Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves: Complete Guide for 2020

Are you looking for new pots and pans? It can be tough to find specialty pots and pans like the best cookware for glass top stoves. There are so many issues to consider like price, pieces, durability, non-stick coating, handles/lids, and so on.

We’ll help to sort things out for you. That includes reviews of some of the top cookware on the market including features, pros, and cons. We’ll also give you a buyer’s guide about important features to look for, as well some FAQs about pots, pans, and skillets, for glass-top stoves. Let’s get cooking!


Feature 1

Feature 2


hard-anodized aluminum

8/10-in. skillets

multi-ply stainless-steel

500-degree F. oven safe

shatter-resistant lids

Lifetime warranty


14-piece set

Triple-riveted handles

2-layer stainless steel

3-ply construction 

Stay-cool handle

stainless-steel handles

550-degree F. safe


Dutch oven

slip-free handle

French skillet

12-piece set

tight-fitting lids

Product Reviews

1. Infinite Nonstick Cookware Set (10-Piece) by Circulon

Product Features


These cookware units are made of hard-anodized stainless steel. They include stainless-steel bases and aluminum cores. This provides even/efficient heating, which results in faster cooking.

The unit has abrasion-reducing ring design and non-stick exteriors for extra durability.


This product set includes various pieces including:

  • covered saucepans (2)
  • covered stockpot
  • covered sauté pan
  • open skillets (2)

The handles are made of cast stainless-steel and remain cool on a glass stovetop. Meanwhile, the lids are made of heavy stainless-steel.


This product includes TOTAL Nonstick System and PFOA-free coating. This helps to reduce damage like staining, scratching, and chipping. It also includes excellent food release.


The pieces can be used for all stove tops including glass. They’re also safe up to 500-degrees F. These units are dishwasher safe, so clean-up is faster and easier. The set is also protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

What We Like

  • Good overall quality
  • Pieces have good aesthetics
  • Pots/pans are durable and built to last
  • Good for replacing old cookware
  • Product warranty honored

What We Don't Like

  • Might have problems 
  • Issues with coating
  • Bottoms of pans aren’t flat

2. Stainless Steel Cookware Set (12-Piece) by Cooks Standard

Product Features


The pieces include multi-ply metal construction. There’s an alloy aluminum core with permeant metal bond for better heat control. The cookware’s base is scratch-resistant to protect it from damage. 

Cooking is done efficiently since heat passes through the pots and pans easily from top to bottom.


This set includes:

  • Stockpot
  • Fry Pan (2)
  • Sauté Pan
  • Steamer
  • Sauce Pan (2)

The pieces include stainless-steel handles that are stay-cool for better safety. It’s cooler due to V-shaped design and air-flow tech. 


You can use these items with conduction stove tops because of the magnetic stainless steel in the outer layer of the pieces.

The pieces are oven safe for a maximum 500-degrees F. This is due to the units having metal throughout so they’re more heat-resistant.

The units are dishwasher safe to save time and effort versus hand-washing the pieces.

This product includes a limited lifetime warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions.

What We Like

  • Work like professional pans/pots
  • Domed lids go below pot’s lip
  • Good aesthetics to use in kitchen
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heats up quickly/holds heat

What We Don't Like

  • Thermal conductivity isn’t very high
  • Shipping/packaging/used item

3. Nonstick Cookware Set (11-Piece) by Anolon

Product Features


The set’s items are made of durable hard-anodized metal. This offers heating that’s balanced/efficient due to even heat distribution.
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  • Sauce Pan (2)
  • Covered Sauté Pot
  • Covered Stockpot
  • Covered Skillet
  • French Skillets (2)

SureGrip handles provide comfy yet sturdy grips and are dual-riveted for extra durability.

The tempered glass lids are shatter resistant and retain heat/moisture. They also allow you to monitor your food while cooking so you’ll know when to make tweaks and prevent burning.


The non-stick coating is long-lasting, restaurant-quality, and metal utensil-safe.


