Top 5 Best Cheese Slicer Reviews On The Market 2022

In this article, you’ll find some basic information about cheese as a starting point of your reading.  You’ll learn the different kinds of cheese as well.

Then we proceed to write about what makes the best cheese slicer, and how it can be a helpful tool for a cooking enthusiast or even practically anyone who loves food!

Also, get a few easy tips on food preparation and the current comparative features of available cheese slicers in the market.

So you can get the best cheese slicer anytime you want one for your kitchen upskilling.

Let’s Start With Cheese, Before We Go About The Best Cheese Slicer

Before going into the importance of having a cheese slicer, let’s jump first on the indispensable cheese in our food palate. When it comes to cheese kinds, there are numerous to mention.

Cheese is actually a staple or a common food in some countries. Cheese is mostly great for pasta meals and sauced up dishes.

There is a huge variety of cheese available, some are exotic while others are more familiar types that even the ordinary consumer will buy on a daily or occasional basis.

When you speak of cheese, you right away associate it with milk. This is because most of the cheese available from the market or grocery is made up of it.  Each a particular kind of cheese will give a different, “flavor, texture, smell and form”. (Reference: of cheeses).

Also, each country may have its own distinctive kind variation of each type of cheese.

But according to the International Dairy Food Organization (, the types of cheeses are as follows:

  • Asiago
  • Blue cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Vegetarian cheese



Meanwhile, For The Layman, The Most Common Types Of Cheese Are:
  • Soft cheese
  • Medium soft cheese
  • Medium hard cheese
  • Hard cheese


Soft cheese – cream cheeseMedium soft cheese – cottage cheeseMedium hard cheese – EdamHard cheese – Cheddar

The Most Common Uses For Cheese

Cheese can be used as a topper for a dish, mixed into a sauce, used as a dip or put into a pasta dish for baking.

It can also be served plain and sliced according to one’s preferences, or served whole as a Christmas cheese that’s usually placed on the dinner table for the Christmas festivities in some countries.  

Cheese can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner.

The versatility of cheese applications is unlimited.


  • Salads
  • Bread or pastry
  • Desserts like cakes
  • Pizza
  • Pasta dishes
  • Saucy dishes- like enchiladas
  • Filling or topping for baked foods
  • Cocktail food/ finger food/ party snacks or as an appetizer like cheese bites, cheese truffles etc


Generally, cheese can be prepared as follows:

  • Grated
  • Sliced or cut
  • Melted as in a dip, or fondue-style
  • Oven-baked as part of pasta dish

Before You Get the Best Cheese Slicer, Here Are Some Nutritional Benefits of Cheese


  • It’s packed with calcium.
  • It has proteins.
  • It has vitamins such as Vitamin A, and B12.
  • It also has riboflavin.
  • It has zinc.
  • It has phosphorus.

There you go. We’ve set the basics, some fun facts about cheese, which you can consider when food planning. Before you complete purchasing your kitchen utensils, it’s good to know what ingredients will suit you best in your meals and why. Understand why it’s good to include them in your dish aka do remember to consider the nutritional benefits.

Now off you go, get your cheese and find the best cheese slicer for you. Read more down below:

Why It’s Important To Have The Right Tool Such As The Best Cheese Slicer

When you’re a kitchen-lover, everything in the kitchen becomes valuable.

A love for cooking will also motivate a homeowner to be organized and make sure that all that is needed are right there at one’s disposal.

Since cooking is a personal thing, an interest to be cultivated, there’s actually a good motivation to be excellent at what one does even in cooking food, whether one is trained to be a cook or not.

And to be good at what one does, one must have the right tool or gadget.

Because even in cooking, preparing a dish becomes easier when there are gadgets and equipment available for use in quick minutes.  

Of course, we don’t want to waste a lot of time doing things when we could do them so much quicker just by having some helpful kitchen tools and devices.

These kitchen tools and items can make simple tasks from complicated ones, which makes cooking and food preparation much more enjoyable.

One example of a device that’s helpful is a cheese slicer. Do you have one already?

