Top 10 Best Freezer Containers You Can Buy Now

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If you are worried about having the need to buy lunch every day at the canteen or tired about hearing your kids complain about school lunches, then we got the solution for you! All you need to bring are containers that will keep your food fresh from home to school or the workplace.


With its easy-to-use quality, the freezer containers come in multiple sizes that will fit in any food you want to store. They also contain airtight lids to ensure that the flavor will stay for the longest possible time. Indeed, these containers are all we need to keep every meal a healthy one, both in and outside the house!

What to look in a freezer container?

A good freezer container may be the difference between a hearty dinner or a spoiled meal. Here are some things you need to look for in a freezer container:

  • Rubberized lid that gives an air-tight seal when covered
  • BPA-free
  • Preferably square-shaped to be more space-efficient
  • Stacks on top or nests in each other
  • For glass containers, preferably no narrowing to the top to avoid cracking when frozen
  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe

Now that you know what makes good and quality freezer containers, check out the 10 best freezer containers you can purchase now.

Top 10 freezer containers chart

Individual Product Review

1. Glasslock Oven Safe Container Set

Made from soda ash, silica, limestone, and natural ingredients, these containers are environmentally-friendly and durable.

All 18 pieces come in clear glass with rubberized lids that latch onto the container’s ridge to avoid leakage and spoilage. Being transparent also helps in identifying food and its appearance.

The whole container set is comprised of the following items:

  • 6.3-cup rectangle container x1
  • 3.5-cup rectangle container x2
  • 1.6-cup rectangle container x1
  • 3.3-cup square container x1
  • 1.5-cup square container x1
  • 3.1-cup round container x1
  • 1.6-cup round container x1
  • 0.7-cup round container x1

The set is perfect for storing chunky leftovers such as fried chicken or organizing different ingredients such as pepper, tea, or ginger. These containers are bisphenol A or BPA-free making it safe for our bodily hormones.

It is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for usage in the food industry which is more rigorous and testing as opposed to daily use in the household kitchen. Each container has a ridge on the upper part of a container which acts as a stacking brim to avoid each container getting stuck in another container when stacked or nested without the lid.

For an easier and smarter organization, each item can be nested on top of the other without the cover or stacked if the cover is on. They are safe to be used in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

User reviews on Amazon attest to the Glasslock Oven Safe Container Set and its individual containers’ quality. One user said the set has withstood daily use for several years already.

Our team recommends this set for those looking for their first set of containers which are affordable and will last for a reasonable time.

  • Different sizes provide a range of usage in the kitchen or in the freezer
  • Made from durable and eco-friendly material
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Each size comes in one only
  • Comes in one set size only

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2. Pyrex 18-Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set

As an Amazon’s Choice item, the Pyrex 18-Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set has amassed outstanding reviews. One user said the containers can be heated in the microwave and used right away. While another user has had the set for over 3 years already with each container and lid in tip-top quality still.

The set also comes in 6, 8, 10, 14, and 16-piece set. The set is made in the United States and has a 2-year warranty. The containers are non-porous, non-absorbent, and non-staining. Meanwhile, the lid snaps on securely making it leak-proof.

They are safe to be used in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. The 18-piece set is comprised of the following containers:

  • 1-cup round container x1
  • 2-cup round container x2
  • 3-cup rectangular container x2
  • 4-cup round container x2
  • 6-cup rectangular container x1
  • 7-cup round container x1

Your food and ingredients will be safe in these containers since they do not become brittle as they freeze. There will be zero contamination too since all containers are free of Bisphenol A or BPA.

It is known among household and professional kitchens that the trademarked . Pyrex glass is among the most resilient material for any glass container Pyrex containers age well, are resilient to heat and temperature change, and do not crack easily. If it cracks, the glass breaks in big chunks compared to cheaper containers which form small and jagged chunks.

The containers are clear and transparent which makes identifying what is inside easy from just one simple glance. This avoids getting the container out, removing the lid, and putting back the container just to know what is inside.

Our team recommends this set for simple food storage such as solid foods like cereals or leftover meatloaf.

