Best Dry Food Storage Containers

Top Best Dry Food Storage Containers

Are you looking for a way to store your food so that it remains fresh and doesn’t spoil? Perhaps you should try using good-quality dry food containers.

Why is it better to store your food in containers rather than their original packets? For the simple reason that it makes them last longer. Yes, that’s right, dry food containers, especially the airtight variety, will help to keep your food fresher for a longer period, helping you to save money and eat better at the same time.

Best Dry Food Storage Containers

If you are looking to invest in new food storage containers, then we will help you out with this article, as we look at three of the best dry food storage containers on the current market.

Best Dry Food Storage Containers Reviews

Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container 5-Piece Set

If you are looking for more than one food container to fit a few different kinds of foods, then Royal has got you covered, with their 5-piece storage set. We take a look at the set in more detail below.

  • Versatile
  • Airtight
  • Stackable design
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly
  • Flip-top lids
  • Really nice design, however user complaints of one container breaking not too long into ownership


Royal has been making products for the foodservice, and hospitality industries for over 60 years. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that their products are of a high standard.


Unlike the majority of dry food storage containers, Royal storage containers can actually be used for liquids as well as solids, making them perfect for storing water, fruit juices and other beverages such as soup and more. The corners of the containers allow for easy pouring, and thanks to their air-tight lids, prevents any spills from occurring.

Completely air tight

As we briefly mentioned, these storage containers are completely air tight meaning they keep food fresher for longer. When you keep food in the original packaging, they will rot a lot quicker due to being exposed to air, so being air tight is a great feature you will want in a storage container.

Premium quality

You don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals with these storage containers, as they are made with BPA free plastic.

Oxo 10-piece Pop Container set

The second storage container set featured on our list is the 10-piece Pop Container set by Oxo. This set is also a great one for storing your foods. We take a look at their features below.

  • Air-tight storage
  • Easy pouring
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Space efficient
  • Easy to stack
  • BPA-free
  • Push-button mechanism
  • Did not seal as tight as expected


OXO is dedicated to creating innovative products that improve everyday living. They specialize in products for the home and they have won numerous design awards. Their food storage containers feature a great design, which we will discover below.

Unique pop-seal lid

The OXO containers feature a special push-button mechanism which when pushed, makes the containers airtight. The button also doubles as a handle to lift off the lid.

10 different storage sizes

This set comes with a variety of different sized containers. Perhaps you want to store some staples like sugar, salt or coffee? No problem as the smaller containers are the perfect size to hold them. Larger containers can be used to store things like pasta, oatmeal, cereal, rice, spices and much more.

Space efficient

With this 10-piece set you won’t need to worry about them taking up too much space, as they have been designed for modular stacking allowing you to efficiently organize your pantry or refrigerator with ease.

Chef’s Path Cereal Storage Containers

The third and final set of storage containers are by Chef’s Path and are perfect for storing all your goodies. We take a look at the three container set further below.

  • BPA-free
  • Air-tight silicone seal
  • Space saving design
  • Versatile uses
  • Chalkboard marker and reusable chalkboard labels
  • Easy to clean
  • The lid tabs can be difficult to open


Chef’s Path has been making innovative kitchen gadgets since 2015, and have a wide variety of inspiring products to use in the kitchen. Their food storage containers are great quality, and perfect for storing your favorite foods items.

Personalize your containers

Sometimes people like to personalize their containers, by writing what is inside. This helps to remember and also lets other members of the home know too. This storage set comes with handy chalkboard labels which are reusable, as well as a marker to write them.

Versatile containers

Like the other sets we have mentioned, these containers have multiple uses, and can be great for storing kitchen staples as well as your meal-time basics, such as rice, pasta, and any spices.


If you are not a fan of chemical-laden products, then this set will be favorable to you. This set is completely BPA-free which makes sure your food is kept fresh with no chance of any harmful chemicals leaking into it over time.

Which are the Best Dry Food Storage Containers for Me?

From all of the options we have shared, we believe each could make a difference to your food storage practices. From airtight lids to space-saving designs, there is something here to suit every kitchen.

If you are shopping on a budget you probably don’t want to spend too much when purchasing a new storage container set. The most inexpensive option, therefore, is the Chef’s Path Cereal storage containers. This set is great for those looking to customize as they have reusable labels, which make labeling food much easier.

On the other end of the scale, the more expensive option of the three is the XOX 10-piece storage containers. These are from a popular brand, and definitely offer high quality for their price.

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