Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Complete Reviews With Comparison

For many cultures rice is a staple to most meals. Making rice seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world. It’s only two ingredients. How hard could it be? Well after many burned pots, and a few inedible clumpy messes you might want to give up. Its all about the exact ratios of water to rice and heat. But don’t fear there is a solution to all.

The secret and shortcut to always having the perfect rice is a rice cooker. In this article we will show you what the best types of rice cookers are and what to look for when you are purchasing one. The best material that is both hygienic, durable and elegant to look at is of course stainless steel. Here are the most popular ones we have found based on actual customer reviews. So to save you the time of searching all over the internet you can start here with 6 of the best:

Best Stainless Steel Rice Products Reviews

1. Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker is very easy to use.  Simply add all the cooking ingredients and leave the rest to the cooker to do its thing.  Once the rice has been cooked it automatically switches onto a keep warm mode keeping the rice steaming hot and ready to serve.   It is also usable for various amounts of rice. You can cook between 2 and 6 cups of rice. It also comes with a useful measuring cup that indicates the amount of rice.

One additional accessory provided is a bamboo spatula.  The fact that it is made of bamboo means it will not react with your food.   The inner pot is made of surgical stainless steel. This totally dishwasher safe.  


  • 2-6 cup capacity
  • Hygienic healthy design with food grade 304 stainless steel
  • One touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm function
  • Bamboo Serving spatula
  • Power consumption of 120V/60Hz
  • Glass lid
  • Delay timer

Product Highlights

  1. Easy to use
  2. Mid range price
  3. 2-6 cup capacity
  4. Food grade 304 stainless steel inner bowl
  5. Dishwasher friendly 

The Good/What I like

This is a very handy and easy to use product.  One of the best features is the automatically switching to keeo warm once the cycle is done.  This means no more burned rice! It is also very easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. A really no mess no fuss product.   And the best thing is that it is a versatile product you can even use it to make a cake. It’s also great for veggies and even a stew.  

The Bad/What I don’t like

There is only one setting for rice which is great for white rice but not for other rice like brown.  

  • Easy to use
  • 2 to 6 capacity for rice
  • “Keep Warm” Automatic switch over when rice is done
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Various other items can be cooked
  • Comes with bamboo spatula and measuring cup
  • Only one rice setting

2. Zojirushi 3 Cup Rice Cooker

This is a very well known brand that has a reputation for durability and quality.  These high quality parts include a stainless steel steaming tray and a glass lid. It comes with a non-stick inner pot and non-stick rice paddle.

It is very easy to operate with a single push of a button and has a handy keep warm mode once the cooking is complete.   The transparent glass lid lets you see what is happening as the cooking progresses.


  • Single switch control
  • Clear glass lid
  • Safety thermostat to turn off when temperatures reach above 212°F
  • Stay cool knob
  • Makes 3 cups of rice
  • Stay cool exterior handles
  • Durable nonstick inner cooking pan

Product Highlights

  1. Takes 3 cups of uncooked rice
  2. Single switch control making it easy to use.
  3. Safety thermostat to turn off when temperatures reach above 212°F
  4. Stay cool knob
  5. Clear glass lid making monitoring the food inside easy to do.
  6. Compact and portable with stay cool exterior handles
  7. Durable nonstick inner cooking pan
  8. Size is 7.1 x 9.1 x 7.8 in

The Good/What I like 

This is a good choice if you are a single person or a couple. It only makes 3 cups of rice at a time which is enough 3 adults or if you are doing a meal prep for one person. This makes it energy efficient and does not make more than needed. It’s also very easy to use with just one button to push. It’s also easy to bring straight to the table. The handles are don’t heat up and the cord is detachable so you can just pick it up and use it as a serving dish.

The Bad/What I don’t like

Its small of you are serving more than 2-3 adults at a time.

