Top Best Carbon Steel Wok – Reviews & Buying Guides

In every modern-day kitchen, you will find a carbon steel wok. With so many possibilities while using it, including stir-fries, pasta, smoking, and more.

When you are frying high temperatures are required, carbon steel can do this for you.

Not every wok on the market is suited or works well for frying. We have put together a report on some of the best carbon steel works.

We have also given you an insight into their features.

Top carbon steel wok comparison chart

Whether you are a home cook or professional chef, here are some of the carbon steel woks we have chosen. We have also highlighted their key features and where you can check the latest prices.

We have listed carbon steel woks which are not only great for whipping up a stirfry but also have multifunctional use within the kitchen.

Let’s get cooking!

Now let’s get started finding you your ideal work!

Product reviews

1. Craft pow wok

Product Highlights

  • Hand hammered in China. 
  • Wooden handle 
  • Traditional round bottom.

What we like

We love the fact that this work is hand-hammered in China by professionals in Guangzhou. A non-slip wooden handle and convenient side handle, helps you lift the pan without anything spilling. This would also stop any burns from happening.It is suitable both in a home kitchen environment and professional kitchens. Chefs across china highly recommend this wok.

What we don’t like about this wok

It isn’t the most attractive-looking pan. But I am sure it does exactly what it’s intended to do. The wooden handle is going to become dirty very quickly. I find wooden handles stain very quickly. They are tough to clean, so I would say this is a down point. People have also commented that unless the wok is thoroughly dried after washing, it does begin to rust very quickly.

  • Traditionally made.
  • Suitable for home and professional kitchen.
  • Lower price range
  • Not a very attractive design
  • At the higher price range.
  • Wooden handle could stain easily.

2. 14 Inches Carbon Steel Round Bottom Wok with Two Side Metal Handle

Product Highlights

  • Two handy handles
  • 14-inch base
  • It is made with heavy carbon steel.
  • Can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen.

What we like

A bigger pan base gives you the options to make in bulk, perfect for a larger family. Whether you’re cooking for the family or a hosting a dinner party this pan is for you.The two convenient handles give you more comfortable control when lifting. This a great feature for control and safety.The pan may burn less as is made from thicker carbon steel. The pan heats up quickly giving you a quick frying experience and even heat.

What we don’t like

The pan isn’t very attractive looking. We can see it also being easily scratched.The handles are super handy, but when they are heated, they may quickly burn. It’s on the lower price range which may mean it’s not such good quietly.

  • Good for bigger batches.
  • Multifunctional within the kitchen.
  • Machine is fairly priced.
  • Professional mixer may not be suitable for the home environment.
  • Plastic stains easily.

3. YOSUKATA Flat Bottom Wok Pan

Product Highlights

  • Handle whole is handle for hanging.
  • Bamboo handle.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Curved sides for multifunctional cooking.

What we like

The bamboo handle is better looking than metal ones. It also has a handy hole so you can hand it in the kitchen when not in use.

Perfectly curved sides give you the option to stir fry, boil,stew and deep fry. This pan really is multifunctional.

If your not satisfied you can call upon you satisfaction guarantee. Return the product or exchange it for something different.

What we don’t like

This pan comes unseasoned. So you will have to do this at home, this could be difficult for the more novice cooks. You can find lots of videos online and instructions to help you do this if you are new to seasoning.

The pictures of the product are not great, this would usually mean it is of lower quality.

  • Attractive looking model.
  • Traditionally hand hammered.
  • Instructions included for seasoning.
  • Handle has hole for easy hanging
  • Cannot be used on ceramic hobs.
  • You have to self season at home.
  • Lower quietly than other woks on the market.

4. 14 Inches Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle (Flat Bottom)

Product highlights 

  1. Two handy handles
  2. 14-inch base
  3. It is made with heavy carbon steel.
  4. Can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen.

What we like

A bigger pan base gives you the options to make in bulk, perfect for a larger family. Whether you’re cooking for the family or a hosting a dinner party this pan is for you.

The two convenient handles give you more comfortable control when lifting. This a great feature for control and safety.

The pan may burn less as is made from thicker carbon steel. The pan heats up quickly giving you a quick frying experience and even heat.

What we don’t like

The pan isn’t very attractive looking. We can see it also being easily scratched.