If not, and you happen to like pasta dishes, then you just have to have the best cheese slicer in the house.

Whether you’re a kitchen-lover or not, you can try adding the best cheese slicer to your mix of utensils!  And see the difference it makes in your dishes.   

What Is A Cheese Slicer?

It’s a handy kitchen gadget that can be used for cutting, peeling or slicing of cheese. It is very practical, because having it, can make food tastier and cooking preparation faster.  

Take for example when cooking pasta dishes which almost always have cheese as an ingredient.

The best cheese slicer is one that has a convenient easy grip and easily cuts through the cheese in even slices.  It must also be made for home or commercial use.

The Importance of Slicing Cheese Properly

The thinness and thickness of your cheese slices can have an impact on the taste, consistency, and presentation of your food. Serving the cheese in uniform slices can also be more appealing to guests.

In some countries, it’s a must to have evenly cut cheese slices consistently for all the guests having a meal.

The Advantages of Using a Cheese Slicer

Other than the reasons previously mentioned at the start of this article, here are the advantages of putting a cheese slicer into good use while preparing your day’s meals:

Impeccable cutting of cheese – don’t you just love to take a bite into a cheese that’s been cut evenly?

Looks more professionally done– if you’re a newbie at the kitchen, you’ll feel like a chef, once you get into the habit of using a cheese slicer. You’ll actually feel good because you’re cheese slices look professionally done.

Makes it instantly– a nice benefit to using a cheese slicer is that you can do the slicing of your favorite cheese in a super-fast way.  There is no problem with using the tool the wrong way because it’s relatively easy to learn and safe to use.

What Are The Key Features To Look For In This Product?

These key features must be found in the cheese slicer product you buy:

  • It should be ergonomically designed or user-friendly.
  • It must be lightweight to make it convenient to use.
  • The blade part of the cheese slicer should be smooth with no rough or unfinished edges to avoid injury.
  • The angles of the blades must be adjustable so the user can select the thinness or thickness of the cheese slices.
  • It has to be rustproof.
  • If the handle is made of plastic material, it must stay attached to the blade or must be durable enough to ensure the longevity of use.
  • Must be easy to clean.

The Various Kinds Of Cheese Slicer

Before you can get the best cheese slicer, know there are different kinds of this kitchen tool. But the more familiar and popular ones are:

  • Rolling wire cheese cutters– meant to be held and usually has an ergonomic design
  • Board types– has a cutting board made of wood, steel or marble attached to the device to hold or cut cheese slices

Why It Has To Be The Best Cheese Slicer

If you’re a foodie or a chef or a cook who wants to invest in quality kitchen items, it’s better to select a product that is robust and can take a bit of wear and tear and still remain functional. 

Because kitchen items can be collectible for a kitchen enthusiast and when a person spends a great deal of time cooking, it’s a wise choice to prefer quality over affordability in a product.

Pointers on How To Find The Best Cheese Slicer

For starters here is a quick guide when buying the best cheese slicer:

  • Read some cooking articles and know what type of cheese slicer will work best for you.

Note:  not all cheese slicers can cut through all kinds of cheese. So if you want versatility, you can go for a product that can slice soft and hard cheeses so you won’t have to buy another cheese slicer.  It’s better to get a kitchen device that’s multi-functional.

  • Compare the products available in the market and read the reviews.
  • If you can, try the best cheese slicer you’re eyeing on, and scrutinize the product up close.
  • If the cheese slicer you’re going to purchase is meant to be used by kids, make sure the item has no rough or pointed edges to be safe.
  • Also, expensive products don’t always equate with quality. The durability of kitchen equipment lies in how frequently you use it. Or whether you take time to maintain or clean your kitchen items on a regular basis.

Can You Actually Cook and Prepare Your Cheese Ingredients without a Cheese Slicer?

Actually, you can. You may use a knife, and there are different kinds of knives as well, which you can use for a certain type of cheese.

But for ease of use and to save time, a cheese slicer will be nice to have and try. For cooking and food prep, it’s better to have this kitchen tool ready.