The cookware can be used in ovens up to 400-degrees F. You can also use the items in this set with other pieces included in the Advanced collection from Anolon for more flexibility.

The pieces are easy to clean due greatly to the pieces’ durability and non-stick function.

This set includes a 1-year warranty.

What We Like

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good aesthetics for kitchen
  • Good non-stick coating
  • Can be used with metal utensils
  • Better than many expensive brands

What We Don't Like

  • Pieces aren’t dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick coating might not last years

4. 60090 Copper Core Cookware Set (14-Piece) by All-Clad

Product Features


The set’s pieces are made with 5-ply stainless steel, aluminum, and copper core. This provides high strength and even heating.


This set includes 14 pieces including:

  • Fry Pans (2)
  • Sauce Pans (2)
  • Sauté Pans (2)
  • Chef’s Pan
  • Stockpot


The riveted handles include venting to keep them cool, and contour for comfy grip.

These pieces also include lids made of stainless steel. There’s also flared edges for drip-free pouring and less mess when cooking.


The interiors include stainless-steel interior w/ starburst finish. This provides easy maintenance, high stick-resistance, and non-food reaction. 


The units are oven/broiler safe up to 600-degrees F and can be used with induction ovens.

The cookware sets are all dishwasher-safe for more convenience to prevent hand-washing. The product is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

What We Like

  • Good customer service
  • Excellent value for price point
  • Can last for several years
  • Very easy to clean
  • Provides even cooking

What We Don't Like

  • Brand is hyped up
  • Might cause sticking/warping
  • Warranty issues

5. 1767952 Stainless Steel Cookware Set (8-Piece) by Calphalon

Product Features


The set’s pieces include 2-layer stainless steel and heavy aluminum core. This provides fast/even heating on all kinds of stove tops. 


This product includes:

  • Ouellette Pan
  • Sauce Pan (2)
  • Stock Pot

The several pieces help to boost flexibility when doing cooking since you have more options.


The triple-riveted handles provide secure handling. Meanwhile, the V-shaped handles are cool when used on a stovetop so you’re better protected from hot temperatures.

The tempered glass lids trap heat/moisture. It’s also easier to monitor your food while it’s cooking so you can make adjustments when necessary. 


The satin-finished interior provides good performance when cooking and offers good aesthetics.


This cookware set can be used for various types of cooking. They include searing, browning, deglazing, and sautéing. You can use this set to do all of those tasks and more, which adds value.

The pieces are oven-safe for a maximum 450-degrees F. The unit can be used for all types of stove tops like induction, gas, electric, halogen, etc.

The set’s pieces are dishwasher-safe. This makes clean-up easier and prevents the extra time and effort required for hand-washing.

The product also is covered by a lifetime warranty. It covers defects due to materials/workmanship. Make sure to register your product after purchasing it so you can benefit from the warranty.

What We Like

  • Better than standard non-stick stainless steel
  • Good for roasting food
  • Durable/functional when directions followed
  • Pieces have good aesthetics
  • Excellent chef’s pan

What We Don't Like

  • Overall quality isn’t top-notch
  • Brand’s quality lower than in the past
  • Rust and stains might appear within months

6. Duxtop Stainless Steel Cookware (10-Piece) by Secura

Product Features


The 3-ply stainless steel construction provides even heat distribution and ends hot spots on the sides/base of the set’s pieces. This makes cooking faster and more efficient and provides more efficient cooking than other units on the market. 

The pieces include an aluminum core that’s located between layers of magnetic stainless steel.

  • The package includes:
  • Fry Pan
  • Sauté Pan
  • Sauce Pan (3)

The units have drip-free rims for easy pouring and less mess.


The stay-cool handle provides safety and comfort when using the set’s pieces. The handle is also riveted to the pans for better durability.

The lids are made of stainless steel and include loop handles, so heat/moisture stay in the containers during cooking for higher efficiency.


The set is compatible with different cooktops including gas, electric, and induction.

The pieces are dishwasher-safe although the manufacturer recommends hand-washing to extend the product’s lifespan. They’re also oven safe for a maximum of 550 degrees, and freezer-safe for food storage. This provides more flexibility for cooking and storage.

