Top 5 Best Popcorn Kernels of 2022 – Complete Review with Comparison

The conventional corn we eat today is very different from the kernel that eventually pops into the product we love and enjoy. There are many different varieties of corn on the market today, but which do you buy? Yes, that’s right; that question can be extremely confusing. Well, allow me to highlight the top six popcorn kernels you can get on the market today. Comparison, review of the pros and cons will be discussed in great depth.

Top Six (6) Popcorn Kernel Comparison Chart

Brand of popcorn 

Type of Popcorn

Commercial Friendly

Editor’s Rating

Orville Redenbacher’s Butter

Original Yellow


Great Northern Premium

Yellow Butterfly


Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre

Yellow Popcorn


Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Light

Original Yellow


Snappy White



Amish Country – Purple, Blue, and Red Popcorn

Purple, Blue and Red


Let’s get right into each of the products to understand fully what each of them has to offer, and what could help each brand stand out from one another.

Orville Redenbacher’s Butter

What makes the Orville Redenbacher’s butter popcorn so popular is the fact that it does not have any artificial additives contained inside. You can pop these kernels in a microwave exceptionally quickly, then get truly immersed into the theatre experience with your family and friends, all from the comfort of your own home.

So whatever the occasion is, treat yourself to a bag of Orville Redenbacher’s butter popcorn. Its perfect balance between the salt and butter flavour makes it ideal for any event.

Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Highlights

In each bag of the Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn, you can expect to find a perfect 3.29 oz bag of kernels. The main factor driving Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn popularity as a great brand of popcorn is their efforts to create a healthier brand of popcorn, which doesn’t contain the artificial ingredients which a lot of their competitors products holds. How cool is that? Healthy & a taste sensation when it hits your tongue!

When you are next out shopping for that perfect accompaniment for your favourite movie, and you are stuck for choices – look no further than Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn. It can even be combined alongside your favourite snacks to further the enjoyment of the occasion. While Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn is great for a lot of reasons, it also has a couple of flaws. Below are my top good & bad points for Orville’s products;

The Good / What I like

  • Orville Redenbacher’s Butter corn contains real butter
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial additives
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial flavourings
  • It doesn’t contain any synthetic dyes
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives
  • Made with real corn
  • Each bag is sealed in an individual plastic wrap to ensure freshness
  • They are gluten-free

The Bad / What I don’t like

  • Before the reform, the production of Orville’s products produced a high amount of diacetyl which is a harmful substance for workers


Great Northern Company

Third on our list today is the Great Northern Company as they also product an exceptional type of corn that is of interest to us today. The process of cooking the product is straightforward to follow – open the packet, pour it out into your preferred cooking machine, and watch the magic happen. If you have the luxury of having a popcorn machine at home, then these kernels can be put inside of them to give you the real movie experience.

Great Northern Highlights

What is excellent about this product is the quantity you get from such a little bag in such a short amount of time. This brand features both a salt flavoured, and a sweet & salt flavoured option so it can suit almost any individuals taste buds.

The Good / What I Like

  • It has a wide variety of flavours available for the customer
  • Great Northern places a large number of kernels in each bag
  • Short cooking time
  • 3 separate compartments within each packet for the ingredients, to ensure freshness
  • Diacetyl free
  • This brand is gluten-free

The Bad / What I don’t like

  • Doesn’t offer certain flavours such as toffee, thus meaning certain customers would look towards other brands if they wanted this flavour.


Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre

The Franklin’s Gourmet brand of corn is an excellent pick, for any occasion. The kernel has a soft texture before cooking, and then a fluffy, crisp texture once they are ready. The fresh-tasting kernels come packaged with oil already in it for popping. The oil is actually coconut oil meaning that it may already be hard upon delivery, or purchase, because of the temperature so don’t be alarmed if you see this in your packet.

Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre Highlights

If you’re searching for a strictly organic kernel, then look no further than Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre corn. This brand’s product isn’t made with animal fat, nor does it contain any gluten or GMO. The small packets of Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre popcorn have an ingenious design by having three separate compartments.

One for the oil, one for the seasoning of the kernel (whatever the flavour might be) and then one to hold the kernel itself. The kernels are 100% organically sourced, meaning that you can sleep easy at night knowing that there hasn’t been any exploitation involved with the product you are eating.

Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre popcorn has become popular both for indoor, and outdoor use, with more and more campers utilising the easy to pop packets while on the go in the wilderness. Franklin’s Gourmet products have been certified as being gluten free, soy free, peanut free, kosher, vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

Whether you are preparing it for yourself, or for your family & friends, you can rest assured that all potential allergies have been well-thought out. The coconut oil pairs great with this product, by giving the corn its distinctive coconut flavour which customers love.

The Good / What I like

  • Franklin’s Gourmet products prides themselves on being organically sourced
  • The kernel is free of soy, gluten, and peanuts
  • Ingenious design where there are three compartments to hold the oil, the kernel, and the seasoning separately
  • The oil is made from 100% natural coconut oil
  • Clear instructions on how to make the products are provided on the packet

What We Don’t Like

  • The quantity within each packet is not that substantial, meaning if you are preparing for a large group of people then you must purchase a significant number of Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theatre corn packets


Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Light Kernel

For those of your that loves yellow corn products, the Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Natural Light kernel will not disappoint you. Orville’s company are known for producing quality products since 1952, and they show no shown of slowing down anytime soon. They have perfected their craft in their field and continually deliver a high level of customer service to all those who buy from them.

Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Light Kernel Highlights

The opening of the container in which the corn is stored makes it extremely easy to decant the product when the time is right, and the opening is also airtight in order to keep the kernels as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. How the kernel can be popped is extremely diverse since it can be done in a microwave, an air popper or even in a pan on the stove.

One of the best parts about the Orville Redenbacher’s kernel is that the container has a clear table of measurements contained inside, thus making it extremely easy for the consumer to know how much oil to use depending on the amount of popcorn they wish to make.

This means that you do not have to worry about what quantity of oil you need to use for a particular amount of kernel. There is also an explicit instruction of how to prepare the perfect kernel on a stove top to make it even easier for you. For anyone wanting to know more of the specifics in their meal, they can look at the side/back of the packet and find the exact nutritional facts that are in the popcorn.

This popcorn kernel does not only taste, and feel good in your mouth, but it is also 100% natural, made from whole grains meaning it contains a high amount of fibre in each serving. The kernels are also free of gluten and are non-GMO. This means that anybody can enjoy the product without having to worry about dietary upsets in their body occuring.

The Good / What I like

  • The kernels are packed in two different sized containers (12oz and 5oz) making them suitable for any occasion, no matter how small or big it is
  • The lid on the containers are airtight, meaning that the kernels will stay fresher for longer
  • The containers are user-friendly and can be easily carried around in their container
  • The kernels are sourced from a family run farm
  • The kernels are not packed with oil or seasoning giving you the flexibility to choose whatever oil or seasoning you would like
  • The kernels are free of gluten, 100% whole grain, non-GMO and are organic
  • The kernel can be prepared in multiple ways (air popper to electric popper, stove top, and microwave)
  • Easy instructions on how to prepare the kernel
  • The nutritional facts about the kernel are clearly presented on the container

The Bad / What I don’t like

  • The kernels are not packed with oil or seasoning, so if you don’t have any in, it could prove to be a problem
  • The kernels are not pre-measured, so you may need a measuring cup to be more precise especially when you’re popping a smaller quantity


Snappy White

There have been lots of rumours and debates about which type of kernel tastes better between the yellow and white corn. The debate may never end, but the good news is that both the white and yellow popcorn kernels are available on the market now so you can give them a taste yourself. Now, if you are a big fan of the white coloured kernel, which is mostly smaller and more tender than the yellow ones, then you need to check out the snappy white popcorn company.

Snappy White Highlights

This excellent product comes in a 4-pound jar container, meaning that it will save the customer the hassle of splitting the kernels into lots of little packets. The snappy white kernel is not packed with oil or seasoning in the container, meaning that you can experiment with the kernel yourself to see what your personal preferences are.

There are plenty of seasoning and oil options on the market that you can test out on your kernels to make sure they suit your evening just right. This is also an excellent option for the health enthusiast as they can choose to select the lowest calorie oils and seasoning for their tasty treat if they on a diet regime.

To make the whole product even more enticing, snappy white’s corn also has on the container a recipe on how to make crunchy popcorn with cinnamon. So if you wanted your corn to have a crunchier edge to it then this product is exactly what you should be picking up next time you are walking down the supermarkets isles.

The snappy white kernels are also 100% organic like some of the other brands mentioned today, and this whole grain product is low in fat, but high in fibre making it even better for the customers who are looking after their health.

Snappy White’s products are also non-gluten, so you don’t have to worry about any potential complications with any allergies you may have. If you are considering the swap from your regular crisps and fries, then look no further than the Snappy White’s kernels to hit your sweet tooth.

The Good / What I like

  • The jar of the Snappy White’s corn is nice and small meaning you don’t have to mess around with smaller bags
  • The jar of the Snappy White’s corn is airtight to keep the products inside fresher, for longer
  • Soft feel in the mouth
  • On the pot is a special recipe of how to prepare the product with cinnamon
  • The kernels are high in fibre, low in fat and non-GMO making the product a much healthier option

The Bad / What I don’t like

  • The kernel does not come with oil and seasoning, so if you prefer a popcorn kernel that comes with it, then this might not be the best option for you
  • The Snappy White kernels are not packed premeasured


Amish Country – Purple, Blue, and Red Popcorn

The Amish Country corn kernels are an excellent choice for those who prefer to have a different variety of popcorn rather than the usual yellow or white varieties. The popcorn tastes great and come in a range of flavours and colours. The Amish Country products provide not only a great corn that can be enjoyed either solo, or with your family, but it makes for a beautiful gift for any popcorn connoisseur who you may know.

Amish Country – Purple, Blue, and Red Popcorn Highlights

For all you corn lovers that have tried both the white and the yellow varieties of popcorn and you desire something a little bit different, then these are the kernels for you. The Amish country corn comes in 3 different types of bags. Each packet containing the kernels are different based on their size, texture, appearance and what kind of colour is inside.

