Best Meal Prep Bags with Ultimate Guide

Do you want mealtime to be more organized and portable? If so then you should consider meal prep bags. They make it easy to store all your meals for the day and are often bundled with containers like lunch boxes. You can find meal management bags with different materials, compartments, and features. We’ll be reviewing some of the best prep bags on the market, share key features to look for, and answer FAQs.

Best Meal Prep Bags Reviews

1. EDC Meal Prep Bag by Eolutionize

The EDC Meal Prep Bag is a full meal management system from Evolutionize. It’s a full-size 3-meal system that includes portion control containers and ice pack. The system includes heavy-duty materials, compact design, and high versatility.

Product Highlights

The EDC cooler bag is a better option over other bags that are too small or bulky. The versatile bag has a meal management system for insulating multiple meals and protein shakes. There’s also a private pocket for other stuff.

Insulated Compartments
The system makes it easy to organize meals, supplements, shakers, fruits, etc. You can also store items like water bottles and shaker cups in the side pocket. The top compartment can store snacks, supplements, nuts, berries, etc.

Full-Size System
The EDC Meal Prep Bag includes a 3-meal system with insulated compartment, meal prep containers, and gel pack. There’s also a top compartment for separate controlled temperature.

  • Lots of space for meals and snacks
  • Drink pouch good for water bottles and large sodas/teas
  • Good for taking to job sites
  • Some materials used are very thin
  • Tupperware won’t fit in container
  • Containers can’t be microwaved

2. Innovator 300 Stealth Meal Management Bag by 6 Pack Fitness

This mid-range meal management back is from 6 Pack Fitness. It includes a patented system for meal organization, shelving system, and deep containers. You can store hot/cold meals in the containers that are leak-proof and BPA/PVC-free.

Product Highlights

Meal Management System
The internal shelving system accommodates items like deep containers. The item includes 3 containers, 2 gel packs, and ergonomic shoulder strap. This provides everything you need for storing/carrying meals.

The bag’s exterior and interior are made of durable materials. That includes exterior of 600D Polyester and interior of Cool Tech Lining.

Safe/Effective Containers
The containers are microwave/dishwasher-safe and leak-proof. They’re also BPA/PVC-free so you won’t have to worry about being in contact with strong chemicals that could cause various unwanted health issues.

There’s also an insulated interior. This helps to keep your food fresh/cold for 8+ hours.

Flexible Options
The Innovator 300 is available in five colors including Stealth Black. The system includes 3 large containers and 2 gel packs for cold food. There are also 2 side pockets for items like water bottles, shaker bottles, utensils, and protein holders.

This unit is among the best meal prep bags because it includes a shoulder/hand strap. This makes it easier to travel with the bag.

  • Cooler bag makes meal prep easier
  • Good size, functionality, and price
  • Makes it easier to eat healthy food
  • Strap isn’t excellent
  • Shaker bottle not bundled with system
  • Quality of gel packs isn’t good

3. Meal Prep Bag w/ Containers, Cutlery & Napkins by Prep Naturals

This Meal Prep Bag is a mid-range unit from Prep Naturals. It includes insulated cooler bags, portion-control bento lunch boxes, 10 food containers, and bonus cutlery/napkins. This meal prep/cooler bag helps you save money and eat healthy at home, restaurants, etc.

Product Highlights

Durable Materials
The bag includes features like thick EVA lining, metal hardware, EPA foam, strong mesh, and strong polyester. These features help to extend the unit’s lifespan. The unit is also designed to hold ice packs and cooler but not ice cubes.

The containers are also freezer and microwave-safe.

The mobile food storage solution makes it easy to organize meals, supplements, etc. in the containers. The containers are BPA-free and FDA-approved.

The cutlery includes a fork, spoon, fork, and paper napkin. The cutlery is also FDA-approved and dishwasher-safe. However, make sure not to microwave it.

The cooler box includes compartments that help to keep your food organized. You can also store items in the side pockets like water bottle or utensils.

The cooler bag is bundled with 10 28-oz. food containers to store all your meals and snacks. Cutlery and napkins are also bundled with the product so you’ll have everything you need.

It’s easy to prepare your meals for the whole week. Just cook them on the weekend, freeze them individually, then portion individual meals for the meal prep bag.

  • Good for preparing meals for allergy sufferers
  • Ideal for planning a week’s worth of meals/snacks
  • Bag/containers have good size
  • Overall quality isn’t excellent
  • Smaller than it looks in picture
  • Sometimes isn’t bundled with the strap

4. A2S Complete Meal Prep Lunch Box by A2S Protection

This cooler bag is an 8-piece set from A25 Protection. It includes three compartments, ice gel, thermos, and fork/spoon. 