This product is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. It covers manufacturer defects so you’ll have protection from defects resulting from materials/craftmanship, for example.

What We Like

  • Good overall quality
  • Coating doesn’t leak into food
  • Pieces have good aesthetics
  • Excellent option for induction cooking
  • Can often be used for several years

What We Don't Like

  • Pan’s interior might scratch easily
  • Skillet doesn’t have a lid

7. MCP-7N Stainless-Steel Cookware Set (7-Piece) by Cuisinart

Product Features


The set’s pieces include 3-ply construction. There’s a stainless-steel core that’s attached to stainless-steel interior and exterior of brushed stainless steel. The combination of these materials provides top performance.

There’s even heat distribution on the pans’/pots’ bottoms and walls. This prevents hotspots and makes cooking more even and efficient, which improves the dishes’ overall quality. 

The items’ construction means you won’t have to worry about the surfaces reacting w/ food or changing natural flavors.


This set includes various pieces including:

  • Sauce Pans (2x)
  • Stock Pot
  • Skillet


Stainless-steel handles have been updated to provide better functionality and style. They remain cool to the touch, which is a key safety feature. It’s also riveted to the pans for extra durability.

The covers are stainless-steel and seal in the foods’ natural juices/nutrients. This makes the dishes tastier and healthier, which is a plus.

The rims are tapered and offer drip-free pouring. This makes them easier to use and makes clean-up easier by reducing liquids dripping.


You can use the cookware set’s pieces via induction cooktops.

Pieces are oven and broiler safe up to 550-degrees F. this provides more versatility in your cooking.

The pieces are dishwasher safe, so they’re easier to clean by saving time and effort.

This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Make sure to read the fine print of the terms & conditions so you’ll know exactly what’s covered.

What We Like

  • Cooking is much more efficient and reliable
  • Stainless steel for good durability and performance
  • Easy to cook eggs without them sticking
  • Items heat quickly and evenly
  • Tapered rim provides for easier pouring

What We Don't Like

  • Might be sensitive to temp. shock
  • Cookware might stain

8. E765SC Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set (12-Piece) by T-fal

Product Features


The cookware’s pieces are constructed from hard anodized aluminum. This makes them more durable and scratch-resistant, which in turn increases the lifespan of the units.

The items are safe for all kinds of cooking except induction. They’re free of lead, PFOA, and Cadmium, which helps to keep you and your family safer.

This product includes something called TechnoResist, which provides anti-warp durability. It results in even heat distribution, which is often an issue when using cookware.


This set includes:

  • Fry Pans (2)
  • Dutch Oven
  • Sauce Pans (3)


The riveted silicon handles provide better ergonomics for comfortable/easy gripping.

Meanwhile, the lid is made of tempered-glass and is vented, so heat/moisture are trapped in the containers.


The items’ interior is durable enough for safety with metal utensils and scratch-resistance.


You can use this product’s pieces for a wide range of different types of cooking. They include frying, browning, sautéing, etc.

The units’ thermo-spot indicator informs you when the pots/pans have pre-heated and are ready for use. This provides various benefits including saving time and effort. It also makes your cooking more efficient since you’ll be cooking in pots/pans that are already pre-heated.

The pans/pots are safe for cooking at up to 400 degrees F. You can also cook with all types of stove tops including induction, which boosts flexibility. 

The items are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean. This makes clean-up easier, and the set more convenient. Another plus is the anodized exterior also makes it easier to clean the pots/pans whether you use hand or dishwasher cleaning. 

What We Like

  • Good overall quality
  • Even heat distribution
  • Good replacement for old pots/pans
  • Good aesthetics
  • Sturdy and durable for cooking
  • Non-stick pieces can be used outside oven

What We Don't Like

  • Might not be original T-fal
  • Exterior might scratch easily
  • Not 100% dishwasher safe

9. Symmetry Nonstick Cookware Set (11-Piece) by Circulon

Product Features


Anodized pans are 2x stronger than standard stainless steel. This provides extra durability since they’re able to withstand temperatures and contact better.