Off first glance, you may assume the worst when you see things such as purple, blue or red food. But rest assured, while these products may seem out of the ordinary, however they are 100% organic, and no artificial colours were involved in the production process of them. The colour variation, as well as the texture, size, and appearance are all because the Amish Country’s kernel has been naturally crossbred to bring out these fantastic colours.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about as the cross breeding is perfectly safe and natural, and the farmers from Amish Country crossbreed their farm products regularly and it is entirely safe. To top it all off, Amish Country’s kernels are also free of gluten and artificial colours as well as being non-GMO.

The purple kernel from Amish Country is smaller and nuttier than the regular white or yellow popcorn, and when the purple kernel is popped, it becomes tender and feels fluffy in the mouth, which is an excellent feature of the product. The blue Amish Country kernel is loved because of its sweet natural flavour, and it contains fewer hulls than the usual yellow or white varieties.

The red Amish Country kernel is similar to the traditional white kernel, which we all know and love, but differs from it in one way because the red Amish Country kernel is a lot fluffier.

None of the three kernels from Amish Country contains seasonings, or oil for popping the kernels, so since these are not added it gives you the freedom to use what you would like when preparing your corn. There is also a recipe book that comes along with this brands products, meaning that you can get inspired by plenty of professional idea’s to create the best concoction with your kernels.

The Good / What I like

  • The Amish Country corn is available in three different colours making it stand out from the crowd
  • The Amish Country corn kernels are free of gluten, peanuts and tree nuts
  • The kernels are also non-GMO
  • They can be cooked in many different ways
  • Contains a recipe book (no other brand provides this)

The Bad / What I don’t like

  • The packaging of the bags are not as secure as they could be meaning that the product goes stale quickly, can be attacked by pests, and moisture can reach it
  • You will require a measuring jug if you want to get out an exact amount as it does not come with one


Buyer’s Guide​

I would be surprised if you weren’t salivating right now over a freshly cooked bowl of popcorn after all this chatter, as I certainly am. Or maybe you are even about to head out to the store to make a delicious bowl of your favourite flavour right now to satisfy your cravings, who knows..

Well either way, before you head out, check out some of these essential features you need to look out for in any products you see in the shops, as these factors will play a significant role in the decision-making process you are going to have to go through.

The Amount in a Pack

First off, you should consider the number of kernels that are packaged in each box. The quantity inside is important if you are planning on making food for a large group of friends or family as then you won’t have to buy multiple packets. Then on the other hand, if you wish to make some popcorn just for yourself, or for a few people then you can consider the smaller containers which you will see in the shops.

The Packaging of the Kernel

Just like all other foodstuffs, the packaging of the kernel is essential. When the kernels are well packaged, it will make it easier to store the product safely in your home. We have found that when the kernels are packaged in airtight containers or reusable bags the amount of time for which you can keep the kernels stored, is much greater.

On the packaging material, there should also be a clear description of its nutritional facts so that customers can make an informed decision as to whether that particular product suits both their nutritional, and allergy needs.

Varieties of Kernel

Popcorn kernel comes in various different types, and this will usually be indicated on the packaging materials, so when you are looking to find your perfect brand make sure to read the packaging carefully. You can find varieties with different colours on the market ranging from white, to yellow, to red, to purple to blue and so on.

Most of the time, as the colour of the popcorn changes, so does the texture, taste, and flavour of the product itself. Every variety of popcorn has its own specific taste, size, and texture so you can experiment with them to find the perfect one for you.Enter your text here…

Kernels with Oils and Seasonings or just Kernel Alone

There are some kernels on the market that come pre-packed with oil and seasoning for popping the kernel, and then there are also some kernels that are not packaged with anything extra. So it’s important for you to check on the packet what is included and whether it suits your needs.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Why are some popcorn kernels packed with oil and seasoning, and some are not?

This is totally down to the brand who is selling the product, and it is up to the consumer to decide whether they would like to use the items provided by the brand, or whether they would like to add their own.

What is the average time it takes for a kernel to pop?

It takes between 2 to 4 minutes for a kernel to be ready for eating.

Is popcorn best eaten hot or cold?

This is dependent on the person eating it. However, eating them raw would not be the most delightful experience since they can be extremely hard before cooking.

Can popcorn get spoilt?

Yes popcorn can get spoilt if it is left for an extended period, and especially when it is not stored correctly. Although the water composition in popcorn is low, allowing moisture to get to it is not advised.

What makes a kernel ‘pop’?

The water in the kernel is what makes the kernel to pop. The kernel’s composition is roughly 15% water and this is what reacts when it is subjected to heat. The heat causes steam to form inside the kernel, this then creates pressure inside the kernel, then in an attempt for the steam to escape, the kernel will pop.


Having discussed in detail the pro’s & con’s of each of the six best popcorn kernels of 2019, I can boldly say to you that you are ready to go forwards in your quest of finding your favourite brand of popcorn. So feel free to explore what the shops have to offer with a now broadened mind of what is available to you, and make sure to give each of them an equal chance as might surprise yourself with what your new found favourite is.