Prepworks 6 Piece Food Storage Containers by Progressive Review

If you are looking for new food storage containers, you have come to the right place. Food storage containers have grown in popularity in recent times, with more people conscious about their health and how they eat. Food storage containers help food remain fresher for longer, and can you save money.

As well as for merely storing ingredients, food containers are being used more frequently by people on diets, and those trying to control their portion sizes. They make it easy to do this as they come in the perfect sizes, allowing you to take better control over the amount you are eating.

People also use food containers to prep their meals before the day, and this is especially popular with those who are training and must stick to a specific mealtime routine.


Whether you are looking to meal prep or simply store your foods in a better way, we may have the solution for you.

In this article, we will look at factors to consider when it comes to purchasing food storage containers, to help you out. We also have a full product review on the Prepworks 6-piece Food Storage Containers by Progressive, which are a fantastic set of storage containers for all your storing needs.

Progressive Prepworks ProKeeper 6 Piece

What to Consider when Purchasing Food Storage Containers

When purchasing food storage containers, there are a handful of factors you might want to consider. We take a more in-depth look at these below.

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The Design of the Containers

The majority of food storage containers these days are made without harmful chemicals. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be older and cheaper models on the market that have been made with the more harmful chemicals.

If you invest in poorly designed containers, which are often the cheapest, you risk getting these chemicals in your food, as if you leave food in chemical-laden containers, they can potentially leach into the food itself.

Therefore, when shopping for a suitable food container, try to find products that are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. This gives you a better chance of storing your foods more safely.

Are They Versatile?

Food storage containers can be used to store a variety of different food items, from things like cereals and pasta to kitchen staples like salt and sugar and even spices.

But what if you want to store liquids? There are sets out there which allow you to do so. Some will feature liquid-safe containers, allowing you to save morning fruit juice and water, or even soup.

Is it Microwavable and Dishwasher Friendly?

Another essential factor to consider is if the storage containers are microwavable and dishwasher friendly. It’s recommended not to assume all storage systems are the same, even though they look like it, because each product will be different.

If you are likely to heat up meals or foods, you will want to make sure your chosen container is microwave-friendly. In the same way, before tossing the container into your dishwasher, you should be 100% certain it can be cleaned in one as if not, the container might crack during the wash.

Therefore, make sure to check for these two factors when shopping for your new food storage containers.

Progressive has designed a very sleek, and stylish set of food storage containers. These come in a 6-piece set, and incorporate different sizes. We take a look at this set’s key features below.


Prepworks 6-Piece Food Storage Containers by Progressive

  • Silicone construction
  • Airtight storage
  • Multifunctional
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Various sizes
  • No-fuss access
  • Some users reported cracks appeared in the plastic not too long into ownership.

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Progressive has been in the kitchenware business for over 35 years, and are specialists in providing functional, inventive and fun kitchenware and tools. Therefore, you can be guaranteed a good quality product when purchasing from this brand.


If you are looking for a set of food storage containers that are versatile, then you can count on this set. These containers are able to hold both solid foods and liquids, giving you the chance to store more items at a time.

Airtight storage

You won’t need to worry about your food items going off anytime soon, as these containers keep it sealed for good. Each container features a high-quality silicone seal which keeps food contained airtight, allowing your food to remain fresh for a longer period. You can therefore be guaranteed your foods will keep fresh and not need to worry.

No-fuss access

Sometimes, opening food storage containers can be difficult. The set by Progressive, however, features a patent-pending stainless steel hinge, which swings open with ease, allowing for better access and a way to measure.

Variety of sizes

Another benefit of purchasing the 6-piece set by Progressive is that each storage compartment is a different size. This allows you to vary with your food storage, and can save certain amounts of each ingredient. Perhaps you want to store some spices? Then the smaller 1.5 mini ProKeeper containers will be perfect, and if you want to store some pasta, the 2.4 quarts ProKeeper will be a better fit.

Final Verdict

Food storage containers are great for a range of different uses. They are timesavers for those who are prepping meals as can provide a way to store them more efficiently, and to keep them fresher for longer. Similarly, they are great for storing basic kitchen essentials to stop them from spoiling quicker.

If you are looking for a set of food storage containers, we highly recommend the Prepworks 6-Piece Food Storage Containers by Progressive as they feature a durable design, and are very multifunctional, offering various storage sizes.

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