi aerators produce a unique sound vs. an imitation product.The system works by placing a wine glass underneath the Tower Set and pouring wine into the opening. The internal design then boosts the wine’s velocity and decreasing the pressure.The drop in pressure draws in the right amount of air, which blends with the wine for the right amount of time and provides better flavor, bouquet, and finish.Design/AestheticsThis aerator is made with acrylic and silicone body that’s easy to grip. There’s also a curved tower and no-splash grate where the aerator is held at the ideal height for pouring into the wine glass.You can operate this aerator with one hand for convenience and ergonomics.The unit features a stylish/classic aesthetic.Applications/PortabilityVinluxe PRO is designed for red wines. You also can use this unit for aerating one glass or a whole bottle of wine.CleaningThe 3-piece tower containing the arm, base, and no-splash grate disassembles easily when you’re not using the aerator and is dishwasher-safe.

ExtrasBesides the 3-piece tower, you also get a no-drip stand for displaying the unit prominently. This also helps to keep red wine off various surfaces when the unit isn’t in use.The filter screen safeguards wine from bits of sediment and cork.

What We Like
  • Classic appearance
  • Dishwasher set
  • Filter for sediment/cork
  • Aerator tower
  • Unique sound of Vinturi aerators
What We Don’t Like
  • Leak through air holes
  • Base is damaged
  • Might cause a mess

Wine Aerator Buyer’s Guide

It’s important to select the best wine aerator that has everything you need for adding oxygen to red or white wines. Here are some key features to consider:


Make sure to consider the main applications you’ll be using the wine aerator for. For example, do you want to oxygenate wine speedily or are you willing to let it rest inside a decanter?

Another big question is whether you’ll be aerating one glass at a time or the whole wine bottle. In the case you’ll be recorking wine frequently you should consider an on-bottle or handheld aerator.

How about cleanup? If that’s an issue, you can pick a unit with a drip-free base or holding tower. That will help to make cleanup faster and easier.


Like decanters, you can pick from different types. They include on-bottle aerates that connect to the bottle’s mouth and directly aerate the beverage as pour it. There’s also a handheld aerator that’s held over the wine glass as you pour the drink.

|another big choice is battery/electricity-powered models. If you want the aerator to have more portability than a battery-operated unit is a better option.


You typically can’t use dishwashers to clean aerators, so they usually require hand-washing. The process is much easier when you can disassemble the entire unit so you can wash each piece. Sometimes you also can do a quick clean by just running warm water over the unit.


This is a key feature to prevent tablecloths and other surfaces from getting messy with wine stains. Look for units that include a leak-free seal for wine bottles. You should also look for features like pour spouts that are designed for drip-free pouring.


Like other types of products, you can pick an aerator that makes form or function first. Aerators are generally less elegant than decanters but work much faster so if you want instant aeration, it’s a better option.

You also can find aerators in different sizes, shapes, and colors. That includes materials like stainless steel and acrylic. It’s important to think about presentation and how well a particular unit pairs up with your home’s existing décor.


You can find basic aerating systems and ones that use the Bernoulli Effect. The actual system the aerator uses isn’t as important as its effectiveness. The key is to add the right amount of oxygen for the right amount of time. If that’s the case, then you have no worries.


Aerators generally work quickly and especially vs. decanters. Ones that require you to pour the wine directly through the aerator into the bottle work the fastest.

So it really depends on the applications you’ll be using the aerator for. If you have dinner guests, you won’t want to wait a long time for the wine to aerate before serving it.


This issue has an asterisk beside it. You can find tons of online reviews today on social media in particular and e-commerce sites like Amazon. The problem is sometimes these reviews are actually sponsored content and basically “fake reviews.”

You can solve this issue by looking for systems like Amazon’s Verified Purchase. This guarantees that the person actually purchased the item they’re reviewing. Could the review still be fake? It’s possible but highly likely after someone has spent their hard-earned money on a product.


It’s generally better to aerate red wines vs. red wines based on the number of tannins. However, you should still consider aerating some white wines and blends. Make sure to research when you should take this step to improve the flavor/aroma of the wine.

You should definitely consider aerating vintage red wines that are 10+ years. This improves. Aeration is very effective in this case for aeration and removing sediment.


Make sure to check if a warranty is offered. If it is then find out if it’s comprehensive or limited. Is it valid for 1, 2 or more years? Another issue is what the warranty covers. This is often lost in the fine print of the terms & conditions, so consumers learn later they can’t return their item.

There’s also a satisfaction guarantee offered sometimes. This tends to valid for just 30 days but offers some insurance that you’ll be able to get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase.


The price tag of an aerator is based on various factors like brand, quality, and features. As always you should set a budget before shopping for a unit. Then just as importantly stick to it.

However, there are various issues to consider. The material is important since stainless steel will be costlier than plastic, for example. Then there’s the style is also a factor whether you select a full-size aerator or attachable spout.

The features and extras a particular aerator has will also tack on more costs to the unit. For example, some units are bundled with a box or pouch. This will add to the total cost but is arguably worthwhile since it makes the aerator more portable.

Product FAQs

How do you clean aerators?

Most units can be hand-washed while others can be put in the dishwasher. You’ll also need to rinse the tubes for electronic styles. It’s important to rinse the unit right after you’re done using the aerator for better functionality.

What does an aerator do?

The main task is to filter air into wines. This improves the flavor, taste, and smell in a short time. This prevents the need to wait a long time for the wine to breathe naturally. The overall benefit of aeration is making your wine more smooth-tasting.

How is decanting and aerating different?

The process is very similar. Both of these processes help the wine to “breathe,” but the process is different. Decanting is about transferring a beverage from one wine bottle into another wine bottle/glass. Then it sits for a period ranging from 20 min. to a couple hrs. based on how long you can wait basically.

The process of decanting is also different based on whether you’re using old/young wines. More specifically, you should consider this process for allowing old wines to breathe. Aeration is generally a better option for young wines.

What are some common mistakes?

When operating an aerator, you can make some mistakes that are actually quite common. For example, with some systems, you have to pour fast enough, so you hear the unit pulling in air. Another big mistake is using white wine for a red wine aerator and vice versa.

Are sediment filters required?

This is needed only when you’ll be pouring wines that might have sediment. It’s also worth noting that filters don’t impact the aeration process.

Does white wine need aeration?

There’s a long-lasting myth that white wine never needs aeration. In general, white wine needs aeration less than red wines. However, studies show that white wines can also benefit from aeration. So if you prefer white wines, you should consider a unit that’s white wine-specific.


We’ve reviewed some of the top wine aerators on the market and are ready to share our pick for the best product: Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator by Andre Lorentpositive reviews, and there’s a reason.

It works quickly so you can get a glass of better-tasting wine in seconds. This is caused by the 3-stage aeration process that takes mere seconds.

The Winluxe PRO also includes some extras that make it the best wine aerator. There’s the bundled travel pouch that’s good for travel or gifts. You also get a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so you can get a refund/replacement anytime while owning the unit. This aerator works like a PRO!

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