  • Simple construction makes for easy organization
  • Stackable and nestable
  • Multi-coloured for easy labelling
  • Comes in different set sizes
  • The lid does not latch on to the container

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3. Amazon Basics Glass Food Storage

These square containers have a unique design in their True Seal lids: each lid is engineered to avoid bacteria and food getting stuck in it by making it over-molded. Unlike other sets, this one only comes in two 1 ⅞-cup containers.

The brand, however, has other bigger sizes and shapes. They have tall round containers for spaghetti or wide rectangular containers for salads.

The lids also have a chunky latch for easier opening anytime and anywhere. They are safe to be used in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. These containers are perfect for storing moist ingredients such as vegetables or dishes with sauce.

The containers and lids (even if separated) stack or nest on top of each other therefore giving you more precious space in your cabinet. They are also transparent which makes identifying what is inside easy.

Anchor Hocking has been making premium glassware in the United States since 1905. Their glass is preheated making it resilient to high temperature in the oven or microwave. They also do not crack or brittle under freezing temperature.

Just from the feel of the container and the lid, you will know that it is beefy and durable. It is not like other glass containers that crack immediately after just one bump to a hard surface.

It also comes with a warranty of 5 years, one of the longest warranties our team has seen with other container sets. This means that the company stands by its products that it will function as it is intended and last for a long time.

Customers love the Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Container set for their ergonomic shape which makes organizing in the freezer easier as opposed to round containers.

Our team recommends this set for those looking for a secure container to bring over their packed food to work or school.

  • Clear and transparent glass makes identifying easy
  • Unique lid design minimizes contamination
  • Both containers and lids are stackable
  • The lid does not latch on to the container

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4. DuraHome Food Storage Containers with Lids

With over 436 customer reviews, this Amazon’s Choice product has a simple and timeless design that has worked for many people for many years. The whole set is comprised of 44 containers which are the following:

  • 8-ounce round containers x16
  • 16-ounce round containers x16
  • 32-ounce round containers x12

As mentioned above, the containers come in convenient sizes which will be suitable for an array of leftovers and ingredients to be stored in the freezer.

These versatile containers, however, do not lack the basic features good containers have such as being BPA, stackable and nestable, airtight, leakproof, and durable. They are also transparent which makes organizing and identifying in the freezer easily.

Even with just a click on the lid (as opposed to latching on lids with rubber gaskets), liquid ingredients do not leak even if tipped sidewards or even inverted. This avoids the unfavorable mess in the freezer brought by spillage.

The DuraHome Food Storage Containers set can also be used aside from storing food. You can organize your nuts and bolts with these, or even batteries. They are safe to be used in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

Our team recommends this set to anyone looking for a simple yet reliable storage system. It may not have a cutting-edge design but it works. Use them for portion control or meal preparation.

  • Affordability meets versatility
  • A simple and neat design does not take too much space
  • Can be used for storing food or other household items
  • The design may be too simple for more rigorous use

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5. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 40-Piece Storage Set

For those looking to have a consistent look with their containers, the Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 40-Piece Storage Set is for you.

Rubbermaid lids have a trademarked design called Quick Click Seal which allows the container to be fully leakproof in just a single push of the lid or click. This allows for easy and fast storage.

The whole set is comprised of the following containers:

  • 0.5-cup container x4
  • 2.1-cup container x4
  • 2.9-cup container x4
  • 3.2-cup container x4
  • 6.2-cup container x2
  • Twist-and-Seal 1.2-cup container x2

The Twist-and-Seal containers differ to the Quick Click Seal containers by the way you seal the container. The formers require twisting the lid until it clicks. It is as leakproof and airtight as the latter container type.

The material for the container is a thick and lightweight plastic that does not bend easily. They are safe to be used in the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave (only the container), and freezer. These portable containers fit easily in the freezer or in your bag making it perfect to pack right out of the freezer.

This set is part of Rubbermaid Take Along the line of containers which aims to provide the best experience and solutions in food storage and meal packing. It is clear that the design of these containers has been refined over the years making a container set that is foolproof and classic.