The handles are super handy, but when they are heated, they may quickly burn. It’s on the lower price range which may mean it’s not such good quietly.

  • Low price.
  • Attractive looking handles.
  • Quick for heating and cooling.
  • Heav, difficult to handle.
  • Not suited to all stoves

5. Eastman outdoor Gourmet wok

Product Highlights

  1. Two accessories included.
  2. 22-inch deep wok.
  3. Great for outdoor cooking.
  4. Multifunctional cooking

What we like

What’s not to love about this outdoor wok? So many great features.

If your pack, you get included an adjustable burner. Meaning you don’t just have to use a wok you can use other pans as well.

Excellent for deep frying and stir-fries that to its deep 22-inch depth. You will also receive two accessories with your purchase — a stainless steel spoon and spatula.

A 12-inch thermometer is included so you can always check your food has reached its correct cooking temperature.

What we don’t like

You need to purchase your case for this outdoor wok. It takes propane gas so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

It’s not always sunny in winter. So if you need to use it in the warmer months, you may be able to use it if you have outdoor heating and somewhere shelter. It depends how brave you are!

  • Two accessories included.
  • Multifunctional wok
  • Great for the warmer months and hosting dinner parties.
  • Cannot use in colder months.
  • You have to purchase gas separately.

6. Ken Hom 20cm carbon steel wok

Product Highlights

  1. Non-stick coating.
  2. Suitable for all hobs including induction.
  3. Two-year guarantee.
  4. Easy clean 

What we like

This wok is the one we have been looking for! It is suitable for all hobs including induction hobs. It also has a more modern stylish look.

Made from heavy carbon steel but still very light to give you more control when in use.

The carbon steel element gives quick cooking temperature, you will be able to cook up your favorite dish at any time.

Ken Hom is so confident in his product he will give you a two-year guarantee. If something goes wrong or something falls off, you can return it and have it replaced.

It’s also dishwasher safe so you can relax after dinner.

What we don’t like

If you are looking at something to feed a large family, this pain isn’t going to work. It’s quite small and would suit a couple or single person cooking.

  • In the lower range of price.
  • Lightweight
  • Non stick coating.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Very small in size, no suitable for larger families or big dinner parties.

7. Joyce Chen

Product Highlights

  1. Constructed with heavy carbon steel.
  2. Additional helpful handles.
  3. Loop in handle for secure storage.
  4. Stay cool handles

What we like

Stay cool handles ensure they stay cool during cooking. Avoiding those nasty burns.

Additional helpful handles stabilize the wok on the stove. This ensures the wok doesn’t topple over and the weight is nicely disrupted.

The loop in the handle gives you the option for storage.

What we don’t like

There isn’t anything overly spectacular about this wok. It’s a basic wok.

It isn’t a dishwasher, meaning you are going to have to spend more time cleaning it. Make sure you always dry it to avoid rust.

You also have to self season the pan, which isn’t so easy if you’re new to the wok world.if the wok rust you have to re-season again.

  • In the middle price range
  • Easy storage feature.
  • Handles so the wok doesn’t fall.
  • Stay cool handles.
  • You have to self season the wok.
  • Isn’t dishwasher safe.
  • Basic looking.

Buyers guide

We have broken down into a handy buying guide, the features you should be looking when you purchase your next carbon steel wok. Whether you are new to carbon steel woks or have used them for a while, this handy guide will help you along the way.


  • When you are purchasing a carbon steel wok you need to ensure its lightweight. This will give you better control when you are cooking.
  • Lightweight pans will give you ease when transporting the food, and give you the option of tossing the food in the wok.


  • Spending a little extra on a new wok is going to give you a more extended period of use.
  • Cheap woks tend to fail to deliver on what they promise. Some of the more prominent names have a consistent reputation, and this is a safer option if you’re a new buyer.
  • Depending on your budget. In the long term, your going to be better off by spending some extra dollars. Investing in a good quality carbon steel wok will give you years of cooking pleasure.
  • If you are looking for something a little cheaper to try out, then this is a good option. This gives you time to experiment with a wok and see if you truly enjoy cooking with it.

Durable woks

  • Carbon steel woks are overall pretty durable. The material is crack and chip resistant, so this ensures no damage can really be done.
  • Without proper care though your wok can rust and lower its durability.
  • Getting a wok you can season can expand the life expectancy of the pan, giving it a little longer in the kitchen with you.


