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Top Best Tofu Press of 2022 Complete Reviews with Comparison

Are you one of those people who is currently struggling with pressing all the water out of your tofu block? Creating some makeshift press with a couple of skillets, a pot of water, and a handful of wasted paper towels? We’ve all been there, but instead of working harder; we decided to work smarter by investing in a Tofu Press. The Best Zoodle Maker of

Best Tofu Press

A tofu press does exactly what it sounds like it should do; it presses tofu to get the moisture out. A word of caution though, only press firm and extra-firm tofu, because soft, silken, and medium tofu will crumble, and nobody wants pre-crumbled tofu.How To Clean Your Coffee Maker With Bleach

Top Tofu Press Comparison Table

Photo Title Buy
The Original Super...image The Original Super Tofu Press by TofuPresser - The Easiest Way to Remove Water From Your Tofu Buy On Amazon
EZ Tofu Press-...image EZ Tofu Press- Best Tofu Press for Extra Firm Tofu | Easily Remove Water for Flavorful and Firm Tofu | Made in The USA Buy On Amazon
TofuBud Tofu Press...image TofuBud Tofu Press - Tofu Presser for Firm or Extra Firm Tofu - Tofu Maker with Water Drainer Made from Durable Sustainable Materials - Tofu Recipe Book Included Buy On Amazon
Gourmet Tofu Press...image Gourmet Tofu Press / Marinating Dish - Clear. TofuXpress removes moisture from tofu and other foods automatically without mess. Buy On Amazon
Tofuture Tofu Press...image Tofuture Tofu Press - The Original and the Best Tofu Press for Transforming your Tofu. Press the Water out of Tofu Quickly, Cleanly and Effectively for Firm Tofu that will Absorb Flavor Buy On Amazon
Raw Rutes -...image Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja) - Remove Water from Tofu OR Make Your Own Tofu or Paneer - USA Made from Stainless Steel Buy On Amazon

Product Reviews

1. SuperTofu Press

The SuperTofu Press was one of the first tofu presses to hit the market. In 2011 this product became available for online purchase, and it offers a well-constructed easy to use a tofu press. To use the press place the tofu block between the two plates and tighten the two knobs to tighten the plates. The product takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to squeeze out moisture. The press is 8.5”x4.5”x5” and weighs 1.2 pounds. Best Cast Iron Teapot

We decided to review this product because when you type in “Tofu Press” into the Google search bar it was the first option to pop up, and we wanted to check out what all the buzz was about. We feel as though this press is also one of the best plate tofu presses currently available online, and out of five stars we give it 4.4 out of 5 stars.Finding the Best Coriander Substitute


  • Super Tofu Press is a plate press
  • The press is 8.5”x4.5”x5”
  • A versatile press


Not only is this product made in the USA, the solid plastic plates, used to press the tofu, are made of materials free of BPAs and HDPE. The SuperTofu Press is also a lightweight and easy-to-use kitchen appliance, that requires little to no cleanup. Because the press doesn’t have any parts that make it tofu specific, users can use this product to press other items, for example, different kinds of fruits, to prepare freshly made juices. Also, because the plates are made of solid plastic, they will not crack under pressure.

The Good/What I Like

We like how this tofu press uses solid plastic plates, and how the plates are free of BPAs, a compound that can cause adverse health effects if there is exposure to BPAs over a long period. The press is also small and lightweight and has components that do not rust over time. Water also is pressed out of the tofu block in about 20 minutes.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

The press is only available in one color, white, and some users have experienced uneven pressing of the tofu, where there is still moisture in the center of the tofu block.

  • Compact and lightweight press
  • Tofu is pressed without losing its form
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
  • Only available in one color
  • Some users have had trouble with water in the center of the block

2. EZ Tofu Press

The EZ Tofu Press is a press that operates with knobs and nuts, which is different from the spring construction of the SuperTofu Press. This product also contains an indicator as to where to put the block of tofu. The hardware excluding the plates, is stainless steel, with the knobs being made of hardened plastic, making this press a durable addition to any kitchen. The press is 9”x5.8”x4” and weighs 1.1 pounds.Best Omelette Pan

We decided to review this product because it was at a reasonable price point for plate tofu press, and it was also the largest plate tofu press, and we were curious as to why it was big and inexpensive, instead of one or the other. We feel as though this press is tied for second place, and would be a mid-tier press, along with the Simple Drip Tofu Press because it’s tough to choose between those two models. Out of five stars, we give it four stars.