There is also no flex from these containers when you bend it at will. This can be attributed to the pressure-resilient plastic used in these containers.

If you are going to bring cookies to a party or a turkey sandwich to work, these containers are the best pick for you. They are also easy to clean and can be stacked and nested for easy organization.

Our team recommends this to anyone looking for a set that can do anything. From storing leftovers to bringing food to work, these Rubbermaid containers will make your life easier.

  • Quick Click and Twist-and-Seal sealing system makes the container easy to store and leakproof
  • Consistent aesthetics with other Rubbermaid products
  • Has a size for all purposes
  • Among the pricier option for plastic containers

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6. Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers

Another unique design can be seen in the Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers set. Each container is collapsible which can save a lot of space when not in use. They are also perfect for travelling since it can be made smaller when you are done using them.

The set comes with 2 small and 2 large containers. Aside from the collapsible container, the lid also comes with a small hole or a seal cap for microwave heating. What this does is it acts as an air vent to let some of the heat out when in the microwave. They are freezer-safe too.

They are free of BPA and other toxins usually found from cheaper plastic containers with lower quality. The whole set is comprised of the following containers:

  • 11.8-ounce rectangular container x1
  • 16.9-ounce rectangular container x1
  • 27.1-ounce rectangular container x1
  • 40.6-ounce rectangular container x1

The lid has latches that make it absolutely leakproof and airtight. Never worry about spillage again.

The company recommends you soak the containers in a 50/50 water-vinegar solution to remove the factory smell. All containers are safe to use in a dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

Our team recommends this set for those constantly travelling and in need of a collapsible container. Also, this set is perfect for those with smaller cabinets and need containers that turn small when not in use.

  • The containers are collapsible making it compact and portable
  • Air vent allows escape of heat when it is in the microwave
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Comes in 4 pieces only

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7. OXO Good Grips Container Set

This set is for those cooking in their kitchen every day and needs reliable and airtight containers that come in various sizes for various purposes. The OXO Good Grips Container Set is a 10-piece set that features a push-down button that automatically seals the container making it totally leakproof. No need to click on latches or press down all corners to make sure of a good seal.

When removing the lid, push the button and just twist then it comes right off. The whole set is comprised of the following containers:

  • 4-quart rectangular container x1
  • 2.5-quart rectangular container x1
  • 2.4-quart rectangular container x1
  • 2.1-quart rectangular container x1
  • 0.9-quart rectangular container x2
  • 0.5-quart rectangular container x2
  • 0.3-quart rectangular containers x2

When stacked properly, the whole set can form a block when stacked in 4 columns. You can see the preferred organization on their Amazon page. The containers are made from durable and BPA-free plastic material that does not absorb odors or get a stain.

Another smart design these containers have is they have rounded corners that act as a spout which makes pouring easy and spill-free. They will definitely be a staple among freezer containers in your house.

Customers love this container set for its easy operations thanks to its innovative lid design, its minimal design that does not clutter their kitchen’s aesthetic, and its durability that made the containers last them for years already.

It may be among the pricier options in this list but it is evident that the design and quality of these containers are top-notch. The company seems to know what most people need in their containers then putting all those in this set.

The containers are also meant for modular stacking. This means all containers stack on top of each other even in different arrangements and still retain a seamless profile without the containers wobbling.

Our team recommends this set for those looking for innovative containers that do the job efficiently.

  • The lid is engineered to be sealed easily and efficiently
  • The rectangular shape allows the containers to be stacked equally and properly in the freezer without taking up too much space
  • Can be used aside from food storage
  • Pricey and can be pricier when bought individually

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8. Snapware 18-Piece Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Set

We all know how much of a hassle labelling container is. However, with the Snapware 18-Piece Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Set, the lids are like whiteboards where you can write on it and erase it afterwards.

These containers are BPA-free, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe. You can rely on these containers for a very long time. The bottom of the container is shaped according to the container which makes it stackable which can save precious cabinet space.

The write-and-erase lids can be useful in kitchens that need a lot of containers that change their content from time to time. From just one look in the freezer or the shelf, you can easily identify what is the content of each container.

