The Best Tea Kettles And Teapots Of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A kettle is considered an essential item in any kitchen! The question is why we would want to get a stove top kettle when there are many electric kettles on the market? First of all, the main reason is to save electricity! 

Electric kettles are often used to boil water because they are faster. The real truth is that stove top kettles can be faster than their electric counterparts. I have reviewed some of the best stove top kettles on the market.

I know that we all want our mornings to go smoothly. Choosing a kettle that best suits your needs is of paramount importance.

Here are the top 5 gas top tea kettles.

Stovetop Kettle Reviews



  • Large base designed for use on gas stoves
  • Durable
  • Boils 30% faster than other kettles

Product Highlights

The Turbo Kettle 2.5 qt would like to welcome you to the ‘Turbo Lifestyle’. Its unique and stylish design is sure to impress your guests. This well-constructed tea kettle features a stainless steel body, and a sturdy handle. The Turbo kettle will help you get out the door in the morning in a fraction of the time that you usually spend. 

What I like

The feature that we love about the Turbo kettle is that it is designed to be used over an open flame and reduces the heat up and boil times by 30 – 40% when you compare it to the standard kettles on the market. This reduction of time is not only going to save you time every morning but will conserve an impressive amount of fuel and reduce you’re of indoor pollutants.

What I don’t like

The Turbo Kettle does have many great features. It can be difficult to find something I don’t like with this kettle. The only downside of it is the higher cost that you have to pay for it, and it only comes in a large size.

  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy to clean, and no sign of rust after a couple of months
  • Boils water as quickly as the electric kettle
  • Due to the large size, it is a bit heavy.

2. Willow & Everett Tea Kettle


  • Stainless steel design
  • Five layers of metal
  • Fast boiling

Product Highlights

The Willow & Everett Tea Kettle is the perfect stainless steel whistling kettle for any kitchen. It features an innovative and beautiful design which means that you can enjoy the process of brewing your perfect hot beverage, due to the time you save boiling water and the efficiency of the whole process.

What I like

It will heat your water in time, and unlike other cheaper tea kettles, this 3-litre kettle is made with five layers of stainless steel, iron, and aluminum and designed in such a way that heats up quickly. This kettle also comes with a stainless steel tea.

What I don’t like

One feature that can make this kettle a little challenging to use is how the trigger takes more pressure to compress while pouring than it should. Another feature that makes it difficult to empty the kettle is the angle of the spout.

  • Large 12 cup capacity
  • 5-ply bottom
  • Soft handle
  • Heats the water quickly
  • Retains the heat
  • The weight
  • Hard to empty completely

3. Zell Tea Kettle


  • Gooseneck Spout
  • Safe to use on ALL cooktops
  • Handle stays cool

Product Highlights

The Zell Tea kettle is the perfect stovetop kettle for those of you who want to make a quick cup of coffee or tea. It includes a simple but timeless design, and the gooseneck spout will allow for the precision pouring of the hot water. 

What I like

The Zell is a kettle that is safe to use on all cooktops; gas, electric, and induction. It is also designed in such The Zell is a kettle which is one that is safe to use on all cooktops; gas, electric, and induction. The design of the tea kettle is on in which the handle keeps away from the heated part. It is an excellent choice for those who want to make a quick cup of tea or coffee.way that the handle keeps away from the heated kettle. It is gran excellence for those who want to make a quick cup of tea or coffee.

What I don’t like

This kettle is quite small compared to the others at it only has a 1.4-liter capacity. The design is rather thin and does not whistle like a stovetop kettle does when the water has boiled. Another aspect that makes it challenging to use is that the lid can fall off when pouring the water.

  • Gooseneck Spout
  • Reduce spills on all stovetops
  • Handle stays cool
  • Inexpensive
  • Small size
  • Thin stainless steel
  • No whistle

4. KitchenAid Tea Kettle


  • Comes in nine vibrant colors
  • Removable lit
  • Audible Whistle

Product Highlights

The KitchenAid is a fresh, contemporary, and colorful porcelain enamel kettle which will add flair and look great on any stovetop. The highlight of this kettle is that it includes a removable lid which makes the filling and cleaning easy. It also comes in 9 vibrantly colored exteriors. When the water is hot and ready to use it will let you know with a clear audible whistle.

What I like

I love the fact that this kettle has a large lid opening, which makes it easier to refill and clean. You can choose the color of the kettle that best reflects your personality or color scheme of your kitchen. The kettle comes with a free lifetime limited warranty.

What I don’t like

Compared to other kettles of this size it is rather expensive for the job that it does. It also tends to leak when pouring water from the kettle.

  • Removable lid for easy filling and cleaning
  • Nine vibrant colors
  • Clear audible whistle
  • Leaks during pouring
  • More expensive than other comparable kettles

5. OXO Brew Tea Kettle


  • Traditional kettle shape
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Handle rotates out of the way

Product Highlights

With the OXO Brew classic Kettle you will be able to enjoy a better tea or coffee to start the day. The highlight of this kettle is the high-grade stainless steel construction traditional-shaped whistling tea kettle. It has a large lid opening and a handle that rotates out of the way for easy refilling and cleaning. 

What I like

The critical feature that we love with this kettle is the large lid opening and handle that rotates out of the way for easy refilling and cleaning. It is also of a seamless design which guards against any rusting of the kettle. 