Product Highlights

Lunch Box Set
The insulated set includes all the take-out items you’ll need. They include Meal-Prep Lunch box Set for on-the-go meals and snacks. It keeps all your food, beverages, or water fresh. This keeps them prepared for whenever you want to consume them at work, school, gym, etc.

Quality Materials
The containers are leak-proof and BPA-free. They’re also safe for freezers, microwaves, and dishwashers. Meanwhile, the spoon/fork are constructed from durable stainless steel. The fork/spoon are constructed from stainless steel. The thermos is made from high-quality materials.

All the materials are leak-proof to help prevent spills and include quality seals. This, in turn, saves time and effort since you won’t spend tons of time dealing with spilled food/drinks. This is one of the key benefits of the bento-style meal-prep containers.

Money-back Guarantee
The manufacturer offers a lifetime money-back guarantee. So if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, the company will provide a full refund.

  • Thermos stays hot for about 8 hours
  • Containers are good for portion control
  • Zippers very effective
  • Containers might leak, and zippers might jam
  • High price yet quality isn’t high-end
  • Small size for long shifts

5. Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag by Homiry

The Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag is a budget meal prep bag from Homiry. It’s a good option for daily lunch bags and diet plans. The item is a 9-piece insulated lunch bag that includes everything you need for meal-planning.

Product Highlights

All-in-One System
The 9-piece Lunch Bag includes many items for meal preparing including:

  • Thermal bag
  • Portion control containers
  • Protein shaker
  • Vitamin supplement case
  • Ice pack

This lunch bag is a good option for many applications. They include sports players, athletes, hikers, gym/fitness enthusiasts, and travelers.
Quality Materials
The lunch bag Is made of durable PEVA and quality foam. The plastics used for this cooler box are Earth-friendly. The materials provide temperature control so food in your Homily Lunch Bag will stay hot/cold and won’t cause any odd tastes.

Leak-free Containers
The unit is designed not to leak even when you use the lunch bag continuous, which sets it apart from many other products on the market. The lids are easy to remove yet designed to be leak-proof.

The Lunch Bag is lightweight and comfortable. This makes it easy to carry whether it’s for work, vacation, etc.

The handle includes a comfortable grip for very easy carrying. This makes it a good option for on-the-go people who need meals while they’re out and about. This includes applications like school, picnics, workouts, vacations, etc.

Customer Service
The company focuses on providing high-quality customer service. You can contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your lunch bag and they’ll deal with the issues in a timely manner.

  • Temperature control and storage compartments
  • Good option for food portion control
  • Large size lunch bag
  • Water bottle might drop when dropped
  • Cold pack has short cold life
  • Containers don’t snap close

6. Insulated Cooler/Lunch Bag by Lavington 

This mid-range Insulated Lunch Bag is from Lavington. It includes a large lunch bag and insulated cooler bag. There’s also insulated compartments and several pockets for more storage.

Product Highlights

Many Applications
The Lunch Bag can be used for many applications. They include meals for work, gym, picnics, beach, fishing, etc. You can even store cold beer, wine, and baby bottles.

Quality Materials
The cooler bag is made of sturdy 1680D polyester, PEVA lining, sturdy zippers/pullers/stitching and other high-quality materials. These features help to keep the unit intact and insulated so you can enjoy hot/cold food/beverages.

These cooler bags were originally designed for consumers like pilots and stewardesses yet can be used today for a cornucopia of different situations. That includes vacations, festivals, outdoor events, etc.

Multiple Pockets/Compartments
The Lunch Bag includes several pockets and compartments. The big cooler bag is big enough for storing meals, beer, wine, etc. it includes several components and pockets with sturdy zippers/pullers.

Lifetime Guarantee
Lavington offers a lifetime guarantee. So if you’re not 100% satisfied with the lunch bag, the company will provide you with a full refund. This makes your purchase risk-free.

  • Several compartments and pockets for storage
  • Thick construction, removable lining, and quality zippers
  • Good bag for carrying multiple meals/snacks
  • Liner might fall apart quickly
  • Designed more for students than workers
  • Shipping/ice packs that bundled with the product

7. Insulated Cooler/Lunch Bag by MIER 

This budget-friendly insulted cooler, and lunch bag is from MIER. It’s a tote bag for men/women and includes a double-deck cooler. The company has been producing functional/fashionable products for over a decade.

Product Highlights

Comfy/Detachable Straps
The handle strap is made of soft polyurethane (PU) while the shoulder strap is detachable for easy carrying.

Quality Material
The interior includes PEVA lining that’s insolated. This lining is food-safe and eco-friendly, which provides big benefits. You can also store both warm/cold food there. You can also wipe down the lunch bag for easy maintenance. 

The upper compartment offers easy-access with 2-day/dual-zipper closure. There are also two areas that allow you to keep warm and cold foods separate.