  • The EZ Tofu Press is a plate press
  • The press is 9.0”x5.8”x4.0”
  • Removes up to a cup of water from a tofu block


This press is also made in the USA out of FDA approved plastics and plastics that do not contain BPAs. This press is also dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack of the dishwasher, and it can easily be washed by hand. This press is also one of the fastest presses offered and can remove up to a half cup of water from a block of tofu. The plates are made from the same super durable hardened plastics used in cutting boards.Best Glass Food Storage Containers – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

The Good/What I Like

This press is made out of materials that do not contain BPAs. It is also a quicker way to press tofu, and it removes up to a half cup of water from a tofu block. The press is also dishwasher safe.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

Some users have had issues with the bolts becoming stripped, and the plastic knob cracking after several uses. Some users have also reported the tofu block broke under pressure.

  • Compact and lightweight press
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removes a half cup of water
  • Presses water in under 15 minutes
  • Only available in one color
  • Hardware may strip over time
  • The plastic knob may crack if you use to much force

3. TofuBud Tofu Press

The Simple Drip Tofu Press is similar to the other plate presses, but it adds the unique features of a built-in strainer and removable drip pan. The press is constructed of BPA free plastic plates and food grade stainless steel hardware. This model is also the only product listed that is still patent pending, because of all the features, this little guy packs. The Simple Drip Tofu Press measures in at 9.5”x5.5”x3.25” and weighs in at 2.1 pounds.

We decided to review this product because it was the only press, regardless of the type that came with a drip pan, and it was also a more expensive press plate. We feel as though this press is tied for second place, and would be a mid-tier press, along with the EZ Tofu Press because it’s hard to choose between those two models. Out of five stars, we give it 4.2 out of 5 stars.Best Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew


  • Simple Drip Tofu Press is a plate press
  • The press is 9.5”x5.5”x3.25”
  • Includes a drip tray


Comes with a built-in drip pan and strainer, which makes disposing of the tofu water easier when compared to other tofu presses. This press because of its size can fit any size tofu block, and if using two smaller blocks, both should fit in the press. Also, the press is dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack.

The Good/What I Like

This press is made out of materials that do not contain BPAs, and food grade stainless steel. The product also comes with a 100% money back guarantee and has a drip pan which makes clean up that much easier.Finding the Best Coriander Substitute

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

Some users have had issues with crumbling tofu, because of the amount of pressure used by this press. Additionally, this press is the most expensive out of the three plate presses.

  • Comes with a drip pan
  • Easy to use and clean
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee
  • Expensive when compared to other plate presses
  • Some users when using this product have mushy tof

4. Gourmet Tofu Press

Developed in 2007, the TofuXpress doesn’t use knobs, bolts or wingnuts, instead it operates by using a tension spring that pushes down on a plastic plate to apply pressure to the tofu brick. Because box presses, also can double as a marinating dish, this press can also help reduce the number of dishes you have to clean. The press is 5”x5”x5” and weighs 1.05 pounds.Best Plastic Food Storage Containers

We choose this product because we saw that it came with a recipe book and didn’t know if that was an incentive to buy an inferior product or not and it’s price point is between the other two box presses featured in this article. The TofuXpress is the best box press reviewed because although it isn’t shatterproof, if you are gentle with the press it should last a long time, and it comes with a recipe book along with a one-year warranty, in case something breaks. We give this product 4.2 stars.


  • The TofuXpress is a box press
  • The press is 5.0”x5.0”x5.0”
  • Includes a recipe book


The TofuXpress is the only product listed that comes with a recipe guide, as part of the package. The box is also made from FDA approved thermoplastic and comes with two tension springs, regular tension, and light tension. The TofuXpress also includes a one-year warranty.

The Good/What I Like

The TofuXpress is dishwasher safe, and the box press is also able to be used as a marinating dish. The press also comes with a recipe book; as well as recipe cards, for users to write their favorite recipes down.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

Because the TofuXpress is made out of clear plastic, it isn’t as durable as plate presses, or stainless-steel box presses. Replacement parts for this press also are not available for purchase.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of thermoplastic
  • Can be used as a marinating dish
  • Comes with a recipe boo
  • The plastic can break and crack
  • Some users have also had trouble with the spring mechanism locking up

5. Tofuture Tofu Press

This is a dishwasher-safe box tofu press and is made of lightweight plastic, and the box, when not pressing the To future tofu press can also serve as a pan to marinate your freshly pressed tofu. This press measures in at 7”x5.7”x3.7” and weighs 3.52 pounds.

We picked this model because it was one of the most inexpensive box tofu presses available on the internet. Out of the three-box presses we feel as though this is the second-best to the TofuXpress because it costs a little more, but you get a one-year warranty and a recipe book. Out of five stars, we give the To future four out of five stars.Best Six Popcorn Kernels of 2022 – Complete Review with Comparison


  • The Tofuture is a box press
  • The press is 7.0”x5.7”x3.7”
  • Presses tofu in 10-15 minutes


The Tofuture represents the most inexpensive box tofu on the press. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe; also, if you live alone, this is the perfect size for cooking for one. The press operates as a three-piece system; the base collects water that has been pressed from the tofu, the strainer holds the tofu and the presser which will apply pressure to the top of the tofu.Best Watermelon Slicers

The Good/What I Like

Finishes pressing the tofu block in about 10 to 15 minutes, and it does an excellent job at compressing it. The Tofuture Tofu Press is also easy to use. It is also easy to clean and can be placed in a refrigerator, without the worry of the tofu drying out.Best Butcher Knives

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

Some users have experienced issues with the rubber bands used to secure the box breaking, and others have experienced the logo being imprinted on the tofu block.

