Best Pancake Griddle Complete Reviews With Comparison

Close your eyes and think of your favorite breakfast? If a stack of fluffy melt-in-your-mouth pancakes comes to mind then keep reading. Pancakes are supposed to be one of the easiest breakfast foods to make if you are only making a few at a time. But if you have a large family or are cooking for a brunch for friends on a regular basis it can be hard to turn out the perfect fluffy, even-sized pancakes in a small amount of time.

Using a regular frying pan can become tricky when the pancakes start sticking together or come out unevenly cooked. But there is a great solution. A pancake griddle is a great tool for any pancake lover.

Firstly if you are not familiar with the term griddle then let us explain. A griddle is basically any broad flat surface of conducting material. The first advantage is that it is a larger surface than a frying pan. The second advantage is the low sides. This makes it easier to flip with a spatula and creates an even thickness and texture.

There are many pancake griddles on the market. Here are 6 of the best we could find:

1. Vremi Cast Iron Griddle

This extra-large griddle makes catering for a large brunch or family gathering a breeze. It covers 2 burners on your stove and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can even be used inside the oven. The fact that it is made of cast iron means that it retains heat that is evenly distributed across the surface of the griddle.

It has two sides. The first is smooth and perfect for pancakes. The second has ridges which are great for grilling meats, vegetables. The ridges store the excess oil which makes this a much healthier grilling option. The fact that there are two sides makes it very versatile and one thing to pack on camping trips.


  • Two sided cast iron Griddle
  • Ridged side designed to allow grease to drain off
  • Naturally non-stick
  • Pre-seasoned for flavor
  • Evenly distributed heat surface
  • Large enough for double burner surfaces

Product Highlights

  1. Easy to use
  2. Mid range price
  3. High quality pre-seasoned cast iron material
  4. Large enough to make big batches of pancakes at a time
  5. Healthy cooking option for meats
  6. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Good/What I like

The fact that this is a very simple piece of kitchenware is one of the best things. It’s easy to use, store and take along when you are camping or traveling outdoors. It is a very healthy way to cook and removes excess oil when grilling but also makes great pancakes when you want to indulge in some comfort food. Its comes pre-seasoned so you can use it right away and the cast iron is naturally non-stick so this helps with the ease of use.

The Bad/What I don’t like

The only downside is the cleaning. You need to wait until it has cooled down to clean it and you also have to be careful not to scratch it with any cleaning products.

  • Great for cooking for a large family with extra large cooking surface.
  • Can be flipped over and used as a grilling pan
  • Grilling side has ridges and slopes to remove excess grease which makes it a healthy cooking option
  • Even surface heat
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Overs 2 burners on the stove to allow more to be cooked at one time
  • The cast iron is already pre-seasoned so can be used immediately
  • Will need to be re-seasoned over time
  • Needs attention to wash without using abrasive detergents
  • Cannot be washed while hot

2. Servappetit Halo Copper Colored Aluminum Grill Pan Reversible Grill 

One key feature you want in a pancake griddle is a very low lip which will allow you to make an easy flip with a spatula.  This pan has a almost no lip which makes it ideal for this. It also has a glass

The fact that it is copper allows the heat to evenly distribute.  Copper is known for its hygienic and corrosion-resistant properties.  Copper has an antibacterial effect for cookware. Microorganisms cannot survive on copper as it is toxic to them. It is not toxic to humans.  This is one of the main reason copper pipes are used as this stops the transmission of germs. Not to mention it also looks very stylish.


  • 12 inch grilling surface with Induction Plate
  • 8 Inch Glass Press
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Core
  • Even Heat distribution
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Safe for use Indoors and Outdoor
  • Works On Gas, Electric and Induction Stoves
  • 17 x 13.3 x 3.5 inches

Product Highlights

  1. Large square surface with copper coating
  2. Even distributed heat
  3. Very low lip which makes flipping pancakes easy
  4. Can be used on all stove types indoor and out door.
  5. Size is 17 x 13.3 x 3.5 inches

The Good/What I like

This is a very stylish looking item that has a lot of uses. Its makes perfect pancakes due to the copper that evenly distributes the heat across the surface and also the fact that it has a very low lip. You can flip pancakes like a pro. The copper has an added benefit as it is very hygienic.