There’s also a big pouch on top. This is a good option for various items like fruits, chips, cookies, and drinks. There’s also a bottom compartment that you can use to carry things like sandwich and salad. 

There’s also a front zipper pocket. You can store things like keys, utensils, cards, change, etc. There’s also 2 side pockets where you can store other items.

  • Very durable product that’s built to last
  • Can store breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Large lunch box for Tupperware, cans, etc.
  • Zipper might break soon
  • Strap attached by clips, not stitches
  • Inner fabric and foam might wear out fast

8. Jaxx FitPak Insulated Meal Prep Bag by Fit & Fresh

This low-priced insulated meal prep bag is from Fit & Fresh. It features portion control containers, shaker bottle, and ice pack.

Product Highlights

Leak-proof containers
The air-tight lids help to seal out leaks/drips. They’re freezer/microwave safe so you can do advanced meal prep and easy reheating. These both key features in terms of convenience and especially when you’re short on time.

Quality Materials
This is critical to keep your hot/cold food fresh until it’s time to eat. This is especially important if you’re preparing meals for the whole day. The PEVA lining is also easy to clean.

Shaker Bottle
The 28-oz. water bottle includes JAXX agitator for easily mixing protein powders. This helps to guarantee you’ll get a smooth shake each time.

All-in-One System
The FitPak is bundled with:

  • Insulated bag
  • 2-cup portion-control containers
  • 1-cup portion-control containers
  • Ice pack
  • Vitamin case

You can also purchase extra Jaxx containers in different shapes/sizes to meet your particular needs.

  • Can be used with other containers
  • Good for multiple-day food prep
  • Size is good and many options for configuring
  • Protein shaker might leak
  • Food storage containers aren’t high quality
  • Small lunch bag

9. Meal Prep Bag by LISH

This budget-friendly Meal Prep Bag is from LISH. It includes several features like several portion-control containers, daily vitamin organizer, and soft shoulder strap. 

Product Highlights

This meal prep bag is a good option in terms of health/safety. It’s BPA-free and microwave/dishwasher-safe. It’s made using a sturdy nylon construction that’s designed for everyday wear & tear.

Healthy Eating
Portion-control containers are ideal if you want to experience healthy eating. You can prepare a week’s worth of meals, freeze them, then consume healthy meals at work, gym, etc.

The snap-lock containers make it easy to plan for future meals. Then they’ll be ready when it’s mealtime.

The cooler compartment can store all 6 food containers and ice pack. This can help keep all your foods/beverages cool.

The mesh pockets can store a water bottle or shaker bottle. This provides fast/easy access when you want to drink your favorite beverage or H2O.

You can also use the vitamin organize to store vitamins/supplements. This provides easy-access since you can take them during mealtime or other times during the day.

  • Extra containers available for next-day food prep
  • Good option for convenience, weight-watching, and value
  • Made of durable materials
  • Installation isn’t high-quality
  • Shipping/packaging/damaged containers
  • Very small for storing meal-prep containers

10. Meal Management Bag by Fitpacker

This affordable meal management back is from Fitpacker. It includes portion control containers and is insulated.

Product Highlights

Meal-Prep Containers
The Fitpacker unit includes 4 meal prep containers. This allows you to prepare for meals to be consumed at home, work, school, gym, travel, etc.

The insulated cooler helps to keep your food fresh/cool. This is critical so your cool/cold food will stay as such when you’re ready to eat it. The pockets are designed for storing other items.

Quality Construction
The outer shell is made with a high-end 600D polyester. There’s quality nylon inside to provide good insulation. This provides the best results.

Bottle Holder
This can be used to store water bottle or protein shaker including wine bottles. There’s also a mesh pocket so you can carry a second bottle or other chips, trail mix, cookies, bars, supplements, etc.

Satisfaction guarantee
The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with the meal prep bag, you can get a full refund after contacting the customer service.

  • Good meal carrier for eating healthy meals
  • Very durable/sturdy
  • Shipping/packaging
  • Very bulky for travel
  • Containers might leak
  • Some items might be missing/defective

Meal Prep Bags Buyer’s Guide

It’s important to select best meal prep bags that have everything you need for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Here are some key features to consider:

Cooler Bag

Some meal prep bags double as a cooler bag. This includes a compartment where you can use an ice pack to keep foods cold. This is definitely a plus if certain foods spoil faster in warm weather, for example.

This feature will add to the total cost of the lunch bag but is arguably worth it since it offers more versatility. Sometimes 1-2 ice packs are bundled with the unit so you won’t have to spend extra money on them.


You can find several meal prep bags in the under-$100 price range. As always you should set a budget before you start shopping for a unit. That will help to avoid spending more than you can afford. Just as importantly—stick to your budget!