The interior and exterior of the pieces are non-stick for easy use and cleaning.

The bases of the pieces are stainless steel. This makes the items suitable for all stove tops including induction.


This set includes:

  • Sauce Pan (3)
  • Stock Pot
  • French Skillet (2)
  • Sauté Pan

The set’s items include stylish tulip shapes. This adds more elegance to your kitchen, which provides better aesthetics when cooking and serving.


The handles are constructed of stainless steel and silicone for slip-free grip and better ergonomics.


The interior includes a DuPont food-release system that can protect the interior from metal utensils. The interior of the cooking pieces is non-stick. In addition, they don’t require any extra oils due to the in-house food release system.

This provides several benefits. The interior is protected from scratching, chipping, and staining. It also helps to prevent food from getting stuck in the pan.


You can use these pieces with all types of stove-tops including induction. This adds more versatility in the types of cooking you can do.

The interior/exterior are non-stick for easy cleaning. These pieces are also dishwasher safe so you can save time and effort when you have to clean the interior/exterior of the pots and pans. 

The units are oven-safe up to 400 degrees F. This allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes using the pans/pots.

What We Like

  • Excellent customer service
  • Stylish design that complements kitchen décor
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Includes 10+ pieces in the set
  • Good non-stick coating with food release system
  • Good overall quality and might last for years

What We Don't Like

  • Non-stick coating is like Teflon
  • Shipping/damaged products

10. MCP-12N Stainless Steel Cookware Set (12-Piece) by Cuisinart

Product Features


The pieces’ 3-ply construction includes aluminum core for high-end heat conductivity. This provides excellent heat retention as well as even heat distribution to prevent hot spots.

The cooking surface is polished. This helps to prevent the pots/pans from affecting flavors, contacting food, and discoloring. Those are all bad things!


This set includes:

  • Sauce Pans (2)
  • Open Skillets (2)
  • Sauté Pan
  • Stock Pot


The cool-grip handles are attached using durable rivets for ergonomics and durability.

The lids are tight-fitting and self-basting for easy use and better flavor because the dishes’ juices are sealed in the container. The rims are tapered to provide pouring that’s drip-free. This reduces messes and makes clean-up easier.


The pieces’ stainless-steel construction makes them ideal for various types of cooking including frying sautéing, browning, and simmering. This, in turn, boosts the types of dishes you can prepare using this cookware set.

The pieces are oven-safe for a maximum 550-degrees F.

These pans/pots are also dishwasher-safe for easier and faster cleanup.

What We Like

  • Stainless steel for long-lasting durability
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Easy to cook eggs
  • Cooking is more uniform
  • Tapered rim makes it easier to pour

What We Don't Like

  • Some parts of the pans/pots are made of high-mirror polish
  • Pre-heating must be done carefully to prevent over-heating

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the best cookware for glass top stoves here are some features to look for:


In most cases, you’ll be doing various types of cooking. So, look for cooking sets that generally range from half a dozen to nearly 20 pieces. Some of the most common pieces include sauce pan, sauté pan, skillet, and stock pot.

Is more always better? It’s not always the case so consider factors like the quality of the pieces. You should also think about the types of cooking you want to do. Finally, an X-factor is the set’s “pieces” might not be just pots and pans, but also include some accessories like spatulas.


Since glass stovetops are more fragile than other types, you should generally look for lighter and smaller pans/pots. Lighter units will help prevent cracking the glass, while smaller units will provide for better heat distribution.


Always look for cooking items that lacks these two strong synthetic chemicals. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are potentially dangerous and especially if they get into your food. Many companies are producing pots/pans that lack such chemicals so you shouldn’t have any problems finding some.


This is especially important for material-specific stove tops like glass. Look for pots/pans like stainless steel. The units should be sturdy like anodized metal but also make sure it’s not too heavy since the stovetop is glass.

