Top 5 Best Water Distillers 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Water Distillers,With the ecological state of our planet being as it is, we can’t expect to get high-standard food and water without any effort. In general, we are getting more and more worried about the quality of the matters that find their way into our bodies.

Some people go to bottled water to ensure they drink only the purest. Still, this solution is neither the cheapest nor the most convenient. It’s detrimental to the environment as well. That is why we should learn more about distillation.

Distillation is one of the oldest, most effective water purifying methods available. In the past, it was possible only in laboratories and other specialized venues. Since then, technology developed to meet the needs of the market. Nowadays, we can get contaminant-free water in our kitchens using a simple counter-top device.

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What is a Water Distiller and Why do You Need One?

Best Water Distillers are based on a very simple, yet effective method of filtering water. The device has two main parts.

The first one heats the water to its boiling point, like a kettle. The boiling water turns into steam, and it goes into the second part – the boiling chamber.

In the boiling chamber, it cools down, condensing into the liquid state once again. The liquid then goes in the water container, where it’s ready for drinking. The contaminants from the water stay behind.

The usage of this device is simple, and almost all steps are automatic. What you need to do is fill it with water, and the purification is a press of the button and a couple of hours away. Automatized distillers also exist. They connect to the water supply, not requiring manual filling.

Now that you know how simple it is, you may wonder – is it necessary? The answer is no, but there’s no reason for you to pass the undeniable benefits of purified water. Some of them include:Best Airtight Containers

  • The fact you get the ultimate clean water. No more awful taste of tap water, now you’re drinking clean.
  • Extracting toxins from your body. In the long run, this leads to your body fighting diseases more efficiently.
  • Long-term cost-efficiency. From a year’s long perspective, this is the cheapest way to get high-quality water daily.

You could already be familiar with the number of benefits this product offers. In that case, you may not feel like reading the entire text. Don’t worry; we have you covered.

After some research, we determined the best water distillers available online. Here’s a list of our top picks and their most notable features.

Product Reviews

1. H2o Labs Best-in-class Best Water Distiller

H2O Labs’ Bset Water Distiller is considered the best in the field – and properly so. It’s easy to use, and the entire product is of very high quality. Tested for quality, safety, maintenance and more, this little counter-top product packs a punch.

Product Overview

Most of the parts are stainless steel, and the plastics they did use earns 100% FDA certificate. The manufacturers even inserted a ceramics nozzle – at no point will the purified water touch the materials that might leave a smell to it. The resulting liquid then goes into a glass container with an ‘easy lift’ feature.

The device takes 1 gallon at a time and is capable of making 4 gallons per day – perfect for larger households.

This product uses carbon pods three times in the distillation process. These pods are very durable and last twice as long as other kinds, asking for rare replacements. 

What We Liked

It’s quite a heavy-duty unit which also boasts ease of usage. All the openings are wide enough for you to clean by hand. All this comes in a pretty compact package; therefore it’s simple to set up.

Moreover, the product comes with a year’s supply of carbon pods, so you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement for a while. Plus, should you not like the device, you may get a refund.

What We Disliked

The carbon filter may be difficult to remove from the distiller and replace with a new one. Even so, the excellent instruction manual safeguards against this in most cases. The price is not likable at first either, but the product pays off in the end.

  • Excellent materials
  • Efficient product
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • he carbon pods may be difficult to remove
  • The item is expensive

2. Megahome Countertop Best Water Distillers

This heavy-duty, high-quality distiller is very popular among the customers. The reason for that is its excellent build and energy efficiency. It was tested in Underwriters Laboratory to confirm its safety. Hence customer trust they have is wholly earned. Megahrome is one of the only companies selling UL certified products.

Product Overview

The interior of this appliance is lined with stainless steel. That means water has zero contact with plastics throughout the process. And even the plastics the company did use is FDA approved, so if it did, it wouldn’t make a lot of difference. The container for purified water is, of course, made of glass. As with the previous product, the nozzle is ceramic.

The capacity of the filler is 1 gallon, and it produces that amount every 5.5 hours. There is a carbon filter for the top quality of the outcome. It requires manual filling, but the characteristics ensure secure reliable use.

What We Liked

This product comes with a unique automatic turn off feature after it’s done purifying your water. Hence, you don’t have to worry about spending too much power due to forgetfulness.

A six-month supply of filters comes with every purchase. The company also offers a warranty, and they promise the best customer support experience.