The Bad/What I don’t like

It’s a little small if you are cooking for a large family and is harder to clean than it looks.

  • High quality copper coating
  • Heats up very fast and evenly
  • Has a grilling and smooth option
  • Very low lip
  • Durable long lasting product
  • Easy to scratch
  • Not recommended to use a dishwasher to clean

3. 10 inch(s) x 18 inch(s) Duraceramic Griddle

This griddle is has a unique look and color to it. Which makes it a nice addition to any kitchen or dining room. It is large enough to cook any meal. It is perfect for making pancakes as it only has a very small lip around it so this makes it easy to flip them with a spatula.

It can also be used for cooking and grilling other items in a very healthy way. It has a built in grease channel that pulls the excess oil away from the food The main surface has a very durable non-stick ceramic coating. It is 4 times more durable than normal non-stick coatings. It won’t flake or peel.

It is electric so no stove top needed. Once the food is cooked it acts as a warming tray so your food is the perfect temperature to serve. The handles remain cool so it can be taken straight to your table or sideboard ready to serve.


  • Elegant
  • Unique color
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 22 inch surface
  • Electric
  • Removable Adjustable temperature control
  • Non-heat handles

Product Highlights

  1. Cooks up to 30% faster
  2. Easy to clean ceramic non-stick surface
  3. Convenient warming tray
  4. Scratch resistant
  5. Electrical so no stove is needed
  6. Very small lip around the tray making flipping pancakes easy
  7. Size is 3.8 x 24 x 13.4 in

The Good/What I like

This is a very elegant appliance that serves several purposes. It is large enough to cook up a big batch of pancakes for a family brunch or breakfast. It also works great on a sideboard for a warming tray. The ceramic non-stick surface allows the food to heat up really fast.

It is great for a party or brunch with the whole family. The 22 inches allows you to cook up many pancakes at the same time. The built in grease channel works a treat when you are cooking items like sausages which will make it a really healthy choice.

The Bad/What I don’t like

Its a little bulky and can only be used indoors with a power source.

  • Sleek modern design
  • Durable non-stick coating
  • Can be used as a warming tray
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It requires electricity to work

4. Presto Electric Griddle

For anyone who prefers an electric griddle over a non-electric one this is a good choice. It is large with a 22 inch length which is a large cooking surface that can be used to make stacks of candles needed. It has an effective non-stick surface.

The cooking surface can be detached from the base unit and washed. It is easy to wash by hand. There is also a secondary drip tray that is also removable to clean. It is also easy to store with removable handles that make it more compact when not in use.


  • 22 inch length cooking surface
  • Nonstick surface
  • Removable cooking surface for easy cleaning
  • Electrical
  • Drip tray underneath also removable for cleaning

Product Highlights

  1. Nonstick high quality cooking surface
  2. 22 inch x 11 inch cooking surface
  3. Warming function
  4. Heavy cast aluminum base
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Size: 11.5 x 26.2 x 2.5 inches

The Good/What I like

This griddle is easy to use and very functional. It has a large surface that will cook for a family. It has a nice keep warm function. It is also easy to clean with a removable drip tray and the main cooking surface is also detachable to clean. It has good heat control to maintain an even cooking temperature.

The Bad/What I don’t like

It’s a little harder to wash as it is not dishwasher compatible.

  • Extra large cooking surface
  • Non Slip appliance
  • Temperature control to keep the constant temp
  • Removable drip tray
  • Removable cooking surface to clean
  • Textured surface to make it non-stick
  • Removable handles for compact storage
  • Must be hand washed
  • Requires power to operate

5. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

This last one is a budget option. It is smaller than the rest but can still make a few perfect fluffy pancakes at a time. Its sides are very low making flipping with a spatula easy to do. It comes with a heat resistant sleeve. It has been pre-seasoned using 100% vegetable oil. It has no synthetic or chemical coatings. It is a very basic tool yet simple and all you need to make a pancake.