You should also consider the materials for the various parts of the cookware. They include the core, walls, and base. These are sometimes made of different materials so do your homework about what they are for a particular product.


The pots’/pans’ materials and non-stick functionality will help to make cleaning faster and easier. This is another reason to consider quality units over cheap ones.

You can also find many cooking sets that are dishwasher safe. This can save you time and effort during the clean-up process. If the pots/pans have non-stick interiors, it’s generally better to avoid dishwashers since the hot temps/water could wear down the interior coating faster.


Form should follow function, but it’s still a plus if pots & pans aren’t an eyesore. Consider the general look and feel of the pieces since you’ll be looking at the units each time you do cooking. In general, the pots/pans/skillets should blend in with your kitchen’s décor.


This is important because established brands like Cuisinart will provide better products and service. Generic/off brands are a bad option because the money you save isn’t worthwhile usually. If a company has no website and contact info then run for the hills!


Yes, you’ll usually get what you pay for. Make sure to consider factors like brand, material, quality piece/set, features, and warranty when picking cookware for glass-top stoves. This will help determine if the price is right and you’re getting good, bad, or average value.


Make sure to consider these items. What materials are they made of? Is the handle comfortable, non-slip, and stay-cool? How is the handle attached to the pot/pan? Is the lid tight/see-through?

Consumers often overlook these components when picking pots/pans. However, they can be critical in terms of safety, comfort, and efficiency when cooking. For example, when you’re dealing with hot pots/pans, you’ll want to minimize slippage. 


If you want to do cooking in these units, then make sure you can do that with a certain pots & pans model. You should also check out the maximum cooking temperature. Typically, this is 400-500-degrees F although it can be lower or higher.


If you’re buying high-end cookware look for comprehensive and lifetime warranties. Limited warranties usually only cover things like defects due to materials/craftsmanship. An X-factor is sometimes companies don’t honor their warranties, which can be a problem. 

Cookware for Glass top Stoves FAQs

What’s the best material?

One material you should certainly consider is stainless steel. It’s not only safe for glass-top stoves but also provides many benefits. Durability is one of the main ones, but you should consider the type of stainless steel used. Look for durable/multi-ply stainless steel for the best results.

How important is the cookware’s base?

There are various features to look for when picking pots/pans for glass stove tops. One of the main ones is a flat base since it will provide the best results in terms of the cooking items contacting the stove. You should avoid cookware that’s curved dented, and warped. The reason is it will prevent even heat distribution.

Are all non-stick interiors effective?

It’s not difficult to find pans/pots that’s advertised as non-stick. The problem is these items vary in how effective they are. You should watch out for cheap coatings since they won’t last long or be effective at preventing food from sticking to the pan.

When considering non-stick pots/pans take up some key issues. One is the material(s) used for the coating since it will affect issues like the durability. You should also look for coatings that are food-safe to prevent strong chemicals from getting into your food. 

Is the cookware’s weight and size important?

Both of these issues are critical. Make sure to avoid huge and heavy pots & pans. Large units will take much longer to heat up, and heavy cookware is more likely to damage your stove.


We’re ready to share our pick for the best overall product: MCP-12N Stainless Steel Cookware Set (12-Piece) by Cuisinart

It starts with the company itself. This US home appliance brand was founded nearly half a century ago in 1971. This provides it with more experience in the industry than most pans/pots makers. It’s definitely a plus in terms of factors like product quality and customer service.

However, like other brands, the proof is in the pudding. This 12-piece set is built to last. It includes 3-ply construction with aluminum core. This provides various benefits like better durability and heat distribution.

This product is also available in 7 and 10-piece sets. However, the 12-piece set provides more value, and it’s still in the under-$300 price range for outstanding value. Consider you get a pair of saucepans and skillets, as well as a stock pot, sauce pan, and steamer insert.

Finally, this cooking set includes several other perks with noting. They include stainless-steel cover, drip-free pouring, induction cooking, cool-grip handle, and 550-degree cooking. This Stainless Steel Cookware Set by Cuisinart is the missing ingredient for your cooking!