  • High quality product including non-stick aluminum, glass and stainless steel.
  • Can cook up to 3 cups of uncooked rice at a time
  • Compact and easy to transport even when hot
  • Removable power cord
  • Easy to use
  • Durable long lasting product
  • Non-standard size measuring up so if lost it is hard to replicate the measurements

3. Cuisinart Rice Cooker

nstead of a typical round shape of most rice cookers this one has a very sleek contemporary cubic shape. It has a brushed stainless steel finish that makes any counter top look great. And that is just what is on the outside. The parts on the inside are also of high quality. The inner pot is made of anodized aluminum which assists in an even cooking surface and makes it very durable. This surface has also been coated with a non-stick coating which makes cleaning very easy.


  • Elegant
  • Brushed Stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • High quality parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes 4-7 cups of rice

Product Highlights

  1. Also steams meat and vegetables
  2. Steaming basket made of Stainless-steel
  3. Anodized aluminum inner pot for even cooking
  4. Non stick inner bowl
  5. Warming mode
  6. Accessories include a measuring cup
  7. 4 cups of uncooked rice capacity
  8. Size is 10.7 x 10.1 x 9.9 inches

The Good/What I like

This is a very elegant appliance. It is something that can sit out on the counter and add to the professionalism and look of the kitchen. It has an unusual cube shape that makes it look very modern. The inner pot is non-stick so a breeze to clean. And there is also no chance of burning as it has a keep warm function that is automatic once the rice is cooked. It is also large enough that you can use it to steam vegetables or other items while the rice is cooking.

The Bad/What I don’t like

The steamer tray needs to be taken out of the unit to deliver it to the table so it does not stay warm.

  • Sleek modern design
  • Highly durable with a brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Even cooking surface on the interior anodised aluminium coated inner pot
  • Easy use with just one lever
  • Can be used simultaneously steam food while rice is being cooked below
  • Large pot that makes up to 7 cups of fluffy steamed rice.
  • No delay timer

4. Oyama Seven Cup Rice Cooker

This is a good choice for a health conscious person. This rice cooker does not have any exposed aluminium parts instead it is all made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel. It also has two unique technologies to make even cooking throughout. The heat comes from 3 directions, the lid, the base and the sides. This means it can even keep rice warm for over 24 hours.

The second technology is a triple layer in the base. The aluminium heating element is layered in-between 2 stainless steel layers. This makes it very fast and easy to cook but no aluminium ever touches the food. It is also a large volume that makes up to 7 cups of rice at a time so perfect for a family.


  • Surgical grade stainless steel cooking surface
  • Heat from 3 dimensions
  • Triple layer base for even cooking without burning
  • Keep warm function
  • Makes up to 7 cups of rice.

Product Highlights

  1. Surgical grade stainless steel cooking surface no
  2. 3 dimensional heating system for even cooking
  3. Up to 24 hours of keeping warm
  4. Triple layer base for even cooking without burning
  5. Makes up to 7 cups of rice.
  6. Heavy duty stainless steel mechanism
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Professional quality product 

The Good/What I like

Very healthy to use as there are no aluminum surfaces touching the food. It is also great to keep rice warm so you can make it ahead of a dinner party and not have to worry that your rice won’t be soft, fluffy and the perfect temperature and you can concentrate on the more detailed parts of the menu. It is also very large so can be used for a meal prep for lunches during the week.

The Bad/What I don’t like

It’s more expensive than the others. The inner bowl is a little harder to clean as it does not have a non-stick surface.

  • Steaming pot is made of grade 304 Stainless steel
  • Inner pot is also made of the same making both very healthy
  • Three dimensional heating system for even cooking
  • Can stay in keep warm mode for up to 24 hours
  • Can make large amount of 7 cups of rice
  • Harder to clean
  • More expensive

5. Tiger Rice Cooker and Warmer

Tiger is a well known and trusted Japanese brand that has made rice for decades. This is a sturdy product with a stainless steel outside. It has an easy to clean non-stick interior. It has a 12 hour stay warm function that is very useful to make food in advance.