  • Easy cleaning is a significant point. If you’re in a hurry, a carbon steel wok is perfect for a quick dish. But the majority of them are not dishwasher safe.
  • If you purchase an unseasoned wok, you are going to have to re-season it in time. There are hundreds of videos online which will enable you to practice that.
  • Always make sure your carbon steel is dry. If you leave it wet, it’s likely it will begin to rust. This will entail you scrubbing the rust off, and re-seasoning it.


  • Choose one size up from what you want to buy. This is a good idea especially if this is your first wok, and this enables a little room for error.
  • We recommended at home a 14” carbon steel wok. Of course, this depends on what your purpose for the pan is.
  • A smaller pan will become stressful as you cannot fit your desired amount of ingredients in it.
  • We only recommend the bigger sized pans for commercial use. This is because they are more challenging to store in the home. You could be overwhelmed by a bigger a pan when you don’t need it.


  • You can purchase a flat or round bottom pan. Not all these shapes will work on your stove so always check before you buy.
  • Usually, the flat bottom ones are more suited for induction stoves or flat grill stoves.
  • Rounded bottom woks are ideal for gas stove stops.
  • Always read what the manufacturer says about the pan. This will give you the preferred stove top for the pan.


  • Carbon steel woks heat up fast don’t be afraid! This will give you higher power in controlling your cooking method.
  • Carbon steel allows works to heat up quickly and evenly. Allowing you took to cook the perfect dish.


  • Some woks come in sets which include spatulas and spoons for cooking.
  • The best accessory to purchase for your wok is a metal spatula. This has long been a part of Asian cooking.
  • Wooden spoons do not sit well with wok cooking. They don’t have the correct shape or weight. They also stain very easily.


  • Always be sure you have the room for the sized wok that you have ordered.
  • Carbon steel woks are very prone to rust, so they need to be kept in a dry place.
  • A lot of people come with a loop or metal ring so you can hang your wok in the kitchen.
  • Read your woks instruction manual to ensure you follow the correct storage instructions.


We have put together a list of the most frequently asked question about carbon steel woks.

Are carbon steel woks affordable?

  • On average carbon steel woks do work out to be pretty affordable. You are looking between $13 to $60.

Are carbon steel woks safe?

  • Yes, unlike other pans such as metal and steel, they don’t give off any toxins when heated.

Is carbon steel better than cast iron?

  • Carbon steel is a much lighter material.
  • Cast iron is heavier and more challenging to cook with.
  • Both materials contain heat well.

How do i care for a carbon steel wok?

  • Once your wok is seasoned, do not wash with soap.
  • Soak the wok in hot water, and this will remove any stuck on food.
  • Then wash with a soft sponge inside and out.
  • Dry well to avoid rust and reseasoning.
  • Is carbon steel cookware toxic?
  • It does not leak any toxins into your food.
  • It’s a great and natural way to get more iron into your body.

Does a wok need to be seasoned?

  • To prolong the years of your wok yes it does. This will also maintain its non-stick feature.

What is the best oil to season a wok?

  • You can use a large variety of oils to season your wok, including peanut oil, sesame, and canolon.


With hundreds of carbon steel woks on the market, we have outlined a few. We based our review on looks, price and of course the quality of the week.

A great wok should give you years of enjoyable cooking without the stress of falling apart or not delivering the cooking power you need.

Look at the manufacturer to see if they have sales on end of line carbon steel woks. There isn’t anything wrong with them a newer model is just replacing them.

Compared to the large variety of cooking pans on the market, carbon steel woks are the healthiest. Thanks to its fast heating materials you can cook up an easy and quick dinner for the family. 

The world of carbon steel woks is exciting and gives you the chance to create new and exciting dishes.

The pans are crafted to suit all of your cooking needs. You can stir fry, boil deep fry and more. Not only are you buying a wok but you end up with a multifunctional pan.

Overall we think a carbon steel wok is a excellent purchase for both professional chefs and home cooks. This product will give you years of happy cooking in the kitchen.

Take the time to choose your wok from our selection. You can shop at department stores to see the latest deals. Sometimes asking a human directly can help reassure you of your purchase.

Enjoy your yummy wok dishes!

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