What I don’t like

The only negative thing that I can think about for this kettle is that the whistle when the water boils it is not as loud as often kettles on the market.

  • 1-piece construction with no seams
  • Heats quickly
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to use and pour
  • Whistle
  • The whistle is not loud enough
  • Rigid handle

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking at buying a new kettle we need to look at a few guidelines that will guide our purchase choices. The factors that we need to consider will be determined by our purpose. 

Since for most people using a kettle is a daily activity it definitely needs to be one that you are comfortable using. Other factors we should look at are the size of the kettle, the design, and materials.


If you take a look at the kettle market, you can find many different types of kettles out there. You will find kettles made of stainless steel, glass, plastic, porcelain, and aluminum. 

So which material should you look at buying? One thing that should guide your decision is the durability and the safety. First of all, we have the glass and porcelain tea kettles,the durability of these two kettles is low, and therefore not the best materials that you look at. 

Next, when you consider aluminum kettles, they will be lighter, but never a good choice because over time heavy metals will seep into the water. I say the only metal that you should consider for your kettle is a stainless steel design, for two reasons. First of all, stainless steel can look great on the benchtop when you shine it, and also it is durable and rust resistant. Next, we will talk about the construction of the kettle.

Design & Construction

Now we know that we should be looking for tea kettles that have stainless steel on the surface that touches the water inside the kettle. Another feature to look at is the construction. We find that the best tea kettles are the ones that have strong seams connecting the components, such as the spout and the handle. When picking up your kettle you do not want to aim the water with a wobble or awkwardness. 

Another feature you want to aim for is to have few or now seams inside the kettle itself, so there are less places for rust to form. You will also want to look for a kettle that has a sturdy handle, and one that is covered in a heat resistant material so it is not to touch when pouring the water. 

Finally, you will want your new kettle that is easy to pour and water won’t spill out the spout as it is boiling. To handle this you will want a kettle that has a lid on the spout that is easy to open when you are pouring out the water. You may also want to look for a spout that is not too short.


The size of the kettle is also another feature, we want to choose one that is sufficient for you needs. There are kettles from 1.5 liters up to 3 liters. Why is this important to consider? Well for one the bigger the water capacity to harder for it to boil when you fill it, but if it is too small you won’t have enough water for everyone wanting a nice tea or coffee. 

So for one, if you have a large family that enjoys a hot beverage you will want to consider the larger size, where if there are only a couple of people you may be better choosing one of the small sizes. You may also consider the material, if you take a stainless steel design you are able to leave the water safely in the kettle and reheat the water more than once.


Other features that you will want to look for on you kettle is how easy it is to fill and clean after every use, so you will want one that has a large lid opening. Another useful feature of any stove top kettle is the whistle sound when the water has boiled so you know when it has finished and take it our the heat and prevent water spillage. 

Finally, we all want to enjoy our hot beverage in the shortest time, so you want a kettle that boils fast. It is for this reason that most people choose electric kettles, but as you look at the 5 I have chosen you will see that the majority of them are designed in such a way as to boil quickly and save you time.

Common FAQs

What type of kettle is best used on a gas stove?

Any stove top tea kettle can be used on a gas stove, but for most convenience I would probably go with either a stainless steel tea kettle, as it is affordable, durable, and very versatile. I would most likely stay away from cast iron tea kettle mainly because of the weight. Where the aluminum tea kettle is a lighter option, but heavy metals can seep into the water after prolonged use. 

How long should a stove top kettle take to boil?

The time it takes for kettles to boil mainly depends on how much water is inside the kettle. Stove top kettles usually take around 5 – 10 minutes to boil water, but as designs change, some stove top kettles may take as few as 3 minutes to boil. It pays to shop around.

Should I empty the kettle after each use?

The water inside the kettle will have been sterilized each time it is boiled, so it will remain safe for a long time. The taste may change, but it will be safe to drink. One other reason to empty the kettle each time is that over time, limescale deposits build up especially when your area has hard water. The build up of limescale deposits is normal, but may influence the boiling time of the water. To prevent this build up it is advisable to empty the kettle after each use.

How often should I clean the inside of the kettle?

Cleaning a tea kettle does not have to be a daily job. As apart of your normal cleaning schedule, I would make an effort to clean the exterior of your kettle once a week to keep that shiny, new look. I would only clean and descale the interior of the kettle very few months, unless you live in an area whose tap water is hard water.

Is it cheaper to boil water in an electric kettle or on a stove top?

An electric kettle may boil water faster than a stove top kettle, but as gas is cheaper than electricity it will end up cheaper in the long run. The faster a kettle boils the water the higher the wattage is, and therefore the more it will add to your electric bill. Low wattage electric kettles may actually be slower than a stove top kettle.

The Final Verdict

After taking everything to account I have decided that the best of the five kettles for a gas stove that I have reviewed is the Willow & Everett Tea Kettle. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel which makes it resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Other features that this model has is the five layers of different conductor metals on the base which helps it to heat the water much more quickly than other models. The thicker base of the kettle is another factor that makes it the ideal kettle for gas stovetops. This model also as a whistle which signals when the water has boils. This will prevent over spilling!

Another feature that makes the Willow & Everett Tea Kettle the best choice is that it includes an infuser for brewing loose tea leaves.

Now you have read through my recommendations I invite you to choose the stove top kettle that will best suit your needs.

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