Then there’s the cost of the bag. This is based on various factors including the brand, material, quality, features, warranty/support, etc. You can save money through services like Amazon Prime, which offers free shipping.

There’ san X-factor. You’ll likely be using lunch bag frequently and maybe daily. This highlights the importance of making sure to select a quality model. That might require you to buy a pricier unit, but it’s worthwhile if it means you’ll have to replace the bag later rather than sooner.


The durability of the bag is easily one of the most critical features. Look for heavy-duty materials like quality polyester, PEVA lining, and quality foam. These are critical for components like the shell, compartments, and lining. If they’re sturdy, then it will likely boost the bag’s durability and lifespan.

Make sure not to forget about the smaller components. They include ones like the zippers and mesh. If these parts are cheap, they could break/rip soon after you use the bag—and even on the first day!


This is partly about the total dimensions of the bag. For example, 6-meal bags will be larger than 3-meal bags. So make sure to consider the total number of meals/snacks you want to store.

However, the bag’s “size” is also related to how the total space if allocated. For example, how large are the bag’s main compartments?


Meal prep bags are often bundled with containers. Make sure to consider the number and sizes of the containers so you’ll have enough space for the number of meals you’ll be using the bag for. It’s always best to have too many instead of too few containers.

Meal prep bags are often bundled with containers. Make sure to consider the number and sizes of the containers so you’ll have enough space for the number of meals you’ll be using the bag for. It’s always best to have too many instead of too few containers.


The main compartments are the main ones to focus on. Make sure to consider issues like the number, material, and function of the compartments. In general “more is better” should apply and especially if you’ll be using the bag for several meals. Make sure the compartments are large enough to fit the containers you want to use.

A bag’s pockets are also critical to consider. For example, mesh pockets can be used to hold water bottles or protein shakers on the sides of the bag. Make sure the pockets are durable and large enough for whatever you want to store in them like bottles, snacks, keys, cards, etc. 

Product FAQs

What is a meal prep bag?

This is an all-in-one bag that lets you carry your meals/snacks for the entire day. This is often used for health/fitness buffs but is useful for various lifestyles. It’s important for the bags to include quality materials and craftsmanship. Meal prep bags should also be ergonomic and not be an overly bulky bag.

What are some key features of meal prep bags?

Make sure the bag is large enough for all your meals and snacks during the day. There should be various compartments/pockets to store items like containers, ice packs, wattle bottles, etc. For example, students will generally need a smaller bag than workers doing 10+ hour shifts.

Can meal prep bags store other items?

Yes, you can find some bags that double as a book bag or gym bag, and others that include a laptop sleeve. This makes the bags ideal for work, school, gym, etc. 

Are containers always bundled with the bag?

Sometimes that’s the case and other times you’ll only get the bag itself. This is greatly based on the particular design and price range you select. Some products include a set of containers so you can use one for each meal, for example.

Can the bags store hot and cold food/drinks?

Some are designed with insulated compartments that help to keep your food/drinks warm or cool. This is a great option if you like hot coffee/tea, for example. Some lunch bags are even bundled with ice packs to help keep your food as cold as possible until you’re ready to consume it.

Even if a particular bag is bundled with containers, you might want to purchase extra containers for your bag anyway. However, one benefit of using containers that are bundled with a bag is they’re designed to fit in the bag. If you purchase standalone containers, they might or might not fit well in the lunch bag.

What are the different styles available?

There are various options. The basic meal prep bag is similar to a traditional lunch box but contains more space and compartments. There are also backpack and gym bag styles available. You can also pick a unit based on how many meals you’ll need to store in the bag. For example, some bags accommodate 3 meals, and others are designed for 6 meals.


We’re ready to announce our pick for the top lunch bag: 2. Innovator 300 Stealth Meal Management Bag by 6 Pack Fitness ( This unit is somewhat higher than many budget models on the market also offers higher value.

The Innovator 300 is available in 3 and 5-meal varieties, which provides more flexibility based on your particular needs. The entire meal-organizing system is patented, so you’re getting a game-changing system for planning meals.

The internal shelving system allows you to organize your meals better. You can also fit deep containers, which is a plus in terms of flexibility. You can also store both hot and cold dishes in the container. There are even 2 gel packs to help keep your cold foods cold.

The internal shelving system allows you to organize your meals better. You can also fit deep containers, which is a plus in terms of flexibility. You can also store both hot and cold dishes in the container. There are even 2 gel packs to help keep your cold foods cold.

The containers themselves also add value to these meal prep bags. They’re leak-proof, PVC/BPA-free, and microwave/dishwasher safe. These features add value in terms of safety and convenience you’ll get. 6 Pack Fitness’ Meal Management System. It has first place in the bag!


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