  • Presses the block in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Evenly presses the water from the block of tofu
  • The box press leaves a logo
  • The rubber bands have broken on some users

6. Raw Rutes Ninja Tofu Press

The Ninja Tofu Press is dependent on the five-pound weight it comes with to press the water weight out of the brick of water. The press is made out of food grade stainless steel and is made in the USA. The press measures 4.1”x3.1”x2.5” and weighs 6.0 pounds.Best Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew

We picked this press because we wanted to inform the readers about how a more expensive option compares to more affordable ones. Out of the three box presses, this is the worst option, because the Ninja Tofu Press’s performance doesn’t warrant it being triple the price of any other tofu press in this review. Out of 5 stars, we give this product 3 stars just because of how expensive it is and how other presses do a better job at pressing the tofu, at a fraction of the cost.

  • The Ninja tofu press is a box press
  • The press is 4.1”x3.1”x2.5”
  • Comes with a weighted press



The press is well built, and the tofu is pressed in about fifteen minutes. The press also only has two parts, and users do not have to mess around with tightening knobs, or other tasks.

The Good/What I Like

This product is well built, and it’s pretty durable. Its also made in the US and its pretty small. The product is easy to use, and it is also easy to clean.

The Bad/What I Don’t Like

The Ninja Tofu Press is the heaviest and the most expensive option listed. The Ninja Press also isn’t that great of an option when compared to more cost-effective options, that do a better job at pressing the water out of the block of tofu.Best Plastic Food Storage Containers

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses a weighed press
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • The pressure is unevenly distributed

Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you decide to invest in a tofu press, there are two main points to consider. Do you want a box or a plate press, and do you want the press to be of stainless steel, clear plastic, or dense solid plastic construction?

Vegan recipe blogger and Youtuber Sam Turnbull reviewed the DIY method to pressing tofu; she also reviewed the EZ Tofu Press, To future, and the Tofu Ninja. You can read what she had to say about these four ways to press tofu here.

Key Feature Number 1: Box vs. Plate Tofu Presses

The terms box press and plate press have been used throughout the entirety of this article, but what do these terms mean. A plate press uses two boards or plates that are tightened every so often to compress a block of tofu, and this compression causes water to be pushed out of the tofu. A box press typically has an area for water to drain into, space for the block to sit on, and a plate with a spring or weight on top, and this plate on the top presses against the tofu block causing the water to push out.

Both types of presses have their advantages and disadvantages. The plate press is smaller, less expensive, and you can adjust the pressure easier when compared to a box press, but these presses are known to warp over time and to use the pressure knobs takes some getting used to. The box presses allow tofu to more easily keep its shape and don’t require pressure adjustment every so often, but the tofu is unevenly pressed, and can only fit one size tofu brick. Box presses also offer the unique feature of doubling as a marinating dish, so by getting a box press, you get a more versatile product.

Key Feature Number 2: Material Used to Construct the Press

Metal, dense plastics, and thin transparent plastics, all have distinct advantages and disadvantages as building materials for a tofu press. Out of the three materials, the metallic presses are the most durable, but only the Ninja Tofu Press is made of stainless steel. Transparent plastics represent the lightest material, and you will be able to see the shrinkage of the tofu block, but transparent plastics are also prone to cracking. The dense plastic is an excellent material for tofu presses because it is a durable material, but there aren’t a lot of box presses that use that material, it’s mainly found in plate presses.Best Home Kegerator

Frequently Asked Questions About Tofu Presses

Question 1: Why should you press tofu?

By pressing tofu, it will more readily absorb other flavors, especially marinades. If the tofu is also pressed, it is easier to cut up, fry, or saute, depending on what you’re trying to do.

Question 2: Which types of tofu are pressable?

Firm and extra-firm tofu are the only pressable tofus, soft, silken, and medium if used would crumble under pressure.

Conclusion and Final Verdicts

Out of the six tofu presses reviewed, we give our edge to plate presses over box presses, and the best overall tofu press is the Tofu Presser brand Super Tofu Press. It is the second most inexpensive press reviewed, and it is the only one, in the article, that doesn’t have BPAs and HDPEs, all other products contained only BPA-free plastic. It also had a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t believe us when we say the Super Tofu Press is the best ship it back at no cost to you.

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