What We Disliked

It takes almost six hours for this product to produce 1 gallon of water. While that does imply large quantities if you use it all the time, it’s a bit slow when you’re in a rush. Also, the glass they used for the container isn’t top-notch so that it may leak at times.

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • UL approved
  • Easy to use
  • A light unit
  • The device is a bit slow
  • The glass isn’t of the best quality

3. Rovsun Countertop Best Water Distillers

Rovsun’s distiller will make a great addition to your kitchen, for the design puts safety first. Its high capacity produces up to six gallons of water a day – it’s an ideal choice for a thirsty family of four. The distiller is manual and light, so you may take it with you to ensure pure water wherever you may go.

Product Overview

The interior of the product consists of our favorite stainless steel. After the boiling, the only material your water will come in contact with is glass, for both the carafe and the nozzle are made of it.

The distiller comes with a charcoal filter, which is a great advantage. It both cleans the water more efficiently, and improves its taste.

The usage is straightforward and demands very little thought. The design ensures an automatic turn off as soon as the process finishes. Due to the large openings in all parts, cleaning the product is as simple as using it.Best Cheese Slicer

What We Liked

The product is quiet, meaning you can use it overnight. The company also gives many perks to those who order the device; the charcoal sachets and cleaning tools, only to name a few.

The heat safety switch is a significant advantage, too – the device will shut down if it goes over a specific temperature. Lessening the anxiety about a new kitchen device is always a plus!

What We Disliked

The activated charcoal sachets are not very durable, so you will need to stock up after you run out of free ones. Also, if your device turns off due to overheating, purified water will only come after you turn it back on.

  • Durable device
  • Quiet operation
  • Large capacity
  • Has an integrated heat switch
  • Charcoal sachets need frequent replacement
  • May shut off at random

4. Mophorn Counter Top Best Water Distillers

There’s no reason that your budget should determine the quality of water you drink. With Mophorn’s device, it is no longer a question of money. By making this purchase, you will get a design able to match the traits of many much pricier appliances out there.

Product Overview

The inside of this device consists of stainless steel. The outside is lined with white, durable, nice-looking enamel, so it adds beauty to your kitchen counter. The nozzle and the carafe are plastic, unfortunately, though the plastics they use is BPA-free certified.Best Milk Frother

The device is manual and features an effortless utilization. The structure ensures you will clean it without any effort owing to its large openings.

The quick action and large capacity of this appliance come at the price of a carbon filter. We are sad to say that this kitchen appliance comes without one.

What We Liked

The design is up to par with many of the pricier appliances in the offer. The fact it has a security heat switch is an excellent advantage since even some more expensive devices tend to lack it. Plus, you will get your money’s worth thanks to the capacity.

What we disliked

The product is a bit loud when it’s active. If you live in a small space, you may not be able to use its full capacity, for it will bother you at night. Besides, if you’re extra careful about your water purity, you will need to purchase a replacement carafe. Having to do it would be an extra hassle and an additional investment.

  • Affordable item
  • The insides are of stainless steel
  • Comes with a safety heat switch
  • The nozzle and carafe are plastic
  • Has no carbon filter

5.​SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker, Kit, Black

This stainless steel unit uses zero plastics in its design. It’s excellent for anyone looking to distill vast amounts of water in their kitchen. The Pure Water’s distiller is gratifying for at-home use, as it’s compact and requires no installation.

Product Overview

This product is full-stainless steel both inside and out. It makes for a beautiful design, although a plastic exterior is not a big drawback. The carafe is about the size of a mason jar, so it’s excellent for storing your distilled water. And it is ready for use as soon as you unpack the box.The Best Whipped Cream Dispenser

It works rather swiftly, producing more water daily than most distillers we covered. It has an automatic turn off feature after finishing the process. Fill it by hand, press the button and let it do its thing.

What We Liked

It’s super compact – you can even travel with it and ensure you have pure water wherever you may go. Plus, the usage is foolproof, without any need for technical knowledge. It looks slick and modern, making it an excellent addition to any high-tech kitchen. Another huge positive is a 15-year warranty for all the stainless steel parts.How Long Does Broccoli Last?

What we disliked

The primary flaw of this product is the cost. It’s higher than most of the other items we covered, without real justification for its price. Another disadvantage is the lack of a safety-turn off system. If you have small children, or you activate it on accident, it can be dangerous, so the usage requires caution.