Also using a knife to cut cheese won’t guarantee even slices if you’re just starting out and feeling your way through the kitchen.

Unless you’re an experienced cook or a chef however, using a knife to cut the same length and diameter of cheese slices will be harder to achieve.

How to Use A Wire Cheese Slicer


  • Clean the cheese slicer before using.
  • Hold the tool in a comfortable position, while gripping the handle of the cheese slicer. Move slowly against the cheese imposing enough force to cut through a cheese block.
  • Slice thinly and evenly.
  • If you want thicker slices, adjust the angle and the wire accordingly.

Some More Reminders When Slicing Cheese Using a Wire Cheese Slicer

Thaw the cheese. Cheese is preferably at room temperature before slicing.

Use a flat surface and put the cheese on top of a cutting board or a wooden block, when using a cheese slicer. This assures of stability when slicing the cheese.

Remember to be slow and sure. Don’t rush in slicing the cheese.

Hold the cheese slicer properly while using your other hand to put the cheese firmly against the board.

Safety Tips When Using Cheese Slicer

  • Make sure to check product specification if the cheese slicer is safe for kid’s use.
  • Check the wire. It must not protrude or be out-of-place. It must not have sharp or pointed edges other than what’s needed for cutting.
  • The handle must be stable and not bendable or breakable. It must not slip or tilt when not meant to when using.
  • Preferably it must be lightweight but sturdy and comfortable to use.

Sample Food or Dish For Your Favorite Cheese

Sample cheese that can be used


parmesan, cheddar, goat’s cheese


mozzarella, cheddar


cream cheese


Parmesan, cheddar

Cheeseburger, Cheese sandwiches


Cheese fondue


Of course, these are just the basics. There’s actually more. Go fill your appetite with the cheese you want and make your way into some kitchen adventure.

What Difference Does It Make To Use The Best Cheese Slicer?

As a product, this will assure the quality of your kitchen tool. It’s a guarantee that it can last longer than usual and can be tossed in as a fixture together with your other kitchen items.

Also having the best cheese slicer will also help you achieve the proper size of cheese slices you want for a specific dish or meal.  

The best cheese slicer must also be user-friendly to anyone– whether a chef or someone who simply wants to cook and have a tool to help around in the kitchen.

Why Is Slicing Your Own Cheese Better Than Buying Pre-Cut Cheese?

  • 1Buying pre-cut cheese can be more expensive than buying a full cheese, especially if you buy in small packs of cheese, these usually cost more in the long run for a consumer.
  • 2If cooking is your thing, you want to put in as much effort and take delight in having properly done all the steps of your food preparation.
  • 3Knowing how to properly slice cheese adds up to your skill in the kitchen. Slicing cheese can give you the technique which can be helpful in making cheese-based dishes.
  • 4You can add the “ wow” factor to your guest’s plate with your evenly-cut cheese slices as if these were made by a chef in training! Feel free to practice from here on.

Some More Reminders When Buying the Best Cheese Slicer

Because you are a certified kitchen lover who wants the best and to get the Best Cheese Slicer for your next kitchen tryout? 

Here are some reminders before getting this product. You can look for:

  • 1Warranty. If you’re a first-time buyer, it helps to go for an item that has a warranty. So you can easily have it replaced when needed
  • 2Durability. Make sure the product can outlast your frequent use of the cheese slicer.
  • 3Easy to use. Get a cheese slicer that will be easy to grip and use.
  • 4Multi-functionality. When available, settle for a product that can be used in many types of cheese- soft, medium, hard cheese. Because it’s a better tool when it’s multi-functional.
  • 5Quality. The material used in your cheese slicer before you can say it’s · Actually the best cheese slicer must be of good quality. Preferably it must be· Rustproof· Easily cleaned, etc. These are among other considerations.
  • 6Good buying. You can go for affordability without settling less for quality.
  • 7Brand reviews and reliability. Some brands simply set themselves off a notch higher than other brands
  • 8Go for names that have done well in terms of customer satisfaction ratings.
  • 9After sales customer support. The customer engagement should not end when you buy the item.
  • 10Customers must know where and how to claim a warranty or where to find the product parts etc.