  • Simple yet efficient design
  • Light weight
  • Flat surface and low side allows easy use to flip pancakes
  • Silicone handle sleeve up to 450° F
  • Long wearing
  • Made of Cast Iron
  • Long lasting
  • Griddle size is 15.87″L x 10.62″W x 1.56″H
  • Seasoned with vegetable oil

Product Highlights

  1. Heavy duty performance with low side rims and wide cooking surface
  2. Perfect or indoor and outdoor use
  3. Seasoned with vegetable oil
  4. Silicon handle holder
  5. Cast Iron evenly distributes the heat
  6. Griddle size is 15.87″L x 10.62″W x 1.56″H
  7. Light weight

The Good/What I like

This a great little griddle. Its compact, easy to use and makes great pancakes. And while it is smaller than the others, this makes it easy to travel with and use out doors. It also is not restricted to a power source or indoor use. At 16 inch diameter you can still make several pancakes at a time. It is solid and heavy duty.

There are no chemicals or harmful coatings. The surface has been seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.

The Bad/What I don’t like

Smaller than others.

  • Heavy duty performance with low side rims and wide cooking surface
  • Perfect or indoor and outdoor use
  • Seasoned with vegetable oil
  • Silicon handle holder
  • Cast Iron evenly distributes the heat
  • Smaller if you are cooking for a large family or event

Best Pancake Griddle Buyer’s Guide

Key points that you should consider when choosing the best pancake griddle

1. Consider the size of the griddle

These vary from 11 inches to 22 inches so this gives you a wide option for the size of the pancake you like and quantity you need to produce on a regular basis. Do you prefer small ones? Or larger ones? Do you have a large family or a need to make them often for other purposes. Also realise this is a useful tool for other things like quesadillas.

2. Do you need an Electric or manual Griddle?

An electric is a great choice as it frees up your stove for other cooking. This can come in handy for brunches or large family meals. There is a lot more flexibility with temperature control. And they also serve a second purpose to keep your food warm and ready to serve.

However make sure you can remove parts to clean as most parts cannot come in contact with water. And of course you can only use with a power source. A manual might have less temperature control but it has a lot more flexibility. You can take it on the road and use over the open fire. So see what works best for your life style.

3. The Material is another key choice

The surface material is important. Cast iron is a sturdy material that allows an even distribution of heat. However aluminium is a lot lighter and when coated with a nonstick or ceramic surface makes it easy to use and non-stick. But these materials can have a toxic effect on you and the environment.

4. How easy is it to clean?

Some many are hand wash only which adds to the time it takes to clean. Some are dishwasher friendly. These are also a life style choice

5. Versatility

Many of these griddles have secondary uses for grilling meats or vegetables and other foods. If you are investing in a more expensive option you might want to choose one that can be used in different ways.

Tips for Cooking Perfect Pancakes

1. Make sure the griddle is really hot

You might be tempted to start throwing batter on the griddle straight away but be patient. The griddle needs to warm up. This allows the surface to become evenly distributed with heat. This is the best way to get that beautiful golden pancake.

If you are using an electric griddle turn it onto medium and let it heat up for a few minutes. Then add a splash of water or butter onto the pan. If it bubbles then your pan is ready to go.

2. Leave Enough Space

Remember that the batter spreads so leave a few inches between each. This is why a bigger griddle often works better.

3. Flip as little as possible

For the fluffiest pancakes only flip once.

4. Use the correct spatula

The thinner and more flexible the better. It needs to slide under the pancake but not be too big to mess up the other pancakes on the griddle. It also needs to be plastic or wood so as not to scratch the surface of your griddle.

The Best Pancake Griddle FAQs

1. Are there any types of foods I should not cook on a Cast Iron griddle?

For a cast iron anything very acidic can eat away at the seasoning and make your pan discoloured and add a metallic taste to the food.

2. What is a ‘patina’?

This is a color that is produced from the oils and fats used in cooking. After a few uses the a brownish film will appear. Do not scrub this off as this adds to the performance of this material.

Final Verdict

The Vremi Cast Iron Griddle is the one that we would recommend over all the others. The extra large griddle makes it big enough for catering for a large brunch or family gathering. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It can even be used inside the oven. The fact that it is made of cast iron is means that it retains heat that is evenly distributed across the surface of the griddle.

It is also very versatile with the two sides. The first is smooth and perfect for pancakes. The second has ridges which are great for grilling meats, vegetables. The ridges store the excess oil which makes this a much healthier grilling option. It does not rely on having a electrical supply so will be useful for camping and traveling.

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