  • All-stainless steel design
  • Compact
  • Very quick
  • A bit too expensive
  • No safety turn off mechanism

6. Vevor Stainless Steel Water Distiller

At first glance, this distiller looks like every other one we have seen. What separates this product by Vevor is a convenient, easy-to-use digital display. This product offers an extra feature of alcohol distillation in a single affordable product.

Product Overview

The entire product consists of stainless steel and glass. You get both longevity of the product and the ultimate purity of your water. The fan is made of aluminum, and the entire product design contains zero plastics.

The appliance is extremely efficient, producing 6 gallons of water a day; it will meet the needs of even more numerous households. The unit runs smoothly and quietly, so you may leave it on during the night without a worry or a bother.Enter your text here…

The digital display allows you total control of your distillation process. The device is automatized to shut off if the heat rises too much, guaranteeing safety.

What We Liked

The design of the product is excellent. It meets the expectations many larger companies have set for this kitchen gadget. The display is a great bonus. It allows you to make alcohol on the highest temperature setting, which adds variety to a simple appliance. This device is suitable for both newbies and experts – versatile and approachable.

What We Disliked

As the water gets cold, the lid of the carafe becomes challenging to remove. While not being a huge drawback, this is a minus.

Also, the instruction manual is non-existent, so you need to rely on the Internet to decipher how to set it up. The product is indeed affordable, but it is evident from the quality. There’s zero third-party quality control.

  • Heavy-duty item
  • Double use
  • Has a system for heat control
  • Affordable
  • The lid is difficult to remove
  • The manufacturing feels a bit cheap
  • the product lacks the instruction manual

What to Look For in Best Water Distillers

It’s crystal clear that not all devices were made equal. Of course, some people place more importance on certain features and choices differ. However, three characteristics tend to make or break the product:

The Material

You will want to make sure that as many parts of your distiller as possible don’t consist of plastics. Stainless steel is, as always, our top recommendation when it comes to kitchen gadgets. The material has various implications depending on the part in question.

With the boil chamber, it gains the utmost importance. This section of your device will heat up the most. If it is plastic, it will melt and deteriorate with usage. Even worse, it could start emitting chemicals into your water, altogether canceling the point of this device.

When it comes to the container, it is not as significant. By the time it gets to that part, the water is lukewarm already. Distilled water is very pure so it may take the plastic taste from the container, though. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind the taste, go for it. Otherwise, choose a product with a glass container. Another idea is to replace it after purchase to save more money.

The Filtration

A filter is not a must. However, if you plan to drink the distilled water, remember it may come out with a flat, boiled taste. So it is a plus.

A carbon filter improves the taste of your water. Most devices in offer nowadays come with it – so why not choose exceptional quality?

Some devices have sachets where you can add certain filtration media. One of the more famous is a charcoal filter. In this case, your water doesn’t lack the minerals after purification.

The Flow Rate

The flow rate is, in essence, the speed of your appliance. Bear in mind that this process takes hours even with the quickest of devices. Consider your needs before you buy. If you have a family of four, for instance, make sure that the product you choose is quick enough to serve everyone’s needs.

Water Distillers: Frequently Asked Questions

Can babies drink distilled water?

Keep in mind that babies under six months old shouldn’t drink any water. However, parents should start introducing water in their diets after the sixth month. Experts recommend distilled water as one of the best solutions for infants aging less than a year. It is a safe choice, as it won’t interfere with their developing immune systems.

What are the usages of distilled water?

You can use it for everything you usually utilize regular water. Domestic usages include drinking and cooking with it. You can put it in your steam iron, for it leaves no limescale. It also increases the effectiveness of your cleaning.

Being very pure, this kind of water is used in laboratories and the food industry. It’s excellent for fish tanks if you have more sensitive species of fish.

Can you distill water by boiling it?

While boiling water does purify it to some extent, it is not distilling. As we explained, boiling is the first part of the process. Only after it’s condensed does the water become clean.

If you are yet to buy a device for purifying, boiling is an okay option. It simply isn’t the best one.

Are water distillers challenging to maintain?

Not at all. These gadgets are easy to maintain as much as they are simple to use. In general, there are only two things you ought to remember.

The parts of the gadget are to be cleaned every week, for the contaminants remain in the boiling chamber.

If your device operates with filters, they need replacement. Different types have different requirements, so just read and follow the instructions.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that water is an essential part of our everyday routines. Thus, we shouldn’t settle for less than a top-notch quality. In that regard, Best Water Distillers can make a world of difference.

We hope that we succeeded to shed some light on this broad topic. Staying educated on the improvements in kitchen technology can both improve and ease your day-to-day life.

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