Despite being plastic, the containers do not retain undesired odors. Our team found this problem too common on other containers of lower quality. From cinnamon rolls to fish soup to beer-marinated chicken, these containers can be used again and again without affecting the food’s taste and smell.

The whole set is comprised of the following containers which all have a lifetime warranty:

  • 1.21-cup round container x2
  • 1.34-cup square container x2
  • 15.89-cup rectangle container x1
  • 8.39-cup rectangular container x1
  • 3.01-cup rectangular containers x3

The set can also be purchased in smaller sizes of 8, 10, and 14-piece. The lids have the universal size and latching design which makes it usable for other containers outside of this set. It is completely airtight and leak-proof when sealed and covered properly.

Our team recommends this set for anyone with a lot of containers since the lid can be used to other containers as well, and for those wanting extra organization in their containers via write-and-erase labelling.

  • Lids are writeable which helps in organization and labeling
  • Lids can also be used to other containers and vice versa
  • Comes in smaller sizes
  • The rubber gasket can be hard to put back in when removed for cleaning

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9. EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Containers

For those preparing their meal the day before, storing it in the freezer for a while, then using it right away immediately, these bento box-style containers are for you.

The containers have one large compartment and two smaller compartments. They are meant to be used to store solid foods rather than liquid ones since the lid is easy to open type with no latches and rubber sealing.

You can expect these to last you for a long time since the containers are made from FDA-approved, high-grade polypropylene #5 plastic. It is also free from BPA, PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride), or phthalates.

Just like any bento box containers, they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. The containers also stack on top of each other with or without the lid.

The whole set comes with 3 containers with its compartments measuring 9.4 inches by 6.1 inches by 2 inches. If you want to have a zero-waste lunch, use these containers to avoid using disposable containers or wraps.

Unlike other containers which are more technical, these containers can be easily used by kids thank its big latch on one corner of the lid. This makes opening easy and fast. The lids also come in different colors which makes identifying and organizing efficient.

These are affordable containers that do the job.

Our team recommends this set for those with a busy lifestyle and looking to put their meal in the microwave right out of the freezer.

The set has gotten many positive reviews for its simple yet efficient design which works for everyone. One user said she bought a set for her whole family which they continually use.

  • Designed as a bento box that allows separation of food in the container
  • Lightweight, durable, and stackable
  • Easy opening lids
  • Not leak-proof

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10. Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers

Another container with a timeless and simple design is the Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers set. The set is comprised of 26 16-ounce containers. You can also purchase the other variables which is the set with 40 8-ounce containers.

The containers themselves are plain in color and is meant to be used for industrial and commercial kitchens. They are made from top-quality polypropylene plastic which can withstand industrial or household freezers up to -40 C degrees.

They are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. This type of container is meant to be used over and over again without fail just like what happens in restaurants and eateries. When not in use, the containers can be stacked on top of each other with or without the lid.

Also, since all the containers come in the same shape and size, organizing this in the freezer or shelf will be easy. You can make stacks and stacks of these containers which will be stable and have no uneven sides.

Our team recommends this for anyone in the food industry looking for simple containers that are reliable and will be for the months and years to come.

A lot of customers commend these containers for its foolproof design that most over-engineered containers fail to do.

  • Understated design, classic engineering
  • Compact and small in the frame despite the high volume
  • Tight sealing lids
  • Comes in a set with half the volume.
  • Not meant for soups or liquid food

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It can be daunting what set to purchase given the many choices and factors to choose from such as”

  • The material used – glass or plastic
  • Lid type – twist, latch on or click on
  • Collapsible or not
  • Purpose – solely for storing food, packing meals, or industrial storage
  • And many others

This is why our team came up with this list and comprehensive review to help everyone looking for the best freezer containers. We believe that the right container makes all the difference in your house.

However, we also encourage to try the different container set listed in order to know which set works for you and your lifestyle. Do remember the qualities that make a container a good container the next time you are browsing online which set to purchase.

Also, proper cleaning and care of these containers goes a long way. It may be the difference between lasting for 3 months or 3 years.


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