  • 5.5 cup capacity
  • 12 hour warmer function
  • Comes with a measuring cup and spatula
  • Nonstick Inner pan
  • Removable steam vent cap
  • Easy to clean
  • Short cooking time

Product Highlights

  1. Large capacity taking 5.5 cups of uncooked rice.
  2. One touch setting to start
  3. Durable and long wearing
  4. Stainless steel outer.
  5. Size: 9.8 x 10.8 x 10.3 inches
  6. Retractable power cord 

The Good/What I like

This machine is large and easy to use. Due to the long warmer time the rice can be made well ahead of time and kept steaming hot and ready to serve. It has a strong durable design that has a large carry handle and stainless steel exterior. It looks great on a kitchen counter. It also has a retractable cord. This makes it easy to store and also easy to take straight to the table for serving. Due to its large capacity it is great for dinner parties or buffet dinners.

The Bad/What I don’t like

It is a lot higher in price to the others.

  • Large Capacity
  • 12 hour warmer function
  • Comes with a measuring cup and spatula
  • Nonstick Inner pan
  • Removable steam vent cap
  • Easy to clean
  • No steam rack
  • Very expensive

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Buyer’s Guide

There are several things you should consider before choosing which is the best rice cooker for your kitchen.

1. Look at the capacity that the rice cooker takes.

You need to first consider how much rice you typically cook. You need to have one that is large enough to make the amount needed for your family or yourself if you are living alone. You don’t want to have a unit that is larger than you need. This not only uses and wastes energy and electricity but also will take up more space than is needed. You need to look at how many cups are the result of the raw rice amount that the cooker takes.

If you have 2 people to feed then a smaller cooker is better. Choose one with a 3-4 cup capacity. However you should choose a larger rice cooker of 7-10 cups if you have a larger family or want to have rice left over to set aside for meals later in the week.

2.  Look at what materials are used to make the inner pot and the steam rack

The typical materials are stainless steel or a non-stick coating. The non-stick coating of course is easiest to clean. However it has been know to come off over time. The stainless steel is more durable and is dishwasher friendly so in the long run a better choice.

If the rice cooker has a steaming rack this is a something to consider. Some are made of plastic which is a durable but not as durable as the stainless steel options.

3. How easy it is to program and start?

Look at the functions that you actually need in a rice cooker. Some have a lot of fancy choices but how many of these are you actually going to use? Look at your purpose for buying the rice cooker. If it is to save you time then there are many options with a simple one touch function.

4. Does it have safety features?

Having perfect rice every time is probably the main reason to buy a rice cooker. So definitely choose one with an automatic shut off. Several switch to a “keep warm” function which is the best option. Look at how long the unit keeps the rice warm after it is finished cooking. If you often entertain guests this is a very useful function. You can start the rice and then forget about it until you are ready to serve.

Rice Cooker FAQs

1. What size rice cooker should I pick?

An individual portion of rice is 1 – 1 1/2 cups. The smallest ones make 2-3 cups and the largest make up to 10 cups.

2. What if the rice does not taste right after making it?

One important step is to always wash the rice before cooking it. This should resolve the taste.

3. Can you use a rice cooker for anything else?

Many options have a steamer rack that you can even steam vegetables while the rice is cooking. But there are many other things you can make in a rice cooker. It is basically heating via a moist steam so you can see what other items would fit with this.

4. Do I need one?

It is really a point of how much you are planning on using it. It can be very helpful for meal prepping and setting you your lunches for the week. If you are making rice more than twice a week it can make a huge difference in the time if will take to cook your meal.

5. Can I cook other types of rice?

Read the instructions on each model but most can do brown rice as well as white rice. There are usually just a difference in ratio of water to rice. 

Final Verdict

The Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker our choice after looking through all these options. It is very easy to use with a one touch button. You can cook several different amounts of rice at a time. One of the best parts is the automatic switch off mode that changes it to keep warm once the rice is finished cooking. This makes it a really easy to use and safe option. It also has one of the best price points for all the functions that it does. You can use it for vegetables and other steaming functions too. Its also one of the simplest to use so therefore in our minds simplest is best.

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