The Differences in the Product Features of Cheese Slicers in The Market

We’re actually saving you some time by listing here the nuances in the product features of the cheese slicers in the market:

  • Each cheese slicer has a different design.
  • Cheese slicers come in different material.
  • The handle which is an important part of the device can also be varied accordingly. Some have an ergonomic handle, some have a plastic handle, some have a stainlesssteel handle, etc
  • Some are built for heavy-duty use.
  • Some are meant for cutting a particular kind of cheese only and not for both soft and hard kinds of cheese.
  • Some products offer a warranty which can last for 1 year. Other products offer a 5-year warranty.
  • Some cheese slicers are sold in bundles or packs – some have 2 items; some have 3 products for a price of 1.
  • The price also varies. Some are affordable; others are a little more expensive than the rest.
  • Most of the colors available are limited to 1 or 2 colors only for a cheese slicer. Only a few have more color choices.
  • There are brands that stand out from other brands because these are certified bestsellers in the market or have earned good product reviews from customers.
  • Some products offer extra spare parts as freebies like wire, etc.
  • Some guarantee your customer satisfaction

Best Cheese Slicer – Comparative Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of some of the products you can consider when looking for the best cheese slicer during your next shopping. Make your own list, and do remember to read the reviews and customers’ post-sales feedback before getting one.

The choices are more, and it’s up to you to find the right one that will satisfy your standards.

1. Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Angle Adjustable


This cheese slicer has a solid reputation among customers for its quality. It’s reputed to be a durable product with a 5 year warranty.

  • Reputed as one of the best brands when it comes to kitchen tools
  • High-quality
  • Easy to use
  • With adjustable angles
  • Ergonomic handle
  • More expensive than other brands

2. Fox Run Brands Adjustable Cheese Slicer With 2 Replacement Wires


This brand has a simple design and has the most affordable price.

  • Made with zinc alloy and stainless steel wires
  • Adjustable angle for slicing
  • Offers extra replacement
  • Affordable buy
  • Simple features
  • Durability is not guaranteed
  • Lightweight
  • No warranty

3. Kitchenaid Cheese Slicer


This cheese slicer comes from a very popular brand.

  • Can be used for soft and hard cheeses
  • Rustproof and durable
  • Light-grip easy handle
  • Cleans easily
  • With warranty
  • No add-on features
  • Simple design
  • Limited color availability

4. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer


This is a heavy duty cheese slicer from a reputable brand.

  • Boasts of elegant design
  • Easy handle
  • Built with an adjustable wire cutter
  • Durable
  • With warranty
  • The handle appears to be smooth without a rubber grip
  • Limited color availability

5. Norpro 330 Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer promises to cut cheese evenly and is for heavy-duty use.

  • For heavy-duty use
  • Adjustable slicing capability
  • With extra wires for cutting
  • Comes in 2
  • Cuts evenly
  • No warranty
  • Durability is not assured
  • No other outstanding features

Why Get the Best Cheese Slicer?

Why not? If you’re a kitchen lover this device actually makes your work in serving your dishes fun and easy. It’s also an efficient tool to help you out while serving your favorites on the table and gives you more time to cook and less time to waste in the kitchen.

If you’re in for the long haul of being a kitchen buff, then might as well invest in some good products and durable tools that can offer great features.

Also if you want to be sure of the quality of the cheese slicer you’re getting, go for brands which have a steady following when it comes to kitchen tools, utensils and equipment.


It was a long informative read filled with tips for newbies and cook wannabes. 

Whatever cooking skills and experience you have, we hope that this article, have given you some general information about the topic on THE BEST CHEESE SLICER.

A cheese slicer is not just another kitchen tool to stock in your kitchen shelf. Use it rightly and you’ve got some great dishes you can serve.

We also hope that if you’re a first-time buyer of this product, we’ve given you an idea on the features of the cheese slicers you might want to consider. That is before purchasing one that’s right for your daily needs in the kitchen.

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